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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania


Transcribed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones

 Located in Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on a small rise bordering the north side of Sopertown Road. This is a very early burying ground for families in that vicinity and one marker bears an inscription of 1812. The cemetery is not fenced and is now part of a cow pasture and is not in good condition. There are many old fieldstone markers bearing no inscriptions. I have included footmarkers (a second marker on the grave, besides the headstone marker, placed at the foot of the grave) because the cemetery is in such a state of deterioration that perhaps a descendant at some point may find the footmarker and learn the place of interment of their ancestor, but not be able to locate the headstone marker. Markers copied Apr 1980 by J. Kelsey Jones.

BENSON see Cunningham

CAMPBELL Philena, wife of David Campbell died Mar. 17, 1838, Aged 73 years 7 mo. & 7 da.

CLARK Lemuel Clark died May 30, 1838. Aged 78 yr’s

Stop friends as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you must be

Prepare to die and follow me

Josephus Clark died Apr. 4, 1845, Aged 46 Years 2 M’s & 6 D’s

All is not here of our beloved and best,

Leave thou the sleeper with his God to rest.

Footmarker, J. C.

Orrinda wife of Josephus Clark died M____________ (remainder of marker has disintegrated)

Sophia daughter of Josephus & Orrinda Clark, died June 29, 1829, AE 6 M. & 21 D.

Willard her brother died July 21, 1825, AE 11 M. & 21D.

Weep not mother for thy infants

For Heaven is their place of rest.

Double footmarker, W. C. S. C.

Lemuel son of Josephus and Orrinda Clark, died May 20, 1838. AE 6 W. & 1 D.

Sophia his sister died May 20, 1838. AE 2 Y. 2 M. & 19 D.

CUNNINGHAMLouisa Cunningham st’p daughter of Levi & Gertrude Benson died Dec 8 1842 aged 16 years 9 months & 4 days

Footmarker, L. C.

H_______ _. H. 1812 (broken marker and initial for first name not attainable)

HUNTLY Rachel, wife of David Huntly, died Mar. 11, 1849, aged 73 years & 7 m’s. Footmarker, R. H.

KNAPP Albert son of Frederick & Polly Knapp, died Sept 21, 1849, aged 5 years 10 mo & 10 d’s.

SOPER George N. son of Heman & Betsey Soper died Jan 23, 1846 aged 2 years 5 m’s & 9 d’s

Footmarker, G. N. S.

Footmarker, M. M. S. (this is a footmarker beside G. N. S., above and presumably a Soper burial, but the headstone marker was not located)

STOUT Zilpha daughter of Jacob C. & Gilly Stout died Jan 7, 1832 AE 3 Y. 5 M. & 7 D.

Hannah her sister died Nov 7, 1834 AE 21 D.

Double footmarker, H. S. Z. S.

_________ S_out _______________ May 6, 1838. AE. 2 Y. 5 M. & 6 D. (old style field stone marker and the face has partially chipped off)