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Town of Veteran on Terry Hill by Joyce M. Tice September 17, 2000
Town of Veteran in
Chemng County, New York
Town of Veteran Histories
1879 Four County History - Veteran
Veteran History by Helen MacDOUGAL Samson
Veteran History by Ausburn Towner
Veteran History from Seven Counties Outline of 
1853 Town of Veteran Survey Maps
Town of Veteran Supervisors & Clerks 1900-2006
Scrapbook Clippings
Tri-County Clippings P. 129
Tri-County Clippings P. 130
Tri-County Clippings P. 131
Tri-County Clippings P. 132
Tri-County Clippings P. 133
Town of Veteran Historians Tim Rodabaugh and Rick Smith can be reached at
The Town of Veteran logo was designed by George W. Acker, former Highway Superintendent for the Town of Veteran, in the mid 1960’s.  The Town adopted it for use on its highway equipment, etc.  The design of the logo pays respect to the many men and women from the Town of Veteran who answered the call and proudly served their country throughout history.  This striking emblem is proudly displayed on the Town of Veteran Historical Society letterhead. 

Note - Tri-Counties site is not part of nor officially associated with this or any other township, government agency, or any other public or private organization. Display of logo is for historical purposes only. 

Town of Veteran Articles
GPS Coordinates for locations in Town of Veteran
War Years on the Ridge Road by Walt Samson
Talitha Botsford, Poet, Musician. Centenarian
Archie Turner & his Prize Chickens
Town of Veteran Postcards & Photos
Reuben Tifft - Sally Turner Farm on Ridge Road
Town of Veteran Photos - Old and New
Post Offices
East Grove PO
Millport PO
Pine Valley PO
Sullivanville PO
from the Directory of Chemung & Schuyler Counties 1868-1869.
Sullivanville - Postmaster - Jeremiah Newton
Sullivanville - Deputy Post Master - Ormall Dean 
East Grove (up on Terry Hill) - Postmaster - Jay McKinney 
Millport - Deputy Post Master - William S. Malette 
Postmark Here
Millport Post Office Masters 1832 - 2005
Sullivanville Postmasters 1851 -1889
Terry's Corners (East Grove) Post Office 1862 - 1874
Villages Past & Present
Pine Valley
Town of Veteran Census Records
1790 Chemung Census 1800 Newtown Census
1830 Veteran Federal Census 1840 Federal Census Veteran
1850 Veteran Federal Census (Volunteer DH) 1860 Veteran Federal Census
1865 NY State Census - Second District 1870 Veteran Federal Census (CW)
1880 Town of Veteran Census 1890s Census of Veterans
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteers Needed
Town of Veteran Directories
1872 Town of Veteran Farmers 1880 Millport Business Directory
Township Tax Records
Town of Veteran Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
GPS Coordinates for locations in Town of Veteran
Dates Following name are when the cemetery list was prepared
211. Bentley Cemetery, Greeno Cemetery (1930s) 59. Lattin Cemetery  (1930s)
56. Kendall Cemetery (1930s_) Lattin Cemetery 2006
103. St. John Cemetery (1976) 60. Locke Cemetery (1930s)
74. Millport Cemetery (1977 - Boyd) Millport Cemetery Obituaries Millport Cemetery (1998 - Fenton)
Millport Cemetery (2005 Manwaring)
80. Newton Cemetery, VanDuzer Cemetery, 
East Sullivanville Cemetery (partial listing)
80. Newton Cemetery (Complete)
80. Newton Cemetery (Van Duzer) Obituaries 80. VanDuser Cemetery (Newton) 2005
83. Parsons Cemetery (1930s)
83. Parsons Cemetery 2005 Parsons Cemetery Obituaries
95. Pine Grove Cemetery, Ridge Cemetery,
Vary Cemetery (Old & Partial) 
Terry Cemetery
95. Listing of Ridge Cemetery (1999) 95. Vary Cemetery Obituaries
.120. Sullivanville Cemetery 1930s & 2005)  120. Sullivanville Cemetery Obituaries
Coryell Burial (Not on official list)
43. Gearhart Cemetery (1996) 43. Gearhart Cemetery Obituaries
125. Turner Cemetery (1930s) 
(a.k.a. Crandell-Turner Cemetery)
Turner Cemetery Obituaries
125a. Turner Cemetery (2005) 125b. Crandall Cemetery (2005)
To Be Added - Gordon Samson's surveys of Town of Veteran Cemeteries with notes - received October 2005
Town of Veteran Schools
School No. 9 1900 School No. 9 1901
Site of Veteran Hill School
Photos of Schools in Town of Veteran 1953 Midway School Students
#1 Terry Hill School #2 Middle Road School
#4 Midway School #5 East Sullivanville School #6 East Bannister Road School
#7 Sullivanville School #8 Millport Octagon School 1916 Veteran School # 9
#10 Ridge Road School # 12 - Pine Valley School
#13 #14 Parrott Road School
Town of Veteran  Business Histories & Photos
1868 Town of Veteran Business Directory 1880 Millport Business Directory
Charles MacDougall, Milkman 1928 Growing Beans at Millport
1883 Wagon House Ledger
Hotels in Town of Veteran
from the 1868-1869 Directory of Chemung and Schuyler Counties. 
