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Crandell - Turner Cemetery
Town of Veteran , Chemung County, New York 
Copied from DAR records by Ralph Weller ,formatted for the web by Joyce M. Tice 
On the Ridge Road, between Horseheads and Odessa, N.Y. Grown to trees, brush and briers, stones broken. All stones listed that could be read.
August 2005 - Hi Joyce, is there a way you can change or hyphenate the name of this cemetery to CRANDELL - TURNER?  It was originally known as the Crandell cemetery.  When the Crandells sold the land around the cemetery to the Turner family it was then known as the Turner cemetery.  The majority of the folks buried in there are actually more related to the Crandells than the Turners.  Dave Crandell, one of the descendents is having a sign made to alert people to this as well.  He also has many old maps and a family history for the Town of Veteran.  Thanks for considering this.  Tim Rodabaugh
TURNER David 6 Mar 1835 3 Jun 1909    
TURNER Mary LYON 30 Jan 1835 11 Jul 1906   w/o David Turner
TURNER David   21 Apr 1882 77yr wife not marked
TURNER Henry   30 Apr 1846 7yr 3mo s/o David & Julia Ann Turner
TURNER Lucy Hanna   27 Mar 1851 3yr 6mo  
TURNER W 11 Nov 1894 28 Sep 1897   s/o A.B. & Carrie Turner Woodruff
CRANDELL John 17 Oct 1819 6 Dec 1884    
CRANDELL Mary 21 Jun 1821 5 Sep 1851   w/o John Crandell
CRANDELL Eveline N. 24 Nov 1826 26 Feb 1901   w/o J. Crandell
CRANDELL Emily 18 Nov 1849 27 Aug 1850   d/o J. & M. Crandell
CRANDELL A. Wilson   20 Feb 1853 9mo s/o J. & E.E. Crandell
CRANDELL Mary   6 Mar 1863 3yr 11mo d/o J. & E.E. Crandell
CRANDELL Amos   30 Mar 1879 91yr 8mo 18da "Our Father"
CRANDELL Merbah   2 Dec 1855 63yr "Mother", w/o Amos Crandell
CRANDELL Dinah   24 May 1836 69yr 7mo 16da w/o Eber Crandell
MOSHER Welcome   21 Feb 1860 65yr 15da  
MOSHER Sally   14 Jul 1861   w/o Welcome Mosher
EGBERT Andrew W.   3 May 1851 50yr 2mo 22da  
EGBERT Sarah   18 Jun 1870 32yr w/o Isaac N. Egbert
HEWIT Henry S.   22 Mar 1848 42yr s/o John & S.J. Hewit
HALL I.     20yr 3mo 20da  
BARKER Pauline   31 Jan 1842 56yr w/o David Barker
EARL Edwin D.       s/o W.D. & Loretta Earl
Obituaries for Turner Cemetery

"A Fatal Accident at Veteran"
John CRANDALL, of Veteran, while at work Tuesday afternoon fell from a scaffolding to the floor, about eighteen feet, striking on his head.  His skull was fractured and he was injured internally so that he died yesterday morning.  (Elmira Advertiser Pg. 4 Thur. 18 Dec 1884)

LYON, Mary - Mrs. David J. Turner.  The death of Mrs. David J. Turner occurred at 11 o'clock last night at the family home, 110 West Gray Street, after a prolonged illness, which became critical about two weeks ago.  Mrs. Turner was 70 years of age.  She formerly resided on the Ridge Road, near Horseheads.  The deceased is survived by her husband, David J. Turner, and one daughter, Mrs. Carrie Woodruff, of this city.  The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home in West Gray Street.  The Rev. Eli Pittman will officiate.  The burial will be in the Ridge Road (Turner) cemetery, near Mrs. Turner's old home.  (Elmira Daily Advertiser Pg. 2 Wed. 12 July 1906)

