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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania



Located in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania not far from the Sullivan Township line on a high knoll about 150 feet east of the road that leads from Route 549 to Elk Run. Markers copied November 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones.

Note from JMT: This burial ground is in very bad condition. It is in an actively used cow pasture. Most tombstones are lying on the ground buried or partially buried. The area has active woodchuck burrows in it which accounts for the burial of the remaining stones. I visited it in 1994 and found it in deplorable condition. 

 Constant Bailey died Jan 30, 1843 Ag’d years (age never inscribed - he is related to have been born 27 Jan 1777 Haddam, Connecticut son of Robert and Asenath Bailey)

Abigail, wife of Constant Bailey died Nov 14, 1851 AE 75 yrs. 6 m. & 18 days.

Sylvester Bailey died Nov 19, 1851 AE 57 Y’rs.

Mary, wife of Sylvester Bailey died Dec 27, 1851 AE 56 Y’rs.