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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Canoe Camp Cemetery, Richmond Township, Tioga County PA
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by Joyce M. Tice



From Volume 1 of Tioga County Cemeteries ed. by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Tom Wetmore of Wellsboro retyped this for the site November 1997

I, Joyce M. Tice, had assumed that this cemetery reading was done in 1969, because it apperaed in Volume One of the Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd work, and others in that volume were dated 1969 and 1970. However, our 2005 listing includes all of these stones and more that we uncovered from the sod. Given that the flood of 1972 is said to have washed away stones, and the cemetery was not put to rights until 1974, that date does not seem plausible. If it were done prior to the 1972 flood, there should be more stones. If after the 1974 cleanup, it could not have made it into Volume 1. I have not resolved the conflicting information I have encontered.
Bentley Mary 1870 Age 74 w/o Bethuel
Cass Augustine 1812 1858
Cass Anjelia 1812 1902 w/o Augustine
Cass Lafayette 1872 Age 28
Cass Willia 1862 1882
Gillett Lura 1846 1860
Gillett Aaron 1788 1869
Gillett Zibe 1791 1859 w/o Aaron
Gillett Anna 8/15/1823 1905
Gillett Louella BATES (b. or d. ?)1861
Gillett Dwight 3/25/1822 1913
Gillett A. V.  1870 Age 39
Gillett Amy 1878 d/o Russell and Matilda
Lownsberry Martha 1834 1872
Lownsberry Isaac 1851 Age 93
Lownsberry Susanna 1848 Age 78 w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Lelson 9/4/1804 1866
Lownsberry Cynthia 10/22/1805 1888 w/o Lelson
Lownsberry Enos 1842 Age 12 s/o Lelson & Cyn 
Lownsberry Ira 1808 1887
Lownsberry Sophia 1805 1881 w/o Ira
Lownsberry Levi 1858 Age 13 s/o Ira & Sophia
Lownsberry Isaac 1811 1896
Lownsberry Zilla 1805 1881 w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Laura 1812 1846 w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Laura 1847 Age 28 w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Zulah 1852 Age 29 w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Cora L. SIMPSON 1860 1885
Lownsberry Hiram 1842 Age 12 s/o Lelson and Cynthia
Newell Rachel w/o Perry - - - - 
Noble Lovica 16 MAY 1810 1861 w/o Orin
Noble Orin Eugene 1851 Age 2 s/o Alonzo & Mary
Rowley Nathan 1759 1833
Rowley Ann w/o Nathan
Stratton Seymour 1876 Age 80
Stratton Susan 1867 Age 65 w/o Seymour
Stratton Lydia 1846 Age 23 d/o Seymour & Susan
Stratton Juliett 1842 Age 2 d/o Seymour & Susan
Stratton Rosciana 1842 Age 7 d/o Seymour & Susan
Wilcox Ruth 1869 Age 21 w/o Parris
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