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Parsons-Gernert Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County, PA
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Transcribed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
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Columbia Township Bradford Co Pa

Located in Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania one mile north of Columbia Cross Roads on the east side of Route 14. Single spacing of type indicates names appearing on one monument or marker. Markers copied 1980 by J. Kelsey Jones. 

Printed by permission of J. Kelsey Jones 

GERNERT John P. Gernert Oct 5, 1823 Apr 10, 1907

Martha his wife Sep 21, 1836 Mar 29, 1917

Seth M. Gernert 1865 1929

Lydia Ann Gernert 1876 1958

Charles W. Gernert 1897 1918

Seth Gernert 1898 1903

Nathaniel Gernert 1900 1903

PARSONS Allen S. Parson Sept 29, 1810 Nov 7, 1888

Eliza first wife of Allen S. Feb 18, 1810 Nov 17, 1844

Mandana second wife of Allen S. Sept 30, 1813 (no date of death inscribed)

Newton son of A. S. & E. Apr 4, 1841 May 17, 1842

Newton J., son of Allen S. & Eliza Parsons died May 17, 1842 aged 1 year 1 mo & 13 d's { Correction - Name was Newton Isaac Parsons}

Eliza wife of Allen S. Parsons died Nov 17, 1844 aged 34 years 9 m's & 1 d'a

Clara L., dau of Cor_don & Amanda Parsons died Feb 5, 1857 Ag'd 1 y'r 8 mo & 16 d's

Eddie C., son of Wm. A. & Harriet P. died Mar 23, 1878 Aged 8 y'rs 8 mos & 14 days

Fred D. Parsons 1860 1917

Mahlon Parsons Mar 23, 1930 Sept 8, 1930

Raymond Parsons Sept 5, 1873 Apr 15, 1931

Wm. A. Parsons Oct 28, 1836 Sept 1926

Edward V. Parsons Feb 14, 1891 Apr 30, 1909

Mahlon S. Parsons Apr 6, 1850 Nov 12, 1908

PIERCE Olive wife of Wm. H. Pierce died July 12, 1858 Ag'd 42 y'rs & 1 mo 

Hello Joyce, (Jult 2005)

This month I visited some Pennsylavania cemeteries where some of my ancestors are buried.  I would like to offer an update to the information shown on URL = (Parsons-Gernert Cemetery, North of Columbia Cross Roads).  My notes:

This cemetery is approximately ONE-HALF Mile north of Columbia X Roads, PA.  Approx. location of the Parsons-Gernert cemetery = 41.8445N;  076.802217W; altitude = 1220.5ft. This cemetery is on PRIVATE PROPERTY.  We received permission from the owner who lives
approximately ONE Mile North of Columbia Cross Roads on a farm road just East of Hwy 14, along a small stream.  The owner allowed us to park near an unused Double-Wide dwelling place, on the East side of Hwy. 14 at approx. location = 41.84427N;  076.8033W; altitude = 1148.3ft.  (There is a small barn across on the West side of Hwy. 14.)  From this parking spot, proceed uphill at an azimuth of about 69 degrees (ENE) for about 315 feet to the overgrown and not maintained cemetery.
NOTE the approx. gain of 70 feet  elevation.  (The cemetery is identified as "Granite-Pierson" on the current USGS 7 1/2' topographic map.)

The cemetery is surrounded by a woven wire and barb wire fence and completely grown up.   The growth is some sort of large leafed, hollow-stemmed,  weed that was about 6 or 7 feet tall in early June.  No tombstones are visible from outside the fenced area.  The gate I found was all grown up & not usable. (Climb over the woven wire fence.  Be careful of barking shins on the few short fieldstone or old marble tombstones which are  still standing -- about shin high.)

The Allen S. Parsons tombstone is gray granite and stands over 6 feet and is in excellent  condition.  The inscriptions are as reported on the
website that I found earlier on the internet.  I did not try to find other stones.

The property owner had purchased the property from the Gernerts and thought that only Gernerts were buried there.  He had "not gone in
there, but some kids have been in there".

Karl H. Kleen

Please Feel free to use any of this material (on your web site) which you feel would be of use.

Karl H. Kleen ("happycycler") 

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