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Read and Typed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Photo 1999 

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Name of Cemetery:  Thomas Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Raymond
Date Read:  June 30. 1999
Typed By:  Pat Raymond
Location:  Mill Road, off the Ulster/East Smithfield Road - Used to be called Riggs
Other comments: At one time this was called Christian Church Cemetery - Sign Says Thomas Cemetery/Riggs, PA/Smithfield Twp.
  NOTES: Lucretia Hill Adams was the first person to be buried in this cemetery, but no stone markes her grave. (See note from George Adams below about Lucretia HILL (Granger Adams).
  NOTES: Two stones that say IMOGENE and next to it MOTHER No other information
  NOTES: *Cenotaph means a monument or marker for someone who is not buried at this site
Hi Joyce,
     I re-read the Thomas Cemetery, and made a note.  The sign says "Thomas Cemetery, Riggs, Pa, Smithfield Township".  I do know however, that it used to be called Christian Cemetery.
     I found quite a few more burials, and a couple of errors.  Most of the old stones in this cemetery are in real bad shape.  Many of them are broken, and several are laying on the ground.  This is a very old cemetery, and many of the people buried here are my ancestors.  Sad to see it in such bad shape.
         Pat Raymond
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Abbott James   July 9.1849 61-8-7  
Adams Ira   Sep.25.1875 77 yrs Died at Fairview Butler Co. Kansas *(Stone says Cenotaph)
Adams Sophia   Aug. 18.1869 67 yrs.  
Adams Aurelia M.   May 11.1903   d/o Ira A. Adams
Adams Lucius B.   Oct.12.1862 33 yr Co. K 52 Reg. Pa. Vol. S/o Ira A Adams *(Stone says Cenotaph)
Adamy Vernie M. 1894 1894   d/o Walter & Ruby Smith Adamy
Ames Phebe Ann   Jan.28.1833 1yr 9mo d/o Joseph & Polly Ames
Ames Minnie   Sep.13.1884 4mo3da d/o Purley E. & Ida M. Ames
Ames George C.   Oct. 7.1862 21 yrs Died in Hospital Md. From wounds rec'd in battle of Antietam. GAR Marker
Ames Lucy   Oct. 1.1901   w/o C. Fairmon and E. E. French
Ames Joseph   Nov.21.1875 90y 6mo  
Ames Polly   Feb.28.1840 51yr 6mo w/o Joseph Ames
Ames Jane   Sep.17.1878 42 yrs w/o Emmons Ames
Ames Lemira Oct.15.1833 Mar. 3.1895   w/o L. W. Ames
Ames S. Willis Apr.13.1827 May 5.1899 72 yrs  
Arnold Oliver   Sept.9.1844 83 yr Original reading said Olive not Oliver
Billings Cornelia   June 6.1864 23-5-24 w/o George Billings
Bodwell Maria    Feb.23.1904 84-10-21 w/o Luman Bodwell
Brown Infant dau.   Apr.10.1859   d/o W. T. & Lovilla M. Brown
Brown Waterman 1830 1912    
Brown Lovilla M.   Oct.25.1860 28-7-4 w/o Waterman Brown
Brown Warren E.   Aug.20.1868 35 yr  
Brown Champlin G. Oct.21.1798 Dec.25.1856    
Brown Elsie A. Sep. 6.1805 Apr.27.1885    
Brown Eliza A.   Jan.20.1871 40-4-6 w/o O. K. Brown
Brown David   Apr. 4.1863 64-6-19 Biggest man ever lived in town 6 ft. 7 in, a lumberman.
Brown Charlotte   June 21.1868 71-5-2 w/o David Brown
Brown Louise C. 1835 1918    
Burdick Alice L.   Apr.11.1871 9y4m8d d/o Elisha P. & Abigail Burdick
Burlingame Norris G.   Mar. 2.1848    
Burlingame Debbie M. Apr.18.1863 Feb.4. 1906   w/o Norris G. Burlingame
Burlingame Thomas    Aug.24.1842 68-2-7  
Burlingame Sarah   Feb.24.1856 79y 9m w/o Thomas Burlingame
Burlingame Rev. Thomas A.   Feb.20.1867 54-4-6  
Burlingame Esther C.   Oct. 5.1852 26-5-10 w/o Thomas A. Burlingame
Burlingame Emma C.   Feb.2.1871 18-8-25 d/o Otis J. & amanda Burlingame
Burlingame Otis J.   Apr.25.1901 83-6-23  
Burlingame Amanda A.   June 7. 1890 74-6-21 (Year may be 1893) w/o Otis J. Burlingame
Burlingame William F. Sep. 7.1852 Sep.19.1936    
Burlingame Deborah A. Feb.27.1858 Feb.16.1901   w/o William F.
