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Gladding Cemetery

Sylvan Hill Cemetery

Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or Notes
Albrecht Gordon W. Mar. 9, 1902 Nov. 3, 1979 xx
Albrecht Flora R. Jul. 13, 1910
Alger W. G. Mar. 13, 1820 Jan. 3, 1898
Alger Polly A. Oct. 20, 1819 May 20, 1890
Alger Effie A. 1850 1919 See Gladding
Ayers Martha M. May 9, 1824 Oct. 29, 1907
Ballard Mary 1850 1926
Ballard Charles H. 1823 1914
Ballard Lucy. 1823 1911 On tombstone with Charles
Brace See Bullock
Brewer See Owen
Bullock Asa Jan. 1, 1831 68y Son of Stephen and Mary Bullock of Massachusetts
Bullock Stephen June 8, 1838 66y Son of Stephen and Mary Bullock of Massachusetts
Bullock Viall Allen Dec. 31, 1800 Jan. 1, 1886
Bullock Sarah Almira Mar. 16, 1820 Jan. 30, 1893
Bullock Arletta M. Nov. 22, 1868 22y4m8d Daughter of Nathan and Nancey Bullock
Bullock Stephen Jul. 3, 1804 Jan. 24, 1888
Bullock Lodema Oct 30, 1815 Jan. 21, 1899 Wife of Stephen Bullock
Bullock infant Sep. 2, 1849 21d Son of Stephen and Lodema Bullock
Bullock James Oct. 22, 1806 June 1, 1887 Born in Rehoboth Massachusett, died in Columbia, Pennsylvania
Bullock Harriet P. Jan. 29, 1842 32y7m28d Wife of James Bullock and daughter of Ozias and Lydia Robinson
Bullock Emma J. Oct. 10, 1847 10y10m19d Daughter of James and Harriet Bullock
Bullock Martha Brace Feb. 23, 1816 Dec. 30, 1912
Bullock Mary Belle Oct. 7, 1868 19y9m Daughter of James and Martha Bullock
Bullock Florence Jan. 25, 1848 9m22d Daughter of James and Martha Bullock (stone broken)
Bullock Vine A. Dec. 22, 1859 19y9m4d Died in Illinois
Bullock Rev. Samuel MD May 17, 1856 67y5m2d
Bullock Asa A. 1825 1896
Bullock Lucella S. 1833 1905 His wife
Bullock Mary Melinda June 23, 1827 Feb. 14, 1902
Bullock Lelia M. May 19, 1845 Dec. 26, 1899
Bullock Jesse C. 1871 1922
Bullock Dorothy A. 1899 1922
Bullock Furman W. 1843 1923 Co. D 137 Pa. Vol.
Bullock Stephen H. Dec. 3, 1823 Sep. 27, 1853
Bullock Asa Jan. 15, 1796 Jan. 23, 1837
Bullock Olive Nov. 20, 1798 Sep. 20, 1847
Bullock Ira C. Jan 29, 1829 Aug. 9, 1852
Bullock Jerusha M. April 24, 1836 Oct 1?, 1852 (stone broken)
Carnright Edmund C. 1874 1952
Carnright Minnie M. 1874 1954
Carnright Phoebe Emma June 8, 1901 Dec. 31, 1906
Carnright Edmund Wilson 1918 1987
Carnright Irene Bradford 1912 1970
Carnright Marshall W. 1942
Carnright Alta Mae 1942 1971
Casterline Pearl D.Yorke 1877 1947 (One Everett plot, see Everett)
Catlin Alice L. 1857 1935
Chase (See Cornell)
Cornell Frederick P. Nov. 12, 1821 Sep. 23, 1902
Cornell Leafy Smith Oct. 9, 1824 Mar. 2, 1860 Wife of Frederick P.
Cornell Levi D. Mar.6, 1852 3m2d Son of Frederick P. and Leafy Cornell
Cornell George C. 1857 1923
Cornell Levi Aug. 19, 1874 77y27d (History of Bradford County by Bradsby - Levi died July 19, 1874. Tombstone double-checked for accuracy.)
Cornell Lorana July 11, 1880 80y6m5d Wife of Levi Cornell and daughter of James and Susan Chase
Cornell Fanny Apr. 11, 1845 45y22m25d Wife of Levi Cornell and daughter of Childes and Lucy Luther.
Cornell Level M. Dec. 13, 1849 26 Son of Levi and Fanny Cornell, Drowned in Elk County, Pennsylvania
Cornell Mary Jane Feb. 9, 1859 22y22d Daughter of Levie and Fanny Cornell
Cornell Alvah M. Aug. 22, 1825 June 9, 1908
Cornell Betsey A. Sep. 27, 1830 Apr. 13, 1915 His wife
Crediford Joseph Apr. 18, 1882 72y
Crediford Julia E. Dec. 4, 1887 37y Wife of O. E. Crediford
Crediford Joseph E. Apr 16, 1847 1y1m10d Son of Joseph and Syntha Crediford
Darrow (see VanVeghten)
Dickerson (see Smith)
Edsall Jerusha B. Feb. 20, 1815 Sep. 5, 1895 Wife of James M. Edsall
Edsell Josephine Aug. 18, 1844 3y3m28d Daughter of J. M. and J. B. Edsell.
Everett Charles W. 1869 1939
Everett 1875 1945
Everett (see Casterline)
Ferguson F. M. Jan 24, 1882 37y
Gates Charles O. Oct. 27, 1827 Apr. 20, 1915
Gates Laura A. June 10, 1832 May 30, 1913 His wife