2 separate Hotels in Sullivanville were operated by Colon O'Hanlon and Hiram Vernovy 
3 separate Hotels in Pine Valley were operated by John Chandler of Millport, Frederick Phelps of Pine Valley and Jesse B. Rhodes of Millport. 
“Isaac Botsford ran a general store in 1850 at the “corners”: which later became a hotel.  Before 1900 there were three hotels, one of them the “Halfway House,” a stage stop midway between Painted Post and Ithaca.  The house owned by Thomas Jay Turner at the corner of Rt. 13 and the East Sullivanville Road, was a hotel.  Another hotel is now a store.” From Thomas Byrne Chemung County History.
Town of Veteran Organizations
Veteran Grange History Millport G.A.R. Post 416
Sullivanville Grange History 1972 Sullivanville W.S.C.S.
Veteran Historical Society - Membership Form
Tow of Veteran Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Ridge Road Baptist Church Town of Veteran Church Photos
Town of Veteran Family Bible Records
Mallory - Coleman Bible Weller-Gray Bible
Stoll - Smith Bible Mallory - Rundle Bible
Wood Family Bible
Town of Veteran Families & Individuals,
Some Veteran Marriages
George Mallory Memories
Thomas Axtell - Mary Ann Starr Descendants
Melissa MALLORY "Hummer"
Thomas Carpenter, Katherine Fisher, Amy Locke
John Shafer - Charity Coe  Family
Town of Veteran Resident Photo Album
Ridge Road Women 1932 Town of Veteran Kids
Walt Samson with former Town of Veteran historian, Bob Roemmelt 
Town of Veteran Diaries & Letters
1839 Millport to Mass Letters
Birthday Book of Roana BRISCO Bronson of Veteran
1837 Sally Banks Letter 1875 Diary William Wallace Bronson of Sullivanville
1905 Diary Berneice REED 1907 Diary Berneice REED MacDougall
1909 Diary Berneice REED MacDougall 1936 Diary of Helen STERLING Turner of Veteran
1937 Diary of Berneice REED MacDougall 1941 Diary of Berneice REED MacDougall
1942 Diary of Berneice REED MacDougall 1944 Diary of Berneice REED MacDougall
Town of Veteran Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents pre 1834
Will of Abram Rowe of Millport
Will of Charles T. Hill 1899
1816 - Will of Elihu Andrus
Town of Veteran Military Records
War Veterans Buried in Town of Veteran
Town of Veteran  Sports
1904 Sullivanville Baseball Team
Township Population Statisticss 
Joyce - this information comes from our "150 Years Veteran - Millport Anniversaries 50 years" booklet published in 1973.  Veteran, New York Sesquicentennial History 1823-1973 and Millport, New York 1923-1973.   Tim Rodabaugh, Town of Veteran Historian
Year Population  Year Population
1835 1,925 1892 1,180
1840 2,279 1905 1,448
1845 2,481 1915 1,565
1850 2,698 1920 1,471
1855 2,807 1925 1,491
1860 2,180 1930 1,515
1865 2,429 1940 1,582
1870 2,479 1950 1,856
1875 2,371 1960 2,729
1880 2,263 1965 3,148
1890 1,816 1970 3,543