Burlingame Judson M. Mar.29.1827      
Burlingame Brittannia L. May 25.1828 Sep.26.1901   w/o Judson Burlingame
Burlingame Gardner   Jan.8.1860 64yr 19da  
Burlingame Eliza Lucretia   Mar.22.1864 67-1-4 w/o Gardner B. Burlingame
Burlingame Christina O.   Apr.16.1854 2 yrs d/o Caleb & Amy Burlingame
Burlingame Durvilla   Jan.17.1826 1yr3m13d s/o Gardner & Lucretia Burlingame
Burlingame Chester   June 28.1822 2y8m9d s/o Gardner & Lucretia Burlingame
Burlingame Phebe L.   June 20.1831 1y11m13d d/o Gardner & Lucretia Burlingame
Burlingame Caleb       Co. F 141 Reg't N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker
Camp Amy A.   July 28.1847 25-7-2  
Campbell Sarah J.   May 26, 1873 20-8-26 w/o Philetus Campbell
Case Pery   Apr. 2.1872 46 yrs  
Cates Maneson       No dates
Cates Harriet       No dates
Chipman Marian E. Killey 1842 1916   d/o Richard M. & Elizabeth Killey (Kelley)
Chrystler Lorenzo H. Dec.18.1917 Jan.24.1986   Pvt. U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Chrystler Eva L. Feb.26.1916 Oct.11.1995   w/o Lorenzo Chrystler
Colvin Mary   May 7.1839 73-6-3 w/o Abraham Colvin
Colvin Abraham   Apr. 9.1850 88-4-24  
Colvin Fidilia A.   Aug.21.1840 23-10-16 d/o Newman & Isabel Colvin
Compton William   Jan.25.1830 77 yrs An old pioneer of the church and Town of Smithfield
Compton Huldah Beals   Jan.12.1831 63-2-22 2d w/o William Compton
Compton Hubbard H.   Jan.24.1860 57y 10m s/o William Compton
Compton Roxcellany   Sep.19.1868 68-7-10 w/o John F. Compton
Cory James   Oct.7.1870 77yr 2m  
Cory Flora    Feb. 2.1843 43-1-17 w/o James Cory
Cory James   Oct. 7.1870 77yr 2m  
Courtney Polly    Mar.12.1878 75y 4m w/o William Courtney
Courtney William    Oct.31.1880 87y 2m 1880 may be 1886
Crandall Eluathan       Co. E 141st PA Inf. - Gar Marker
Cummings John C.   1844 1898  
Dibble         Infant son of H. E. & Esther Dibble
Dibble Harry A.   Oct. 21.1877   s/o H. E. & Esther C. Dibble
Durfey John   Sep. 19.1831 31-4-21  
Durfey David   May 30. 1854 78-5-12  
Durfey Polly   Apr. 16.1852 75y 19d w/o David Durfey
Eastman Sabrina   Jan.10.1842 9y1m20d d/o Abraham & Elizabeth Eastman
Elsbree Franklin P. Nov.20.1852 Apr. 6.1916   s/o G. A. & Henrietta Elsbree
Fairmon Cyril   Nov.18.1871 83-8-6  
Fairmon Nancy   Feb.4.1842 49-11-4  
Fairmon Infant dau.   Apr.12.1850   d/o William & Ida Fairman
Fassett J. F.       Co. A 207th Pa Inf.
Fassett Jason T. 1846 1894   GAR Marker 
Fassett Amy D. 1850 1927   w/o Jason T. Fassett
Ford Dorvilla D. Jan.28.1824 Oct.27.1888 Co. H 185 N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker
Ford Eliza A. June 30.1831 May 26.1900   w/o Dorvilla D. Ford
Ford Emma A. June 30.1856 Apr.21.1888   w/o Jerry G. Travis d/o Dorvilla D. & Eliza A. Ford
Ford Flora A. June 5.1864 Apr.30.1866   d/o Dorvilla D. & Eliza A. Ford
Forrest Elmer E. 1861 1913    
Forrest Ann Elizabeth   May 21.1857 22-5-18 w/o Cyrenius Forrest d/o Gardner & Lucretia Burlingame
Forrest Adelmer E.   Sep.19.1847 2y8m26d s/o Dana & Maria M. Forest
Forrest Lorralen   Sep.20.1847 5mo27d s/o Dana & Maria M. Forest
Forrest Philander C.   Sep.16.1838 2y2m8d s/o Dana & Maria M. Forest
Forrest Dana   Sep. 2.180 78 yrs  
Forrest Margaret M.   June 20.1868 54 yrs w/o Dana Forrest
Forrest Orison D. Mar.31.1839 Mar. 2.1879   Co. F. 2d Pa. Cav.
