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Trinket or North Ghent Cemeteries

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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  Cemeteries are on opposite corners of State Route 1057 at the crossroads of Trinket

Photos of Trinket Cemeteries by Joyce M. Tice September 4, 1999

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Name of Cemetery:    North Ghent or Trinket Cemetery (New)
Read By:  Kenneth Chapman, Jr., and Kevin Chapman
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  North side of County Rte. T 687 at intersection of LR 08083, Adjacent to the Church
Other comments: This is the "New" part
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bidlack James Jan.30.1821 Oct.24.1903   "FATHER" GAR Marker & flag
Bidlack Laura Dec.18.1831 May 5.1908   "MOTHER" (Laura Russell) w/o James Bidlack
Bidlack Ester Jane   Jan.8.1851 2-8-8 d/o James & Laura Bidlack
Bidlack Johnie N. May 12.1888 Nov.12.1891    
Bidlack Florence A. Feb.7.1880 May 9.1880    
Bidlack Sarah 1809 1883   w/o Henry Verbeck
Billings Alphonso   May 6.1887 65 yr Stone in bush w/ GAR marker & flag
Billings Charles N.   Nov.20.1864 18 yr s/o Alphonso/Killed near Richmond, VA. Co E 10 N.Y. Cavly GAR Marker & flag
Chandler Nathaniel 1828 1897    
Chandler Catherine 1826 1891   w/o Nathaniel Chandler
Chandler Emma Wells 1859 1881    
Codet Julia A.   Apr.24.1883 27-8-0 w/o Charles Codet
Codet Charles   Jun.7.1879 0-8-? s/o Charles & Julia A. Codet
Decker Isaac 1807 1887   "FATHER"
Decker Clara N. May 1.1831     w/o Francis A. Sexton
Ditchburn David 1835 1905   A native of Scotland
Ditchburn Agnes May 25.1837 Jan 25.1892   w/o Adam Keir - Born Dalgetty, Scotland
Glasser Jacob   Oct.6.1865 56 yr  
Glasser Elizabeth   May 1.1896 77 yr  
Green Jay   Apr.5.1894 47 yr  
Green Wealtha A. Feb.8.1847     w/o Jay Green
Green Helen       Infant (Small stone)
Hemenway Orrilla 1826 Jan.8.1899    
Hemenway Joseph   Feb.19.1883 78 yr  
Hemenway Pamelia   Jun.10.1893 88-9-0 w/o Joseph Hemenway
Herrick Weltha   Jul.3.1896 23-8-14 w/o Guy Herrick (GAR Marker)
Keir Robert 1837 1891    
Keir Anna 1843 1906   w/o Robert Keir
Keir Mary 1876 1903   c/o Robert & Anna Keir
Keir William 1869 1905   c/o Robert & Anna Keir
Keir Adam Aug.25.1834 Jun.18.1907    
Keir Agnes May 25.1837 Jan.25.1892   w/o Adam Keir - Born Dalgetty, Scotland
Keir Montie 1861 1928    
Menold Henry Mar.30.1827 Jul.16.1901   "FATHER" Co. K 179 N.Y. V Inf. (GAR Marker)
Menold Christina E. Mar.11.1835 May 14.1914   "MOTHER"
Menold Marie Anna   Mar.18.1863 3-1-0 d/o Henry & Christina Menold
Menold George A. 1861 1912   Wooden cross w/ flowers next to this stone "Rejoicing in the hope of the Glory of God.
Menold Helen   Feb.25.1885 18-7-11 w/o George A. Menold
Menold Inf. Dau.   Feb.26.1885 6 dys.  
Rogers Harry Nov.18.1889 Aug.26.1890   Little Harry s/o Geo. & Flora Rogers
Russell Laura Dec.18.1831 May 5.1908   w/o James Bidlack
Sexton Francis A. Jan.26.1835 Dec.10.1893   "FATHER"
Sexton Clara N. May 1.1831     w/o Francis A. Sexton (Clara N. Decker)
Shipman Pamelia   Jun.10.1893 88-9-0 w/o Joseph Hemenway
VanCise W.R. May 26.1832 Feb.25.1915   GAR Marker & flag
VanCise Nancy M. May 22.1846 Aug.24.1898   w/o W.R. VanCise
VanSice Abraham B. May 6.1830 Apr.20.1892   Co B 171 Pa Vol. GAR marker & flag
VanSice Hellen B. Aug.14.1861 Jun.18.1863 1-10-5 c/o A.B. & Esther E. VanSice
VanSice Perley L. Mar.24.1870 Jul.14.1870   c/o A.B. & Esther E. VanSice
Verbeck Philip Jr. 1838 1905   Co D 17 Pa Cav. (GAR Marker & flag)
Verbeck Harriet J. 1844     w/o Philip Verbeck, Jr.
Verbeck Sarah M. 1872 1876   d/o Philip & Harriet Verbeck
Verbeck Sarah  1809 1883   (Sarah Bidlack) w/o Henry Verbeck 
West Vivian M. 1917 1941   "MOTHER"
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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By Joyce M. Tice
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