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Bechtol Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA
a.k.a. Barto Hill a.k.a. Buchanan Cemetery

Photo Submitted by Stacey Rozell
Taken August 2006
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Located in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on the south side of North Road which runs along the Pennsylvania and New York state line between Jackson Township and the town of Caton, Steuben County, New York and west of Fisher Road. Markers copied August 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones. Single spacing of type indicates names on one marker.

This has also been called Barto Hill Cemetery and at least one earlier reader located it in Steuben County NY - just over the border. However, Jackson Township is its correct location. JMT

BLOOM Jesse B., son of William & Eliza Bloom d. Sept 16, 1862 3y 5m 12d
BROWN Wm. L. Brown d. Feb 15, 1873 43y 10m 26d
  Anna Brown 1832 1920
BUCHANAN Morell Buchanan Co K 161 Reg't NYV 1842 1894
  Harriet his wife 1846 1912
  Jesse S. Buchanan d. Apr 2, 1886 46y 13d
  Sarah J., wife of (remainder illegible)
  Nathan Buchanan d. Mar 15, 1876 69y 9m 18d
  Eleanor wife of N. Buchanan d. Feb 13, 1872 61y 1m 22d
  Jesse Buchanan 1895 1907
BURROWS see Dycker
CORWIN Noah Corwin Sept 30, 1816 June 30, 1899
  Eliza J., wife of Noah Corwin Mar 2, 1822 Jan 6, 1919
DAILEY Charles Dailey 1844 1920
  Elias Dailey d. Aug 27, 1875 62y 5m 27d
  Polly wife of Elias Dailey d. Apr 23, 1867 53y 10m 7d
  Ida E., dau of Allen & Jane Dailey d. May 24, 1863 6m 6d
  Stillah M. d. Oct 7, 1862 2y 6m 3d
  Ralph d. Oct 6, 1862 3y 11m 15d
  children of Allen & Jane Dailey
DALTON Susan O., wife of Peter Dalton d. Mar 1, 1898 61y
DYCKER Polly D. Burrows wife of Henry Dycker 1850 1915
FRENCH Otis French Co C 146th NY Vol 1838 1913
  Cora French 1860 1924
GRAHAM Olive Amelia dau of J_habirl? & Mary J. Graham d. June 29, 1862 3y 3m 16d
  Vira dau of Joseph & Margarett J. Graham d. Aug 22, 1862 2y 4m 9d
HOGANCAMP Daniel Hogancamp d. Jan 20, 1894 65y 11m 11d
  Eleanor wife of Daniel Hocancamp Mar 5, 1833 Nov 8, 1918
  Willis son of Daniel & Eleanor Hocancamp d. Aug 11, 1856 1y 9m 8d
  Delphen dau of Daniel & Eleanor Hocancamp d. June 12, 1862 5y 8m 8d
  Perry Hogancamp 1863 1951
  Nellie his wife 1863 1920
  Lura their dau 1899 1904
  Verne their son 1895 1922
  Carrie dau of Perry & Nellie Hogancamp d. Feb 1, 1883 2m 11d
  Bertie son of Perry & Nellie Hogancamp d. Nov 21, 1887 11m 11d
HOVENCAMP Oliver P. Hovencamp d. Jan 4, 1894 66y Co A 89 NYV
  Ella dau of Oliver & Esther Hovencamp d. April 13, 1881 14y 1m 16d
  Allen Nov 21, 1878 Nov 25, 1878
  Addie Mar 16, 1876 Apr 16, 1876
  children of O. P. & E. A. Hovencamp
KELLEY Mary Kelly 1860 1930
KELLY Matilda Kelly Sept 14, 1860 June 26, 1862
  Clarence son of D. & E. J. Kelly d. July 22, 1862 5y 5m 29d
KINNER Nathaniel Kinner 1848 1907
  James G. Kinner Dec 29, 1811 Jan 29, 1881
  Julia wife of J. G. Kinner Apr 7, 1812 Nov 29, 1880
  Jonas D., son of Morris & Sarah Kinner d. Aug 25, 1862 7y 2m 21d
  Ellen A., dau of Morris & Sarah Kinner d. Sept 11, 1862 2y 11m 27d
  Emily Jane Kinner 1829 1906
  Jessey Kinner d. May 25, 1872 81y 10m
  Tempy his wife d. Apr 13, 1877 81y 3m 10d
MILLER Carrie F., dau of A. M. & Orilla Miller d. Jan 5, 1881 4y 8m 23d
  Frankie J., son of Clark & Ettie Miller d. Apr 2, 1883 1y 13d
  Rebecca A., wife of Silas Miller d. Jan 26, 1869 48y 8m 4d
  Mahala dau of Silas & Rebecca Miller d. July 27, 1862 10y 10m 17d
  Daniel her brother d. July 28, 1862 1y 11m 22d
MOORE Lewie son of Edwin & Ellen Moore d. Aug 18, 1870 5m 18d
ROZELL George W. Rozell Nov 22, 1920 Oct 17, 1921
  William Rozell d. Aug 26, 1879 80y 10m 15d
  Sarah E., wife of Wm. Rozell d. Nov 12, 1898 84y 5m 13d
STEWART Chester Stewart Oct 2, 1821 June 21, 1890
  Eliza E., his wife Mar 27, 1824 Apr 29, 1921
  Clara H., dau of Chester & Eliza E. Stewart d. Nov 18, 1859 1y 18d
  Nathan Stewart d. Feb 3, 1874 83y 3m 24d
  Reuben B. Stewart June 31, 1822 Apr 28, 1890
  Albina dau of Reuben & Fanny Stewart d. Apr 6, 1844 3wks 3d
  Jesse C., son of Reuben & Fanny Stewart d. Aug 17, 1856 3y 3m 4d
STROCK Eleanor wife of William Strock d. Oct 11, 1861 76y 8m 11d
TROUT Eddy son of G. W. & R. B. Trout died in Caton, Steuben Co., NY July 16, 1862 21m
VANCORDER Betsey Vancorder 1825 1903
WALTERS Augustus Walters Co C 7th PA Cav
WESTLAKE Judson J. Westlake Mar 16, 1818 Mar 16, 1875
  Fanny wife of J. Westlake d. Aug 28, 1872 53y 1m 15d
  Albion B., son of J. & F. Westlake d. Nov 30, 1862 (marker broke - age 18 on 1860
  Morris K., son of J. & F. Westlake d. Aug 12, 1862 4m 11m 3d
  Mary A., dau of J. & F. Westlake D. Aug 18, 1862 2y 5m 26d
WHEELER Amanda M., only dau of B. D. & Almeda Wheeler d. Apr 1, 1862 14y 3m 23d
  Almeda Strock Wheeler d. Sept 12 (no marker found - information from obituary)
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