Gates Frances A. Aug. 9, 1851 Feb. 10, 1871 Daughter of Charles and Laura A. Gates
Gates Frank A. Feb. 10, 1871 19y6m6d Daughter of Charles and Laura A. Gates
Gates Charlie Apr. 18, 1847 8m18d (There is no surname Gates on the tombstone, but it seems to be on Gates lot or next to it.
Gladding Joseph Nov. 2, 1790 Mar. 21, 1880 Born in Barrington, Rhode Island.
Gladding Marcy B. Mar. 30, 1791 Mar 10, 179 Born in Rehoboth Massachusett.
Gladding Charles E. 1833 1912 First Lieutenant Co. D 132 Regiment P. V. I. Civil War.
Gladding Louisa Alger 1846 1916
Gladding Joseph Newton 1821 1904 Son of Joseph and Marcy Gladding - Born in a log house in the southwest corner of this cemetery
Gladding George W. June 27, 1828 5 Son of Joseph and Mary Gladding. (Mary correct spelling on tombstone, should be Marcy)
Gladding Viall A.  Sep. 26, 1849 24y Son of Joseph and Marcy Gladding.
Gladding Wm. Penn. Oct. 12, 1851 23 In memory of Wm. Penn.son of Joseph and Marcy Gladding
Hakes See Pettibone
Harkness Allan E. Apr. 9, 1883 9y Son of O. E. and R. A. Harkness.
Haynes Lydia W. 1810 Dec. 8, 1870 Wife of John H. Kilgore - Information from family Bible
Howland Sally M. April 9, 1831 Aug. 21, 1881 Wife of J. A. Howland
Ingham Mary A. Peckham Jan. 18, 1828 July 19, 1??? Wife of G. or C. W. Ingham
Killgore Raymond A. Aug. 6, 1865 4y3m1d Son of Robert and Isabell Killgore
Killgore Robert 1831 1919
Killgore John Jay Jan. 31, 1872 Sep. 3, 1900
Killgore John H. Feb. 29, 1808 Nov. 12, 1890 This is a large four sided monument which has fallen over with some information on the underside. From family bible the following dates are taken. John H. Kilgore, born Feb. 29, 1808, died Nov. 12, 1890, wife Lydia W. Haynes, born 1810 died Dec 8, 1870. 
Killgore Huldah Ellen Dec. 22, 1861 15y This information also from family bible above. Daughter of John and Lydia Kilgore.
Killgore Lydia H. June 18, 1852 3y This information also from family bible above. Daughter of John and Lydia Kilgore.
Note , this line missing from bottom, sheet4
Lilley John Oct. 26, 1842 61y AE 61years and Father Reflect!
Lilley Nancy Dec. 1, 1841 51 AE 51 Years Thy Mother, Children.
Lilley Lucy M. Jan. 29, 1847 29 Wife of D. Lilley
Lilley Alice M. June 11, 1848 4y6m7d Daughter of Dummer and Lucy M. Lilley
Charley No Surname or dates on tombstone, but stands between Alice m. and Nancy.
Lilley Nancy Dec. 18, 1852 28y2m8d Wife of D. Lilley
Lilley Edie Mildred Oct 3, 1856 1y11m18d Daughter of D. and Nancy Lilley.
Lilley Dummer Feb. 18, 1882 69y
Lilley Frances M. Jan. 5, 1822 Sep. 15, 1897 His wife
Lilley L. LeFranc 1850 1917
Lilley L. Florence 1845 1929
Luther See Cornell
Mason Laura M. 2850 1867 Wife of G. H. Mason, interred S. M. Peckham lot.
Monro Peter Sep. 15, 1808 Feb. 13, 1888 Born in Bristol, Rhode Island, died in Sylvania, Pennsylvania.
Monro Lavinia Pettibone June 10, 1810 Mar. 5, 1886 Born in Manchester, Vermont, died in Sylvania, Pennsylvania.(see Pettibone)
Nenninger Myron Dec. 16, 1860 or 1880 Mar. 9, 1903 Son of F. or E. B. or R. and Ruth A. Nenninger - Stone very worn
Peckham Peleg Feb. 20, 1862 70y3d
Peckham Mary Nov. 27, 1877 84y6m8d Wife of Peleg Peckham.
Peckham William M. Aug. 19, 1843 12y5m15d Son of Peleg and Mary Peckham.
Peckham Sam'l A. May 24, 1850 24y13d
Peckham Giles Mar. 8, 1850 28y2m14d
Peckham S. M. May 24, 1898 91y6m
Peckham Laura A. July 30, 1889 79y4m12d Wife of S. M. Peckham
Peckham Martha J. Dec. 12, 1875 34y3m11d Daughter of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Henry C. Jan. 23, 1876 30y4m4d Son of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Mariette Aug. 29, 1853 17y3m4d Daughter of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham George E. Children of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Wilfred E. Children of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Edison B. Children of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Ellen A. Sep. 24, 1851 13y11m10d Daughter of Stephen M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham George E. Jan. 14, 1848 4y5m Son of Stephen M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Wilfred E. Mar. 23, 1855 1y8m4d Son of Stephen M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Edison B. Oct 5, 1850 4y4m5d Son of S. M. and Laura A. Peckham.