SPAULDING - Mrs. Eveline E. Crandall died Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock in Veteran, N.Y.aged seventy-four years.  She is survived by two children, Mrs. Mary Allen of Elmira, N. Y. and E. J. Crandall of Veteran, N. Y.  The funeral will be held at the Baptist Church in Veteran tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.  Interment will be in the Crandall (*now known as Turner) cemetery in Veteran.  Rev. C. J. Shulz will officiate.  Van Buskirk Brothers are in charge of the arrangements.  (The Elmira Advertiser Pg. 5 Thur. A.M. 28 Feb 1901)

TURNER - Mrs. Carrie (Turner) Woodruff, 91, of 370 W. Gray St., formerly of 510 Lake St. Wednesday, June 10, 1953.  Mrs. Woodruff was a member of the First Methodist Church.  Survived by grandsons, Henry Cassada of Altoona, Pa., Robert Wadsworth of Rushville, N. Y., Richard Wadsworth of Lyons, N. Y.  The body is at the Holly Keck Funeral Home where the funeral will be held Saturday at 2 p.m.  The Rev. C. Philip Torrance.  Turner Cemetery, Sullivanville (actually Veteran) (Elmira Star Gazette Pg. 23 Thur. 11 June 1953)

David J. TURNER died at 7:45 o'clock last night at the home of his daughter Mrs. Adelbert Woodruff, 210 Madison Avenue, aged seventy-three years.  The decedent was one of the best known citizens of Chemung County and had lived many years on his farm near Horseheads, coming to Elmira about four years ago.  The funeral will be held at the home of Mrs. Woodruff, 210 Madison Avenue, tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock.  The remains will be taken to the family cemetery on Turner Farm for burial.  (Elmira Star Gazette Pg. 7 Mon. 7 June 1909)

Adelbert B. WOODRUFF,  formerly of Elmira, died Wednesday night, May 20, 1936, in Lyons, N.Y.  Surviving are his wife Mrs. Carrie (Turner) Woodruff, a daughter Mrs. H. F. (Myrtle) Wadsworth, and three grandchildren, all of Lyons.  The funeral will be held at the home of Mrs. Woodruff Saturday at 10:30 a.m., with burial in the Turner private cemetery on the Ridge Road near Horseheads.  (Elmira Star Gazette Pg. 31 Thur. 21 May 1936) 

Obits below this line are for women not identified by their own last name. In some cases, not even their first name is included in their obituary. If you can identify the women by their own names, please let us know.
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 21 MAY 1998 
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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Hi Joyce, we will soon be having a change in our cemetery listings for the Town of Veteran.  The Turner and Crandell cemeteries on the Ridge Road will be two separate listings.  The Crandell side will be identified as follows:  “Crandell Farm Cemetery 1835-1901” and the Turner side will be “Turner Cemetery”.  We will simply move the existing sign to the front of the Turner side.  This is changing due to recent developments involving land title searches and the gas company.  One of the descendants of the original Crandell farm is placing a sign at the front of the cemetery.  The Crandell family also still owns this cemetery.  The Turner cemetery is actually on land currently owned by the neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Shaw.  Once everything is finalized I will send you the updated listings for each.  I have to insure that I have the correct stones assigned to the appropriate cemetery.  Thanks, Tim [Oct. 2007]

Joyce, here is the up to date listing for the “Crandell Farm Cemetery 1835-1901”.  This and the Turner cemetery on the Ridge Road will now be listed separately in our records.  Thank you, Tim Rodabaugh
Crandell Farm Cemetery

     This cemetery is located on the West side of the Ridge Road, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., N. Y., approximately .25 miles

North of the Smith Road.  There a couple of stones broken & the perimeter fence is in poor condition.  The ornate fence was made by a local blacksmith, Larkin Packard Stiles, who was a son in law of Amos Crandell.  Larkin was married to their daughter Mary A. Crandell.

Supporting information supplied by Dave Crandell, a Crandell descendant, who lives in Painted Post, N. Y.  On July 27, 2005 a memorial stone was placed at the cemetery by the Crandell brothers in memory of their ancestor Eber Crandell.  On October 20, 2007 a sign marking the cemetery was placed at the cemetery.  There are several marker stones & what appear to be unmarked graves/depressions.  This cemetery was cleaned up & all available stones re-read by the Town Historians, Tim Rodabaugh & Rick Smith on 29 May & 30 May 2005. 

