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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Located on the east side of the Judson Hill Road in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, across from the old Methodist Church built about 1865 after fire destroyed the first. Services are no longer conducted there, the church having fallen into a bad state of deterioration from years of neglect. Members of the DeWitt and Joralemon families were the first to be buried in the cemetery. These families came to Wells and Columbia townships from Sussex County, New Jersey, the wives of John and James Joralemon Jr., being sisters of John B., Joseph H., and D. Barnet DeWitt. These families were instrumental in forming the Methodist Church and several members of these families entered the ministry. The oldest dated marker in the cemetery is that of Mary Elizabeth Gifford who died in 1841, but she was perhaps reinterred there. Sarah, wife of Joseph H. DeWitt, died in 1842. Markers copied July 1977 and rechecked in April 1979 and October 1983 by J. Kelsey Jones. Single spacing of type indicates individuals appearing on one marker. Anything appearing in parenthesis is added information for clarification by the compiler and does not appear on the marker.
Driviing Directions to Judson Hill Cemetery:
Route 328 south to the junction of 328 and 549 (just over the state line in PA).
Bear left at the junction and take 549 south.
Go one mile further after the junction to Mosherville.
The first left for Mosherville is Coryland Road. Do not take that road. Take the second left which is shortly after Coryland Road and that is Judson Hill Road.
Follow Judson Hill Road as it climbs out of the valley. Go past Garrison Road and then just past Baker Road is the cemetery on the left along the road (east side of road). Can't miss it.
ADAMS Levi F. Adams d. Oct 26, 1855 67y 7m 8d
  Huldah S., his wife d. May 23, 1864 63y 9m
ANDREWS Charles T. Andrews d. Aug 30, 1899 34y 11m 15d
AYERS Selaer E. Ayers May 10, 1828 July 10, 1900
  Julia Ann Collum his wife Oct 31, 1826 June 11, 1930
  Fernando S., son of S. E. & Julia A. Ayers d. Apr 13, 1871 15y 10m 12d
  Cora dau of Casad & Mary E. Ayers d. May 19, 1877 1y 10m 18d
  Carrie dau of Casad & Mary E. Ayers d. Jan 22, 1875 1y 10m 2d
  see Titus
BAKER Lucinda wife of Thomas L. Baker d. Sept 14, 1855 43y 3d with her infant by her side
  Thomas W. Baker May 22, 1822 June 8, 1893
  Susan J., his wife Mar 9, 1825 Mar 12, 1895
  Theresa L. Priest July 16, 1854 Mar 20, 1896
  Irene Priest dau of Wm. R. and Terressa L. Priest d. Apr 18, 1880 3d at 212 Hoffman Street buried Town of Wells (Elmira, New York City death record - no marker)
  Infant male Priest son of William & Thresa L. Priest b. and d. July 7, 1881 at 630 W Gray Street buried Wells (Elmira, New York City death record - no marker)
  Floid U. d. July 30, 1859 2y 8m 8d
  infant son d. Feb 2, 1856
  children of T. W. & S. J. Baker
  Geo. R. Baker 1846 1919 Co K 23 NY Vol
  Susan T. 1834 1900
  see Lawrence
