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Russell Farms Cemetery

Orwell Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Cemetery is on west side of  Route 187 in North Orwell

Photo of Russell Farms Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 2, 1997

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NAME OF CEMETERY:   Russell Farms Cemetery
READ BY: Excerpted from Rev. Detty's History of Orwell Churches, Chapter Ten
LOCATION: west side of Route 187 in North Orwell

The following inscriptions were found in the little cemetery mentioned above: —

SIBLEY, Solomon, born Jan. 17, 1815; died March 28, 1896.

Sibley, Amanda R., born March 6, 1822; died Dec. 21, 1906

Jane E., daughter of Solomon & Amanda Sibley, d. Oct. 21, 1865, age 9 y. 29 d.

Polly Ann, daughter of Solomon and Amanda R. Sibley, died Jan. 12, 1863, age 18 y. & 10 m. & 10 d.

"Weep not kind friends, weep not for me;
My sins are pardoned, I am free.
Place your affections on things above
And come to me where all is love."

Delamer, son of Solomon and Amanda Sibley, died Feb. 15, 1854

Elmer G. (or C.), son of Solomon and Amanda Sibley, died Jan. 20, 1863, age 9 y. 10 m. (Another stone is fallen on its face.)

Daniel Gleason, died Aug. 6, 1865, aged 78 years.

Edward M., son of Nathan and Lucetta Gleason, d. Aug. 2, 1847, age 1. Yr.

Russell, Roswell, died May 26, 1873, aged 87 years;

Russell, Polly, wife of Roswell Russell, died March 8, 1871, age 87 y. 5 m.

(They lived together as husband and wife 64 years)

Allen, Archrell, son of John and Mary Allen, died Feb. 18, 1875, age 7. Y. & 8 m.

This cemetery was on the farm of Roswell Russell whose daughter married Solomon Sibley and lived there, and was reserved when the farm was sold.

This monument was erected by the Grateful
Sunday School in Memory of Edward Miner
whom they called Uncle Miner. For the story
Uncle Miner and why the monument was erected
see Page 179 of The History of The Churches of Orwell
by Rev. Detty


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