Forrest Ruth A. May 27.1847 Nov.14.1880   w/o Orison D. Forrest
Forrest Delos June 18.1872 Mar.20.1887    
Forrest John V. Oct.29.1864 July 27.1882    
Forrest John V.   Dec.14.1855 8y9m14d s/o Daniel & Achsah Forrest
Forrest Daniel Nov.15.1806 July 30.1887    
Forrest Achsa Jan.25.1810     w/o Daniel Forrest
Forrest (?) Roy       No Dates, No Last Name - Next to Forrest's
Forrest (?) John       No Dates, No Last Name - Next to Forrest's
French C. A.   Feb.21.1875 74-5-21  
French Henrietta 1830 1913   w/o C. A. French
French Fanny   Feb.13.1860 54-3-22 w/o C. A. French
French Phebe    Aug.31.1841 3yr 5mo d/o Gideon A. & Fanny French
French Eliza   Oct.26.1831 1yr 20 da d/o Gideon A. & Fanny French
French Gideon   Jan.20.1837 80 yrs  
French Ebenezer   Oct.28.1854 58-5-12  
French Betsey   Jan.26.1852 51-6-4 w/o Ebenezer French
French E. E.   Feb.8.1904 83 yr (married Ira Adams dau)
French Betsey   Oct.16.1870 47-3-16 w/o E. E. French
Higgins Lucy   Nov.15.1857 3yr 2mo Says: Lucy Rockwell dau of David & Adah L. Higgins
Higgins Ada Nov.30.1833 Aug. 8.1869   w/o David Higgins and d/o Andrew King
Higgins Sarah May 9.1853 Nov.9.1880   w/o J. M. Higgins (Below says infand child d.
Higgins James M. May 2.1851 Aug.31.1884    
Higgins Rosa H.   Nov.3.1885 14 yrs  
Hill Anna W.   Jan.20.1882 78-9-24 w/o David Hill
Hill Perry G.   Sep.30.1861 11y3m9d s/o Warren & Lucy Hill
Hill Lee H.   Sep.12.1852 4mo 9da s/o Warren & Lucy Hill
Hill      Feb.21.1856 55-9-19 May be David - stone next to Anna's with no name
Jackson Kenneth R. 1909      
Jackson Clara R. 1905 1972   w/o Kenneth R. Jackson
Johnson Valentine       Co. G. 7th Pa. Cav. GAR Marker
Johnson Andrew   Nov.5.1860 48-6-29  
Kelley Jarvis H. July 3.1840 Apr. 13.1916   GAR Marker s/o Ezekiel & Joanna Killey
Kelley Mintie M. Aug.17.1850 July 31.1914   w/o Jarvis Kelley 
Kilgour Hugh J.   Nov.7.1881 28 yrs A native of Mauchline, Scotland
Killey Amos W.   Mar.23.1895 63y3mo  
Killey Ellen  1841 1923   w/o Amos Killey (Ellen Johnson)
Killey Louisa   Sep.17.1838 1yr 2mo d/o Richard M. & Elizabeth Killey (Kelley)
Killey Bion S. 1834 1863   s/o Richard M. & Elizabeth Killey (Kelley)
Killey Infant dau.       Infant dau. Of A. & E. Killey
Killey Joanna   Nov. 6.1847 80-4-3 w/o Ezekiel Killey who is buried in Rhode Island
Killey Richard M.   Aug. 31.1861 62-10-7 s/o Ezekiel & Joanna Killey (Kelley)
Killey Elizabeth   Oct. 6. 1884 76-3-10 w/o Richard Killey - d/o Henry & Catherine Wilhelm
Killey Thomas J.   Aug. 31.1869 66y 4m. Killey (Kelley)
Killey Chloey   Sep.13.1883 73y 5m w/o Thomas J. Killey (Kelley)