BARNES John J. Barnes May 28, 1807 Apr 17, 1863
  Phebe Barnes June 15, 1813 Feb 9, 1878
  Runnion W., son of J. J. & P. Barnes Aug 14, 1850 Aug 25, 1862
  Marie dau of Norman & Lura Barnes Jan 27-28 1938
  see Berry
BERRY Joseph M. Berry d. Mar 19, 1907 71y 9m 25d
  Sarah L. Barnes his wife
BOLTON see Gifford
BOND Tunis Bond d. Feb 22, 1873 53y 6m
  Mrs. Bond d. Feb 22, 1905 85y (no marker - obituary)
BROWN Francis A. Brown d. May 8, 1895 66y in Wells of consumption buried Jobs Corners, Jackson Township, Tioga County (Bradford County death record - no marker, presumed to be buried Judson Hill as wife's death record states Judson Hill)
  Loruhamah Wade Cory wife of Francis A. Brown d. Mar 7, 1898 67y in Wells of pneumonia buried Judson Hill (Bradford County death record - no marker)
CALKIN James Calkin d. Dec 14, 1852 63y 7m 2d
CAMPBELL Jay Campbell d. Oct 8, 1864 25y
CARMAN G. S. Carman d. Dec 15, 1898 _0y Co C 8 NJ Vol Inf (marker is chipped where the first number of of his age is located)
  Julia A. Carman 1852 1902
  William Carman d. age about 50 (no marker - obituary and perhaps buried Judson Hill)
COLLUM see Ayers
COMPTON Allen B. Compton d. Oct 7, 1874 56y 7m 24d
  Hannah wife of Allen B. Compton d. Oct 29, 1888 64y 5d
  Harry E. Compton 1876 1914
COKE Fred E. Coke 1860 1905
  William Coke 1871 1941
  Ella Coke 1856 1935
  Edward Coke 1824 1907 father
  Mary Coke d. Oct 30, 1903 73y 10m 13d mother
CONGDON Emma L., dau of C. F. & Julia A. Congdon d. Aug (remainder of marker missing)
COURSEN J. B. Coursen Feb 6, 1816 July 18, 1898
  Susan Coursen d. May 3, 1882 61y 8m 25d
  William P. Coursen Apr 17, 1852 Jan 25, 1896
  George H. Coursen (Civil War soldier related to be buried Judson Hill - no marker)
DAVEY John Davey 1789 1875
  Susan Marvin his wife 1788 1863
  Fanny wife of Sylvester Davey d. Feb (remainder of marker missing)
DAVIS Gershom Davis d. June 23, 1882 75y (no marker)
  Abigail wife of Gershom Davis (no marker)
  Edson Davis (Civil War soldier - no marker)
  see Knapp
DEWITT Sarah wife of Joseph H. DeWitt d. Oct 24, 1842 44y 7m
  Tempy A., dau of Joseph H. & Sarah DeWitt d. Apr 3, 1845 9y 4m 24d
  D. Barnet DeWitt (no marker)
  Mary wife of D. Barnet DeWitt (no marker)
  Jerusha M., dau of D. B. & Mary DeWitt d. Nov 15, 1860 17y 7m 12d
  Rebecca J. DeWitt d. July 17, 1908 83y (second wife of D. Barnett DeWitt)
  Francis H. DeWitt Jan 7, 1821 Jan 27, 1899 Private Co B 2 Battery 14 Regt US Infantry
  Mary A. DeWitt May 25, 1825 (no date of death inscribed - d. May 6, 1909, pension)
  Wm. Edward son of Francis H. & Mary E. DeWitt d. June 23, 1862 18y 5m
  Charles R., son of Francis H. & Mary DeWitt d. Apr 1, 1879 24y 8m 22d
  Sarah DeWitt d. Jan 16, 1899 (no marker - Tioga County, Pennsylvania death record)
EASTON Eliza Ophelia dau of Wm. S. & Mary A. Easton d. Nov 1 or 4 (difficult to read), 1860 15y 1 or 4m 16d (marker barely legible)
FRENCH William H. French May 27, 1828 Apr 21, 1909
  Viletta his wife Mar 14, 1827 Dec 25, 1911
GIFFORD (all Gifford burials within fenced enclosure with 1871 inscribed at gate entrance)