Barker, Paulina d. 31 Jan 1843 ae 56y w/o David Barker

Crandell, Amos d. 30 Mar 1879 ae 91y8m18d "Our Father"

Crandell, A. Wilson d. 28 Feb 1853 ae 2y9m s/o John & Eveline E.

Crandell, Dinah d. 24 May 1836 ae 69y2m16d w/o Eber Crandell

Crandall, Emily b. 16 Nov 1849 d. 27 Aug 1850 ae 9m11d d/o John & Mary

Crandall, Eveline E. (Spaulding) b. 24 Nov 1826 d. 26 Feb 1901 2nd w/o John

Crandell, John b. 17 Oct 1819 d. 16 Dec 1884

Crandell, Mary (Thorn) b. 21 Jun 1821 d. 15 Sep 1851 w/o John Crandell

Crandell, Mary E. d. 6 Mar 1863 ae 3y11m5d d/o John & Eveline E.

Crandell, Merbah d. 2 Dec 1855 ae 63y8m3d "Mother" w/o Amos Crandell

Earl, Erwin D. d. 25 Apr 1850 ae 1y1m29d s/o W.D. & Loretta Earl

Egbert, Andrew W. d. 3 May 1851 ae 50y2m22d h/o Margaret Crandell

(Margaret was the d/o Asa & Phebe Harris Crandell)

Egbert, Maria A. d. 8 Apr 1849 ae 7m28d

Egbert, Sarah b. abt 1838 d. 18 Jun 1870 ae 32y w/o Isaac H. Egbert stone broken in 3 pcs. (d/o Eber & Dinah Crandell)

Egbert, Willie G. b. 8 Oct 1863 d. 13 Jan 1865 ae 1y3m7d s/o Isaac H. & Sarah (Crandell)Egbert

Hall, Uriah d. 11 Jan 1845 ae 57y

Hall, Phebe d. 26 May 1841 ae 56y w/o Uriah

Hewitt, Henry S. d. 22 Mar 1848 ae 42y s/o John & S. J. Hewit (*nf)

Mosher, Sally d. 14 Jul 1861 ae 57y3m10d w/o Welcome Mosher

Mosher, Welcome d. 21 Feb 1860 ae 65y15d

Sherwood, Augustus d. 23 Apr 1863 ae 63y7m13d

Hi again Joyce, here is the up to date listing for the Turner cemetery on the Ridge Road.  It will be listed separately from the Crandell Farm Cemetery 1835-1901 in our records.  Thank you, Tim Rodabaugh

Turner Cemetery

  This cemetery is located on the West side of the Ridge Road, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., N. Y., approximately .25 miles

North of the Smith Road.  This cemetery is surrounded by a beautiful wrought iron fence with concrete pillars.  We give special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shaw, who live next door, for their assistance with the maintenance of this cemetery.  They have taken down several trees & removed brush.  There are a total of 10 grave stones and 2 foot stones inside this fenced area.

Turner, David d. 21 Apr 1882 ae 77y

Turner, David J. b. 6 Mar 1835 d. 9 Jun 1909

Turner, Henry d. 30 Aug 1846 ae 7y2m3d s/o David & Julia Ann Turner

Turner, Lucy A. d. 27 Mar 1851 ae 3y6m d/o David & Julia Ann Turner

Turner, Mary (Lyon) b. 30 Jan 1835 d. 11 Jul 1905 w/o David Turner

Woodruff, Adelbert B. b. 11 Sep 1861 d. 20 May 1936

Woodruff, Carrie (Turner) b. 13 Jan 1862 d. 10 Jun 1953

Woodruff, Myrtle W. b. 16 Sep 1888 d. 14 Sep 1947 d/o A. B. & Carrie (Turner) Woodruff

Woodruff, Turner W. b. 11 Nov 1894 d. 28 Sep 1897 s/o A. B. & Carrie (Turner) Woodruff