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The following description of the Madison Cemetery is part of a book regarding the Beaver Meadows Church, “Beaver Meadows, the Church and Its People” which is being compiled by Carol Brotzman, the elected church historian. The earliest members of this church signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact. For further information regarding the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact check out the Beaver Meadows Church History under Tuscarora Township, Bradford County on this site.
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This cemetery is located along the roadside on the present Dale G and Donna Tewksbury Bennett property. The cemetery is located in a cultivated field with no barriers.  There is only one headstone, with two small markers denoting MOTHER and AJM.  Local children, and nieces and nephews of Marion Bennett (Dales father) remember while growing up in that area in the 1930’s that there were more headstones, maybe as many as 12 or more that they used to play amongst. In an interview with Kay Ervine in 1998 she recalls going up there as a child with Margene Bennett Nittenger. She recalls there were at least four larger stones. There are rumors as to what happened to the stones and where they are now, however I refuse to speculate on unsubstantiated facts until proven.
Donna Bennett tells me folks have visited the grave from either Maryland or Virginia.

The one-headstone records:
Wife of DANIEL
Died February 23, 1880 age 31 years 8 months 16 days
This calculates that she was born June 7, 1849
Additional stones record MOTHER and AJM (Abbie’s initials)

From the 1850 Tuscarora Township census we find (Abigail) Abbie Jane was born in Pennsylvania about 1848, the daughter of Reuben and Sarah Madison/Mattison who came from Rhode Island. Her mother Sarah must have died before October 24, 1868, as that was the date her father Reuben Madison married Cynthia Hardy Culver for his second wife.  She was the widow of Adolphus Culver who had died in the CIVIL WAR.  Reuben Madison signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact. From the 1880 Tuscarora Township census we find the widower Daniel H MaGee who was born in 1846   residing with his two children Lucy and Frederick, and his widowed mother Lucy Roots McGee. His parents Ebenezer and Lucy Roots McGee used the spelling “McGee”. This MaGee/McGee connection connects this family to the Clapper, Whitney and the Smith families of Beaver Meadows.  All are prominent church families of Beaver Meadows. There are other connections to the folks here at Beaver Meadows, which will be revealed in the “Beaver Meadows, The Church and its People”.

Maybe Reuben’s first wife Sarah is buried there, and could be represented by the MOTHER stone? Why is it called the Madison cemetery instead of the MaGee Cemetery if Abbie was the first burial?  We just do not know. So many unanswered questions?
We do not know where Ebenezer McGee’s wife Lucy Roots McGee is buried either!  Her husband has a headstone in the Gage Road Cemetery, Rush Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, she doesn’t. Lucy was living here in Tuscarora Township in 1800. It is a possibility.
Eb and Lucy had another child named Theodore MaGee (note the spelling change).  He married but separated from his wife Hulda Jane Lewis.  Hulda married second to William Whitney on February 4, 1873. It is not known what ever became of Theodore. No divorce papers have been found either!  Could he possibly be here in the Madison Cemetery?
I have a note in my personal records obtained from a newspaper clipping belonging to Marie Woodruff VanDeMark that possibly Jeapon and Jane Mowry Madison could be buried there. They died as young adults in 1882. Again, I have no proof. Just speculation!

There are endless possibilities of other burials here in this cemetery with the missing headstones, and many more major connections to families at Beaver Meadows!

If anyone has information as to the missing stones and names of other people buried in this cemetery, please share so these good folks can be remember the way they should be! If more information on the Madison/MaGee/McGee families is desired contact Carol Brotzman, Beaver Meadows Church Historian,
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/06/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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