  Whiting Gifford Mar 20, 1812 July 26, 1876
  Martha Bolton wife of Whiting Gifford July 6, 1812 Sept 16, 1871
  Elisha A. Gifford d. May 17, 1865 79y 9m 10d
  Mary Gifford d. Oct 3, 1882 89y 6m
  Hermon D. Gifford d. June 29, 1865 25y 6m
  Mary Elizabeth dau of Whiting & Martha Gifford d. Aug 22, 1841 4y 6m 2d
  Jesse Allen Gifford b. Feb 22, 1830 d. July 24, 1929 (no marker)
  Martha M., wife of Jesse A. Gifford d. 24 Dec 1884 65y 3m 12d (no marker)
  Maria J. Little wife of Jesse A. Gifford d. Nov 8 age 65y (no marker - obituary)
  see Gibson
GIBSON Elizabeth wife of Samuel Gibson d. Oct 25, 1849 72y (buried Gifford lot)
GORDON see Hewitt
HAMILTON Elizabeth A., wife of Frederick Hamilton dau of J. D. & Lydia Miller d. July 8, 1865 15y 10m 10d
HEWITT William R. Hewitt 1892 1964
  Ethel Gordon Hewitt 1893 1923
HILL Sarah Hill d. Aug 9, 1885 55y 3m 1d
  William Hill d. Apr 6, 1938 60y (no marker - Bradford County Home record)
INGERSOLL Gideon Ingersoll d. May 16, 1878 81y 8m 2d
  Sarah wife of Gideon Ingersoll d. Oct 4, 1876 74y 2m 10d
  D. W. Ingersoll July 5, 1858 Jan 14, 1914
JORALEMAN John Joraleman d. Jan 16, 1882 (no date inscribed on monument only his name - date from obituary and diary of Dunning Killgore)
  Zuba wife of John Joraleman d. Nov 14, 1845 52y
  Wm. Joraleman d. May 7, 1865 25y (son of John and Azuba)
  E. H. Joraleman d. Nov 28, 1845 16y (Edward H., son of John and Azuba)
  J. L. Joraleman d. Dec 24, 1845 24y (James L., son of John and Azuba)
  see Joralemon, Jorolomon
JORALEMON Jas Joralemon d. May 5, 1860 66y 6m Servent of God Well Done
  In memory of my mother Elizabeth Joralemon who departed this life Mar 7, 1871 81y 1m 12d
  The soul of our mother is gone
  To heighten the triumph above.
  Exalted in Jesus throne,
  And clasped in the arms of his love.
  William D., son of James & Elizabeth Joralemon d. Aug 12, 1844 11y 11m 26d
  Mary J., dau of James & Elizabeth Joralemon d. Nov 10, 1845 17y 6m 16d
  Here Mary lies beneath this sod
  Her flesh with us no more remains
  Obedient to the will of God
  Her spirit with the saviour reigns
  Elizabeth wife of J. H. Joralemon d. June 3, 1858 38y 9m 17d
  Azuba A., dau of J. H. & Elizabeth Joralemon d. July 10, 1864 16y 10m 12d
  Samuel B. son of John H. and Elizabeth Joralemon b. 12 June 1852 d. 5 Oct 1853 (no marker - dates from family bible)
  Rev. John Joralemon d. Sept 4, 1883 57y 5m 1d
  Louisa Adelaide White wife of Rev. John Joralemon d. 30 Mar 1903 (no marker - date from Methodist Church, Southern New Jersey Conference and obituary)
  see Joraleman, Jorolomon
JOROLOMON Albanis son of John H. & Elizabeth Jorolomon d. Jan 17, 1843 3y 10m 4d
  see Joraleman, Joralemon
KNAPP Catherine Davis Knapp 1816 1896 (b. Orange County, New York d. May 18, 1896 77y at Daggett - Tioga County, Pennsylvania death record)
KYMER Fannie F., wife of Milton S. Kymer May 28, 1841 Mar 6, 1863
LAWRENCE Leslie Lawrence 1807 1881
  Belinda Baker his wife 1816 1892
LUCAS Uriah Lucas Oct 9, 1803 Jan 7, 1856
