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Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens Borough, Bradford County, PA
Addresses of Bradford County Cemeteries
This is a PARTIAL Listing taken from Secondary records
To be replaced by 2002 updated and revised edition combining both secondary records and tombstone reading taken May-June 2002 - See Note Below
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This is a very, very large cemetery of some 20,000 burials from at least 1868 to the present. It is the major burial place for most residents who die at this time and for many of our early settlers as well. Eloise FRANTZ Wilson has collected information from many obituaries, death records, history books, and other records over a lifetime of historical research. Much of this you will find on file at various local libraries. She has given generously of her expertise and is one of our most respected and loved local historians. She has recently made her files available to the Tri-Counties Site, and they will be prepared for presentation here. Please be patient as this will take some time. These records still represent only a partial listing of the burials in this cemetery. Hopefully at some time in the future we will have the local labor resources to do a reading of this cemetery. Those of you who need information from this cemetery are encouraged to be patient and to respect the resources and time of the local people who are doing all they can to make this and all Tri-County cemetery listings available to you. (May 2001)
NOTE - May-June 2002, Eloise Wilson and Stephanie Johnson did a complete tombstone reading of this cemetery. Eloise has compiled this new information into the existing database and I will replace the 2001 pages with that revised editiion. New 2002 pages will be so identified. Pages that do not say 2002 are from the earlier 2001 edition. Both Eloise and I will be glad to receive addendum with supporting documentation to further enhance and build this compilation. Joyce M. Tice 
2001 From Obits, Office Records, Books, etc.
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Stones With No Surnames
Dear Joyce,
I didn't see a listing for my great aunt I hope you get this

      Mary E.Platt Waltman Daughter of Charles L.Platt and Sarah Ann Elliott she was Born March 30,1875 and Died October 22,1960
      She married Fred L. Waltman August 14,1895 at norwood Hotel in Waverly By Rev. Charles De Woody
She had a son Clayton L.Waltman who formerly owned Sayre Florist Fred L.Waltman is also buried there with her who Died March 1939 on the Train aged 62 years Old.

Also under Alice E. Allen and Alex E.Allen she was also the Daughter of Charles Lewis and Sarah Ann Elliott Platt and a sister to Mary E.Waltman all of whom was formerly from Terrytown,Pa.
             Marie Platt Post 

i Joyce,
My name is Dennis Blair. I am a 1973 Athens High School graduate. I noticed that several of my relatives were omitted
from the Tioga Point Cemetery list. Could you please add
my Grandfather ( Howard ) and Grandmother (Esther )
located in the northside "notch". If you go in the east gate
and go North, there is a section that juts out further North.
They are in the Northeast corner of this "notch".
Also, I believe my great grandfather ( Dana S. ) is 200-300 feet West and 100-200 feet north of the East gate (Approx.).
My Father ( Wayne ) his headstone (Future resting place)
is in this area too. Thank you for your time!
Sincerely, Dennis   ( ) 
Hello Joyce,  (July 2005)
Your site is most heplful for those looking for family. Here is what I know about some sites at Tioga Point Cemetery.
There are six sites that are my family the first two are of Norman A. Burk and Minnie M. Lyons-Burk. They are my great grandparents. They are the parents of Geraldine M. Burk-Atwood and Charles Burk. Geraldine passed away on Feburary 7of this year. She was my grandma.
The two that sit behind are William H. Burk and Millie B. Burk. They are my great-great grandparents.  Millie was the Grandma of the Mac Daniel tombstone. There is also is also a Vivian L. Klinko on these sites. I didn't see her name. However she is there.
Thank you for allowing me to add this info.

Looking through Tioga Point Cemetery listing, I didn't find my aunt, who died only days old.  For years there was no marker, but in 2000 I had a marker put up where she was buried.  Unfortunately, they didn't know exactly which side of the plot she was buried because another unrelated child was there as well.  So to the best of their knowledge, a new stone was erected.
Pauline Elizabeth Hoyt
October 22, 1919 - October 25, 1919
child of Claude and Laura Franklin Hoyt
died on Plummer Street, Sayre, PA.
There is a birth certificate to verify this.
Brenda B. Robbins
Durham, NC

Tioga Point Cemetery
Athens Borough
Bradford County

Blakeman, Ruth A  born.Feb. 19, 1915 Berwick, Pa died  April 7, 2004 Sayre, Pa Daughter  of Minor and Ella Brown Smith  married Grant U. Keene (D) Dec. 14, 1958 and Orceals B. Blakeman (D) July 14, 1995

Johnson, Randy Scott born  April 2, 1984 Sayre,Pa ,  died July 16, 2005 Sayre, Pa automobile accident son of Randy Allyn. and Kathryn Elaine.Covey Johnson

Tioga Point Cemetery Map by Section
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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