Killey Velorous D.   June 28.1831 2 yrs s/o thomas J. & Chloey Killey (Kelley)
King Andrew Jan.28.1822 Sep.30.1888    
King Alvina June 16.1845 July 12.1848   d/o Andrew & Clarinda King
King Olive R. Mar.8.1850 Dec.20.1851   d/o Andrew & Clarinda King
King Clarinda Apr.1.1829     w/o Andrew King
King Andrew   July 23.1856 63-1-23  
King Hezekiah   Nov.15.1845/6 6y7m5d s/o Andrew & Sarah King
King Lucy   Feb.14.1854 22 yrs d/o Andrew & Sarah King
King H. E.Rausom   June 7.1852 24y22da w/o G. M. King
King Lydia   Feb.10.1855 68-10-24 w/o Joshua King
Kitchen Earl R. 1872 1924    
Kitchen Frances G. 1879 1957   w/o Earl R. Kitchen
McQueen Andrew   Jan.18.1869 27-6-28 (married Ira Adams dau)
McQueen Hugh    Jan.26.1869 82-5-13 A native of Ayrshire, Scotland
McQueen Jean Connell   1797 1873 w/o Hugh McQueen
Mitchell Erastus W. 1818 1866    
Mitchell Jerusha M. 1827 1897   w/o Erastus W. Mitchell
Mitchell William H.   Mar. 2.1847 25-7-2  
Mitchell Anson   Apr. 3.1859 70-11-27 s/o Reuben & Elizabeth Mitchell
Mitchell Diana Killey   Jan. 6.1874 85-5-14 w/o Anson Mitchell d/o Ezekiel & Joanna Killey
Mitchell Caroline E.   Dec.17.1852 6mo 17d d/o E. W. & Jerusha Mitchell
Mitchell E. Wellie 1863 1935    
Ninegar Ellen E.Killey 1830 1909   w/o Max Ninegar d/o Richard & Elizabeth Killey (Kelley)
Oliphant Carl   Jan.18.1895 11mo 6da s/o Lantie & Bertha Oliphant (Had twin sister Clara) b.Feb. 12. 1894
Oliphant Lantie S.   Oct.27.1899 34 yrs Killed in accident in Ulster, PA
Oliphant Bertha   Oct.27. 1940 81 yr w/o Lantie d/o Amos & Ellen Killey (Kelley)
Phillips James   Jan.22.1816 82-11-23  
Phillips Anna   Mar.8.1878 80-1-28 w/o James Phillips
Phillips Israel July 15.1822 Nov.5.1860    
Phillips Helen  July 6.1830 Jan.8.1898   Helen Harkness w/o Israel Phillips
Phillips James Nov.18.1853 July 17.1858   s/o Israel & Helen P. Phillips
Phillips Lura   Feb.12.1853 1y2m13d d/o Israel & Helen P. Phillips
Phillips Mira   Oct.17.1844 19-5-4 d/o James & Anna Phillips
Phillips Robert   Oct.18.1857 22y3d s/o James & Anna Phillips
Phillips Reuben   Mar.25.1865 28yr3mo s/o James & Anna Phillips
Phillips Mary Irene   Jan.16.1875 10/2/20 w/o Walter Phillips
Phillips Uriah Aug.21.1840 July 4.1877    
Phillips Alice G.   June 20.1868 20-9-6 w/o Uriah Phillips
Riggs Effie M. Nov.17.1879 Apr. 4.1880   d/o A. B. & L. P. Riggs
Rouse Polly   Oct.29.1857 79 yrs. w/o Henry Rouse
Schouten Hannah   Dec.7. 1876 53y 7mo w/o Henry Schouten (Hannah Burlingame)
Scott Orrin Dec. 1.1803 Feb.22.1880 76 yrs Born in Westmoreland, N. H.