  Lucy H., his wife Sept 5, 1810 Mar 15, 1891
  Martha J. Lucas Jan 25, 1833 July 18, 1841
  Cordelia Lucas Mar 4, 1846 Mar 13, 1861
  Chester P. Lucas July 14, 1848 Mar 16, 1852
LUDLOW John Ludlow 1826 1891
  Mary his wife 1833 1916
  Herbert B., their son 1858 1883
MARVIN see Davey
MILLER Sidney C., son of Emmet & Catherine Miller d. Apr 7, 1885 21y 6m (no marker)
  see Hamilton
MOORE Charlott wife of David Moore June 10, 1808 Nov 5, 1890
  Horace D. Moore Mar 7, 1827 Jan 7, 1899
  Elizabeth wife of Horace D. Moore June 15, 1829 July 9, 1895
  Elisha Moore 1842 19 (date never inscribed)
  George W. Moore d. May 15, 1860 19y 5m 21d
  Sarah E. Moore 1867 1924
OLIVER Allen D. Oliver 1848 1921
  Jennie his wife 1866 1950
OSGOOD Geo. M. Osgood d. June 17, 1894 86y
  Mary his wife Jan 11, 1805 Oct 29, 1896
  Amanda wife of E. O. Osgood d. Dec 10, 1893 43y
  Orr Osgood 1839 1909
  Helen B. Osgood 1863 1917
PACKARD Theodore C. Packard 1891 1971
  Linnia M. Packard 1895 1987 (d. May 23 - obituary)
PARMENTER Mertie B., dau of L. D. & M. E. Parmenter d. Oct 29, 1878 14y 5m
  see Parmerter
PARMERTER Lewis D. Parmerter Nov 7, 1838 Dec 20, 1901
  Mary C., his wife Aug 2, 1840 Apr 8, 1922
  see Parmenter
PETTENGILL Clarasy wife of James Pettengill d. Aug 6, 1882 55y 22d
PINKNEY Henry d. Sept 25, 1864 22d
  John P. d. Mar 4, 1877 19y 11m 27d
  children of Alfred & Martha E. Pinkney
  Martha Pinkney d. Oct 6 (no marker - obituary)
PRIEST see Baker
SCOFIELD Alonzo J., son of J. J. & Mary Scofield d. Apr 30, 1852 3y 10m 27d
  also his infant sister d. Apr 30, 1852 4m
SEELY A. J. Seely d. Dec 27, 1872 32y 9m 24d
  Weep not companion and children for me
  For I am waiting in glory
  Mary dau of Jackson & Emila Seely d. Apr 25, 1874 4y 7m
  James H. Seeley (Civil War soldier related to be buried Judson Hill - no marker)
SHEPARD Allen Shepard May 29, 1823 May 13, 1913
  Amelia wife of Allen Shepard May 2, 1833 Mar 19, 1915
  Matie dau of Allen & Amelia Shepard Mar 10, 1871 Aug 2, 1889
STURDEVANT James Sturdevant Co D 16 Pa Cav
  see Sturdivant
STURDIVANT James W. Sturdivant Co C 12 Regt Pa Vol d. Apr 26, 1900 59y 2m 4d
  see Sturdevant
SWEENEY Joseph Sweeney d. Oct 20, 1888 24y 11m 21d (obituary relates d. Elmira, NY of typhoid fever)
TERWILLIGER James Terwilliger d. Apr 15, 1872 64y 26d
  Sarah Terwilliger d. Apr 4, 1876 26y 9m 27d
TITUS Charles H. Titus June 16, 1837 May 29, 1914
  Rosilla Ayers his wife Nov 25, 1839 Dec 23, 1893
UPDYKE Chester C. Updyke d. Mar 10, 1870 53y 3m 8d
  Juliett wife of Chester C. Updyke d. Feb 1, 1872 (large monument face down and age was unattainable)
  Henry F., son of C. C. & J. Updyke Aug 26, 1843 Feb 1, 1865
VANKIRK Archie son of John & Jennie VanKirk d. Feb 2, 1864 1y 17d
VARNEY Virda dau of H. M. & M. Varney d. Sep 20, 1894 6m 6d
WOOD John H. Wood Feb 14, 1832 June 10, 1908
  Sarah A., his wife Feb 27, 1832 Jan 16, 1902
YULE Sarah Frances Yule d. Mar 21, 1853 5m 18d
In a message dated 12/24/2011 6:22:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, [J. Kelsey Jones]  writes:

