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Photos by Carol HOOSE Brotzman
31 OCT 2006

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Reed Family Burial Ground, North Rome, PA
Alongside the North Rome Road to Ghent Hill
Photos taken by Carol Hoose Brotzman October 31, 2006
All I can see in this cemetery is one headstone for Jane Reed and a footstone.  I would welcome any other data regarding this family burial plot. Every once in awhile you see silk flowers on the grave.
The single headstone records

Wife of 
Wm.  S. Reed
Died Mar. 9, 1854
E. 21y 6m 21d
(And a badly worn verse probably across the bottom

The single footstone records

A. J.  H.

There is no evidence of other burials but there could be. The ground is hollowed in many places. [Ground depressions indicate burials, and I believe that is what Carol is describing- JMT] Crepe Myrtle was prevalent everywhere.

The 1850 Rome, PA. Census reveals the only Wm. S. Reed in this area was born in New York about 1820. His wife was Mary A.  She was born in PA., aged 23 years. They have a daughter Martha, aged 4 years, and a son Moses aged 1 year, both born PA.
The Orwell Church records, found at the following URL. record that Mary Ann Reed (wife of Wm. S. Reed) died July 16, 1850, aged 28 years 20 days and is buried in the Orwell Valley Cemetery.  This suggests that possibly he had a second wife named Jane who is buried here. They can not be the same woman.

Joyce,  The Reed cemetery on the Rome site...when I was there and brought it to your attention there was more than the two stones that are listed on the site.  I will try to find what I have, if I still have it.  The Mary A. Reed that is buried in the Orwell Valley cemetery must have been the first wife of Wm. S. Reed as she died 7/1/1850 at the age of 28yrs and 20 days, and her stone says the wife of Wm. S. Reed.  The wife of Wm S. Reed buried in the "Reed" burial ground must have been the second wife having died 3/9/1854.  Can't help but wonder where he is buried.

Reva Wagner

Elliott Burial Ground

In a message dated 6/5/2009 2:44:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Forget the first one I sent on this cemetery I missed a couple of names.  This is one is complete.
This cemetery is off the North Rome Road, a left turn into a trailer court which is right past the Creekside Discount Market.  The cemetery is behind the trailer court, behind the last trailer on the right.  There are more stones there that are broken and others that can not be read.  The owners do not want anyone on the land as they fear someone doing something to/at the renter's homes.  I was told that someone has the burial listings for this cemetery some time ago and have waited for years to get it, but have not been able to do so.  I have another copy of this somewhere (that I did about 6 years ago) and it may have more names on it, but I can not find it at this point.
Elliott   Adelina born March 24, 1851 died October 31, 1899 w/o John Elliott
Elliott   C.
Elliott   Carrie P. b. June 26, 1883 died March 4, 1884
Elliott   Daniel W. d. October 12, 1811? son of Samuel and Sarah C. Elliott 2 ye 1m. 22d.
Elliott   David  d. 1811 (looks like 1811 it could be different)
Elliott   Eugene L. b. August 2, 1875   died December 26, 1880?
Elliott  Solomon C. b. Feb. 25, 1880--d. December 26, 1880?
H. J. E.
Elliott  Solomon C. b. Feb. 25, 1880--d. December 26, 1880?
Elliott  William d. March 31, 1817

1810 Orwell census
I found William Elliott with 3 males under 10, 2 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45, 1 female 45+.  I do not find William after the 1840 census living with Saml.

1830 Wysox census
Elliott John with 1 male 10-15, 2 males 20-30, 1 male 40-59, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 20-30
Elliott William with 1 male 70-80, 1 female 70-80

In the 1840 census for Rome
Elliott Joseph there is 1 male 15-20, 3 male 20-30, 1 males 50-60, 1 female 15-20, 2 female 20-30
Elliott  Saml. with 2 males 30-40, 1 male 50-60 and 1 male 80-90  2 female under 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 70-80. NOTE:      With Saml/ a William 88 receving a military pension
1840 Smithfield Cenus
Elliott Wm. A. with 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 45+, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 45+.
1850 Rome
Elliott Samuel W. 49, farmer, born NY
Elliott Sarah C. 34, born NY
Elliott Helen M. 12 born PA
Elliott Samuel D. 2, born PA
Elliott Hepsabah 89 Female born CT
Elliott John L. 65, born NY
Hiram  44, born NY
Elliott Elmore 31 Male , farmer born PA
Elliott Catherine 31, forn PA
Elliott Melvin 5, born PA
Elliott Joseph 67, Born NY
Elliott Eliza 39 born PA
Elliott Marcellus, Male, age 26 born PA
Elliott  Joseph age 4 born PA
Elliot Olive female born PA
Drake Aaron 61 husband farmer NY NY PA
Drake Alzina 56 wife PA MA MA
Drake Ella H 20 dau PA NY PA
Elliott Ruth A. 9, granddaughter PA ? PA
Elliott Elmer 62, husband PA NY PA
Elliott Catherine, 59, wife PA PA PA
Elliott Melvin, 34, son widower, PA PA PA
Elliott Justa B 7 granddaughter PA PA PA
Elliott Marcellus 56 husband farmer PA NY PA
Elliott Ellen 52 wife PA PA NY
Elliott John G. 20, son PA PA PA
Elliott Mary E. 18 dau PA PA PA
Elliott Elmer 14, so PA PA PA
Elliott Joseph 11 son PA PA PA
1880 Rome census
Elliott Mahlon E. male, 29, widower, born pa PA CT
Elliott Prudence A. 30, sister PA PA CT
Elliott Decatur L. Brother, 19 born Pa PA CT
Elliott Manda Aunt 65, insane Pa NY PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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