Scott Lucinda C.   Mar. 30.1871 67-11-7 w/o Orrin Scott d/o William Compton
Scott Hannah 1841 1925   d/o Orrin Scott & Lucinda Compton
Smith Ensign Aug.17.1859 June 30.1890   died in Louisville, Ky s/o J. & B. Smith *(Stone says Cenotaph)
Smith Jefferson June 23.1832 July 5.1904   Co. G. 188 N.Y. Vol. s/o Anthony Smith
Smith Betsey Scott July 31.1836 1916   w/o Jefferson Smith d/o Orrin Scott and Lucinda Compton
Smith Vernie M. 1881 1894   d/o Jefferson & Betsey Smith
South Ray R. Apr.23.1916 June 24.1970    
South Pauline M. Mar.16.1932      
South William J. June 5.1959 Mar.15.1987    
South Michael D. May 21.1961 July 19.1989    
Sweet Peulecost       U. S. Soldier War of 1812
Thomas Anstress   Mar.26.1851 74 yr w/o Benjamin Thomas (Original reading was Austress)
Thomas Elizabeth   Jan.10.1840 56yr5mo w/o Benjamin Thomas 
Thomas B. C. 1816 1899    
Thomas Eunice 1819 1903   w/o B. C. Thomas
Thomas Floyd 1861 1863   s/o B.C. & Eunice Thomas
Thomas D. M.       No dates
Thomas Benjamin 1782 1868    
Tompkins Hannah   May 26.1869 42-1-3 w/o Nathaniel Tompkins
Travis Zephaniah       Co. G. 188 N.Y. Inf. GAR Marker
VanDyke Howard B. 1906 1977    
VanDyke Marjorie 1908 1994   w/o Howard B. VanDyke
Whitney Betsey   Apr.17.1859 71y 24d w/o Dr. Arel Whitney
Wilkinson Wm.   Dec.7.1836 72-6-26  
Wilkinson Sarah   Dec. 5.1844 76 yr w/o Wm. Wilkinson In the 76 year of her age
Dear Joyce: (October 1999)

You and your staff should be very proud of this accomplishment. It is the best Genealogical site on the "Net". The photography is outstanding and the indexes are great. I know that you still have lots of work to do.  My Adams family moved from Ct to Smithfield and later into Windham and Forkston, North branch etc.

An interesting note that I found in the Christian Church Cemetery listing by Pat Raymond might need updating. Lucretia HILL Adams, first person buried there was really Lucretia HILL Granger Adams. She was the widow of William Granger and they were neighbors of Ahijah Adams II in DeWitt/ Manlius, NY. They all moved from Ct to Dewitt from CT. Ahijah married the widow Granger in 1805. They had a son Caleb Adams who was b. 06 August 1811 in Manlius, NY. In 1813 Ahijah's first and only legal wife returned from Ct  after an absence of about 20 years.

Ahijah owned property in Smithfield and  Lucretia went there to live. In 1826 young Caleb headed for Smithfield on foot to live with his mother Lucretia. When he arrived she had already been dead for 3 months. Luther Adams a cousin found young Caleb and gave him a home until Caleb was of age. Caleb later married Susan Scott on 10 October 1835. They had a son Leon T. Adams who was a harness maker.

Caleb also had a half brother Benjanin that lived in Smithfield that I need to research more on the newspapers in your website. I will keep checking your cemeteries as you bring them on board to obtain dates of death.

Thanks again for your outstanding work  George Adams


BURLINGAME –EVA L. CHRYSTLER, 79, of 389 Rt. 17C, lot 30, Waverly, N.Y., passed away Wednesday, Oct. 11, 1995, at the Robert Packer Hospital.  Born Feb. 26, 1916, in East Smithfield, Pa., the daughter of William and Elsie Meeker Burlingame, she was a member of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Waverly, and a Sunday school teacher for over 25 years.  She graduated from E. Smithfield High School.  She is survived by her six children and their spouses; Mrs. Lewis (Connie) Austin of East Smithfield; Mrs. Alley (Carol) Hicks of Tioga Center; Mrs. John (Alberta) Reed of Waverly James and Joann Chrystler of Waverly; Robert and Connie Chrystler of Barton, N.Y. and Miss Vicki Chrystler, at home; 19 grandchildren; 39 great-grandchildren; sister, Lena Hoffman of Barton, N.Y.; Mae Morton of Waverly; and Gertie Hosmer of Corning; a brother, Richard Burlingame of E. Smithfield, Pa.; several nieces and nephews.  She was predeceased by her husband, Lorenzo, Jan. 24, 1986, and a grandson, Albert, in 1993.  Friends may call the Lowery Funeral Home, 225 South Main St., Athens, Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.  Funeral and committal services will follow at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Daniel Reed, her pastor, officiating.  Burial will be in the Riggs Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pa.  –Towanda Daily Review

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/3/99
By Joyce M. Tice