Michael Rozell and Elizabeth his wife for $1 deeded on 24 November 1852 to Silas Davey, John J. Barnes, Thomas Baker, Alson LaRue, and Whiting Gifford, their heirs or successors, 1 acre. The Trustees of the Estate of William
Bingham deceased (wealthy Philadelphian who owned much of Wells Township) had set apart for the use of the inhabitants a burying ground of 1 acre and
"said ground is now occupied for purposes aforesaid" and the trustees conveyed 14 7/10 acres including the burying ground to Michael Rozell by deed dated 1 September 1852 (Bradford County deed Liber 38:157).

The Davis family connections: by J. Arthur Kieffer

My great great grandfather name was Gershom Saxon Davis and that is about as Welsh a name as you can get.  I have never done anything on that family so it is way past due.  I was in Wales during World War 2 and it surprised me because they spoke a different language than English.  The language belongs to the Celtic branch of the Aryan family of languages which means that it is descendent of prehistoric people who spoke this language.  The country is very hilly and the part I was in has thatched roof on their small cottages with stone fences all painted white guarding their very narrow roads.  Everything was neat and clean.  We landed at __________ airport and they showed us where we were to sleep which were Quanson huts with a potbelly stove in the middle of hut.  They burned soft coal  which I was told was mined close by.  I was lucky because I got a bunk next to the stove.  We had to have work done on our Bomber so we stayed there for two days.  I went sight seeing the next day.  The area where we were was untouched by the German Bombing.  The whole area was the same.  I was told that the stone for all the fences came from the fields and some were centuries old.  On the third morning we enplaned at 5:30 and left for Africa and we left England.

I have no idea why the Davis family left Wales or what year they came to America.  My grandmother Sadie Newton (Manning) Carroll said that the family was quite poor and were always tenant farmers or were hired hands to farmers.  They did live in the same house just east of Judson Hill.  My grandmother Sadie took me there when I was a boy of 10 years of age.  The house was full of furniture and the doors were open.  The neighbors said that the Davis man living there went to the hospital and left it.  Nothing was disturbed.

These are the known facts that I have about my G-G Grandfather Gershom Saxton Davis.  He was b. in 1806 in New York State.  M Abigail Jane Cooley b. 1808 England.  Enumerated 1850 census of Wells.  Gershom served in the 7th New York Regiment in the Civil War, guarding prisoners at the Elmira Prison Camp.  Gershom d. 23 June 1882 75y in Wells and is buried Judson Hill Cemetery with no marker.  I have no record of when his wife died but my grandmother said she is buried next to him with no marker.  This is taken from the 1850 census.  Their children were:
1. Mary E. Davis b. c. 1830 New York
2. John Davis b c. 1832 New York in Civil War
3. Lewis Davis b. c. New York served in Co. C.  41st Pa. Reg. Civil War
4. Samuel Davis b. c. 1836 New York d in Civil War.
5. George Davis b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania served in Co. C. 41st Pa Reg. Transferred to 2nd US Artillery. d. Civil War.  A special note here as it would seem that the family moved to Pennsylvania in either 1836 or 1837.
6. Charles Davis b. c. 1839 Pa. Served in Co. C. 41st Pa. Reg. Civil War
7. William Davis b. c. 1841 Pa. Served Co. C. 41st Pa. Reg. d. 25 Oct. 1861 at Washington D.C. buried Military Asylum Cemetery
8. Edson A Davis b. c. 1844 Pa. Served in Civil War and was a pensioners.  Aspinwall P.O. disease of eyes.  Buried in Judson Hill Cemetery No marker.
9. Thomas Davis b. c. 1847 Pa. Served Civil War
10. Emma Davis b. 1850 Wells Pa
11. Sarah Frances Davis b 3 Nov 1853 Well, Pa  Note:  This is my great Grandmother

When I was 10 years old my grandmother took me to the Judson Hill Cemetery which was across the road from a church which is no longer there.  She took me to an area in the north east section of the cemetery and pointed out the area where the family was buried.  I have been back there many times and the area is still bare of graves.

In Heverly’s “Boys in Blue”. Vol. I. page 301 is found the following:  Wells township had one of the most noted families in the War.  Gersham Saxton Davis of that town went into the 7th N.Y. Vols.  For three months to guard prisoners at Elmira.  His eight sons enlisted in different Regiments.  Of these Lewis, Edson, Charles and Thomas returned.  John, George, William and Samuel never came back.

My G. Grandmother m Charles Newton and they had one child Sarah or Sadie as she was called who was my Grandmother.

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