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Submitted and Typed by Charlotte Stevens
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Taken from the NY side of the line looking into PA
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Name of Cemetery:    Park Cemetery
Read By:
Date Read:
Typed By:   Charlotte Stevens
Location:  Located on the River Road between Sayre,Pa and Nichols,NY
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Davidson Martha 1869 1909    
Doty Nelson June 5 1872      
Walker Charles Dec.26,1815 Jan.31,1889    
Walker Minerva   Nov.8,1874 53 yrs. wf of Charles Walker
Doty J.S.   Jan.19,1892 62 yrs.  
Cornell Phebe   June 28,1899 84 yrs. wf of J.S.Doty
Doty  Emma   Jan.22,1860 8 yrs. dtr of John & Phebe Doty
Cornell M.W.   Sept 25,1878 58 yrs.9m  
Cornell Daniel   April 11,1842 62 yrs.  
Cornell Sarah   Sept.19,1868 80 yrs6m wf of Daniel Cornell
Dunham Wm.B.   Mar.9,1863 48 yrs.  
Dunham Phebe   Aug.21,1891 72yrs4m wf of Wm.B.Dunham  
Dunham Alice R.   Aug.16,1858 4mo dau of Wm & Phebe Dunham
Dunham Miles O.   Apr.19,1864 9yrs8m s of Wm & Phebe Dunham
Dunham John B.   Feb.2,1892 46 yrs.  
Osborn Wm.B.   Jul.15,1856 73 yrs.  
Osborn Jane   Apr.7,1863 75 yrs. wf of Wm.Osborn
Snover Phebe   Jan.20,1885 87 yrs.  
Lurcock Hattie R.   Oct.27,1873 23yrs9m wf of Ellery Lurcock
Reasor Martha   Sept.25,1864 41 yrs. wf of Daniel Reasor
Snover Sally   Aug.6,1900 79 yrs. wf of John Jayton
Layton John B.   May 4,1865 94 yrs.  
Layton Emma N.   June 22,1871 23yr9mo wf of S.M. Layton
Park  Sybil G.   Nov.7,1867 5 yrs.  
Park  Joe June 5.1823 Nov.15,1888    
Park  Elizabeth Sept.26,1831 Jan.21,1897   wf of Joe Park
Bloodgood Vinnie S.   May 6,1863 3 yrs. dau of Levi S.& Francis R. Bloodgood
Park,Jr. Thomas   April 9,1861 65 yrs.  
Park Samuel   May 22,1823 33 yrs.  
Park Patty   July 1,1827 42 yrs.  
Merrill Edwin   Oct.19,1835 6 yrs.  
Merrill Permilla A   April 27,1863 3 yrs. dau of Wm.D. & Clarissa E.Merrill
Layton     Sept.2,1870   infant dau of S.M. & M.E.Layton
Layton     May 29,1868   infant son of S.M.& M.E.Layton
Rogers Hiram Sept.7,1806      
Rogers Abigail Jan.26,1815 Feb.14,1892   wf of Hiram Rogers
Ellis George   Aug.31,1838 1yr6m s Solomon & Susan Ellis
Ellis Gene   Jan.22,1880 11 yrs. dau of Chester & Mercy J.Ellis
Wolcott Charles   Mar.6,1855 19yrs2m s of Benj.& Betsey Wolcott
Wolcott Silas   June 4,1834 78yrs10m  
Wolcott Margaret   Dec.20,1844 88yrs 2m wf of Silas Wocott
Wolcott,Jr. Silas   Aug.13,1879 61 yrs.  
Wolcott Martha M.   Aug.7,1858 4 yrs10m dau fo Silas & Mariah Wolcott
Wolcott Dallas   Sept.27,1852 3 yrs9m s of Silas & Mariah Wolcott
Wolcott Elijah   Jan.30,1840 50yr10m cut on an axe
Park Elizabeth   Jan.26,1872 86 yrs. wf of Elijah Wolcott
Wolcott Hannah July 26,1826 Mar.31,1898    
Wolcott     Apr.2,1870   infant dau of Benj.& Betsey Wolcott
Wolcott     Feb.6,1839   infant dau.of Benj.& Betsey Wolcott
Wolcott Laura   Dec.4,1833 14yr5m dau.of Benj.& Betsey Wolcott
Wolcott Jane   Apr.8,1848 19yr7m dau.of Benj.& Betsey Wolcott
Wolcott Alonza   Sept.20,1852 11mos. s of Silas & Mariah Wolcott
Wolcott     May 10,1859 3 days Infant sons of A.P. & E.J. Wolcott
Wood Havery   Aug.18,1851 33 yrs.  
Wood James B.   Feb.26,1856 3 yrs.5m s of Hevery & Mary Wood
Wood Silas   Sept.11,1851 1 yr s of Hevery & Mary Wood
Wood Lousia   Sept.11,1848 11mos. dau of Hebery & Mary Wood
Merrill Hiram   Jan.19,1879 80yr 10m  
Merrill Susannah P.   May 9,1843 37 yr11m wf of Hiram Merrill
Houghtailen Edmund May 15,1855 April 28,1915    
Sharp Miranda Aug.14.1833 Aug.23,1912   wf of G.W.Houghtailen
Houghtailen George June 14,1829 Sept .26,1904    
Houghtailen Lauretta   Mar.27,1890 1 yr Dau.of G.W.&M.Houghtailen
Houghtailen Susannah P.   July 10,1863 10 yrs Dau.of G.W.&M.Houghtailen
Houghtailen Martha   Sept.5,1852 1 yr.6mo Dau.of G.W.&M.Houghtailen
Reynolds Jesse May June 10,1872 May 7,1904   wf of Nelson Doty
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