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Old Bacon Cemetery, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s

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COFFIN Katherine March 17, 1846 4y, 1m, 12d Daughter of J.R. & H.J.
MASCHO John Sept. 30, 1857 64y, 10m, 26d  
MASCHO John Jan. 7, 1853 56y, 1m, 17d See Sally note below
STRYKER Ira Sept 28, 1853 1y, 7m, 27d Son of Peter and Charlotte
STRYKER James C. Jan. 27, 1852 1y, 10m, 27d Son of Peter and C.M.
(C or G) EER Eliza ? 10, 1852 15y, ?m, 26d  
SEELY Samuel 2 ? ?  
BOWMAN Godfrey Oct. 6, 1851 58y, 6m, 9d (War of 1812)
BOWMAN Suzanna Oct. 22, 1853 63y, 1m, 7d Wife of Godfrey Bowman
JOSEPH John April 12, 1823 69y, 11d (Revolutionary War)
JOSEPH John July 21, 1860 75y, 4m, 28d  
JOSEPH Deborah July 3, 1851 65y, 5m, 4s Wife of John Joseph
JOSEPH ? ? ? Top of stone broken off, says "E & E Joseph" on bottom

There is also a stone that Reads: "John O. Golden" and the line below is AAaaBBbbZZzzXXxx" as well as some cross hatch designs across the top. From some research I have found that he was a tombstone carver for the area. There were a number of blank stones that only had the crosshatch designs across the top and nothing else on them. The carving on the stones was similar to those of the Joseph family stones.

**I have visited this cemetery several times over the years; it is located at the back of a farm field in a grove of trees that is above a creek bed. Sadly there are fewer and fewer stones every time I visit. My ancestors are the Bowman and Joseph families. I am trying to find where I put the coordinates of the cemetery…haven’t had them in hand since I last visited the cemetery in the fall of 2004.

--Delanie Kroto-Charles 

Dear Joyce, [February 2010]

In the listings for John Mascho in the Bacon Cemetery, the second listing: John Mascho Jan. 7 1853 56y, 5m, 17d; is his wife, Sally. I visited the cemetery in July 1989 and found both stones. Sally's stone had the top part broken off and after some digging I found the top part of the stone covered in the dirt. The completed stone reads: SALLY Wife of JOHN MASCHO DIED Jan. 7, 1853 Age 56 Yrs 1Mo. & 17 Days. The "SALLY Wife of" was the part broken off, which led to the miss interpretation of the stone. Since I wouldn't take the stones from a cemetery, they were left leaning on a log. I suspect in the years since I was there, the top of the stone is lost again. John was my great great grandfather.

I do have a picture of the stones.

Robert G. Mascho
1027 E. 1st
Chandler, OK 74834-2405
Ph. (405) 258-1305

Bitler Farm Burials in Brookfield Township
Date 9/21/06
Dave Darby GPS Coordinates
Location: A small cemetery on the H. Bitler property along SR 4007 or the North Road in Brookfield Township.
Access: Private
[Hugh Seely visited the area but did not locate the cemetery. Dave Darby using an Internet topographic search found it.]

Published on Tri-Counties  01 FEB 2007
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