Peckham Laura M. 1840 1867 Wife of G. H. Mason, interred S. M. Peckham lot.
Peckham Kingsley Jul. 27, 1875 89y9m23d In memory of Kingsley Pechham
Peckham Henrietta Jan. 20, 1839 54y8m3d Wife of Kingsley Peckham
Peckham Harriet Nov. 14, 1862 67y3m22d In memory of Harriet second wife of Kingsley Peckham
Peckham Blanche C. Nov. 13, 1885 1y5m3d Daughter of Clarence E. and Alida O. Peckham.
Peckham Jeannette Aug. 1, 1898 June 15, 1901 Daughter of C. E. and Alida O. Peckham.
Peckham Elmer June 22, 1862 10m8d Son of P. P. and Louisa Peckham. (stone broken)
Peckham Clarence E. 1851 1928
Peckham Alida O. 1866 1953
Peckham Helena M. 1892 1933
Peckham Mildred E. 1887 1934
Peckham Winifred A. 1889 1975
Peckham Amanda 1862 1944
Peckham Oscar G. 1849 1944
Peckham Eunice M. 1888 1922 Interred on Oscar F. Peckham lot.
Peckham see Ingham, Westcott
Pettibone Ira C. July 31, 1855 71y7m9d
Pettibone Betsey June 13, 1858 71y10m15d Wife of Ira Pettibone
Pettibone Dantford Dec. 14, 1845 28y Son of Ira and Betsey Pettibone.
Pettibone Almira Sep. 10, 1842 34 Wife of Josiah Hakes and daughter of Ira and Betsey Pettibone
Pettibone Denter May 5, 1841 26 Son of Ira and Betsey Pettibone.
Robinson See Bullock
Rockwell Dean L. 1891 1937
Rockwell Clarence R. 1913 1914 (no surname on stone, it is beside Dean L. and of the same style stone
Rockwell Mertie S. 1872 1925
Rockwell Samuel B. 1871 1923
Sherman David B. 1846 1908
Sherman Annie E. 1837 1926
Sherman Wesley 1870 1930 Son of David and Annie Sherman
Sherman Harriet 1876 1960 Wife of Wesley E. Sherman
Smith Dummer Dec. 8, 1837 40y
Smith Laura June 16, 1839 37y Wife of Dummer Smith
Smith Ebenezer Jan. 1842 71y
Smith Polly Feb. 1855 84y Wife of Ebenezer Smith
Smith Linus Feb. 6, 1844 Aug. 7, 1903
Smith Dickerson Mary E. Aug. 24, 1852 Aug. 11, 1929
Smith See Cornell
Sweet Alanson July 22, 1822 Aug. 20, 1894
Sweet Melissa July 6, 1827 Mar. 1, 1911
Sweet R. A.  Aug. 27, 1849 Nov. 18, 1901
Sweet Nella Feb. 29, 1852 Nov. 30, 1924
Sweet Baby Baby looks to be child of Richmond A. and Nella Lilley Sweet from location and style of stone.
Updyke Holsey Feb. 14, 1834 Nov. 22, 1907
Updyke Adaline Feb. 21, 1840 Oct 7, 1928
VanVeghten Wallace 1839 1906
VanVeghten Elizabeth Darrow 1839 1895 His wife
Voltney Frances E.  Sep. 28, 1851 1y1m13d Daughter of E. and E. P.? Voltney (stone very worn)
Maud (no other information on stone and not located close to any others to determine possible identity)
In a message dated 1/29/2007 2:04:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Joyce,  Did the Owen names get left out on the Gladding cem.? In the veterans of Bradford county there was
            James H. Owen  1844-1915.  Also on BREWER  it says see Owen.

I don't know. Will put your note on there as a reference.

Hello Joyce, [May 2007]
 I was looking at the site and found it missing somethings that someone not related would not know. next to either my Grandfather Edmund wilson Or Irene Bradford Carnright is a stone for a Baby Girl Carnright still born, and also my Uncle Richard Carnright and Aunt Patricia Carnright-Ludwig are missing from the listing His obituaries is there but he is not on the list She died in January of this Year.So I can see why she would be missing. Would you please update this info.

Thank you,
Anissa M. Thompson
Daughter of Alice Irene Carnright Thompson

James H. Owen Co. A. 207 PA. V. Apr 1, 1844 – Dec 24, 1915
Caroline E. Brewer his wife Feb 9, 1942 – Sept 19, 1906
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