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Seeley Hill Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4.
Copied by Agatha Kinner of Corning, N.Y.

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BALDWIN Maggie A. 23 Oct 1881 30yr 10mo 20da w/o M.S. Baldwin
BALDWIN Eliza A. 14 Jan 1863 3mo 6da
CURREN Jesse 27 Aug 1814 29 Oct 1892
CURREN Anna 11 Aug 1814 17 Feb 1892 w/o Jesse
CURREN Duane 1844 1868
CURREN Infant 12 May 1880 s/o Wm & Patience
FRIENDS Martha J. CURREN 8 Dec 1905 55yr 5mo 9da w/o G.W.Friends Mother
FRIENDS Father stone here. No names or dates
FRIENDS Willie 27 Mar 1878 2mo 2da s/o G.W. & Martha Friends
FRIENDS Anna M. 18 Apr 1881 2yr 2mo 2da d/o G.W. & Martha Friends
FRIENDS Amos 27 Mar 1888 17da s/o G.W. & Martha Friends
SEELEY Wellin 2 Apr 1803 2 Jul 1883
SEELEY Esther 6 Jan 1864 55yr 7mo 6da w/o Wellin
SEELEY Hannah d/o Wellin & Esther
SEELEY Elmira d/o Wellin & Esther
SEELEY James s/o Wellin & Esther
SEELEY Samuel s/o Wellin & Esther
SEELEY Samuel 1838 1906
SEELEY Edward 18 Apr 1893 83yr 1mo 3da
SEELEY Laura 30 Dec 1886 60yr 5mo 11da w/o Edward
SEELEY Jesse 21 feb 1877 31yr s/o Edward & Laura
SEELEY Nancy 5 May 1841 w/o James dates gone
SEELEY James 5 Apr 1837 78yr 3mo 12da
SEELEY Margaret 26 Dec 1843 56yr 8mo 9da w/o Jesse
SEELEY James 9 Dec 1852 67 yr
SEELEY George 16 Jun 1859 56yr
SEELEY Hannah 25 Dec 1816 24 Sep 1886
SEELEY James 1 Sep 1842 3yr 1mo 9da s/o George & Hannah
SEELEY Bert 14 Dec 1867 17 Jan 1903
SEELEY Westlake 1 Apr 1861 10yr 10mo 11da
STEWART Maria 21 Jul 1847 24yr 18da w/o Chester Stewart


CURREN - Jesse CURREN, one of the oldest and most highly esteemed residents of Jackson, was found dead in bed last Saturday morning at the residence of G. W. FRIENDS, about two miles northwest of this village. Mr. CURREN's age was about seventy-eight years, and he had been in feeble and failing health for some time, notably since the death of his wife, which occurred in February last. He complained of being in pain before retiring, but otherwise seemed as well as usual. Mr. CURREN was universally respected, and a host of friends will learn of his death with sincere sorrow. Deceased leaves a son and daughter: William CURREN and Mrs. G. W. FRIENDS. The funeral was held at the FRIENDS residence last Monday, many attending from this village. Interment was in Seely Hill cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – January 28, 1903
The funeral of Bert Seely, who was killed by the cars on the night of January 17th, was held January 21st and was largely attended.

Wellsboro Gazette – January 22, 1903
Burt Seeley, who lived on a farm about three miles from Millerton, was killed near that place last Saturday night by the engine of a coal train on the Tioga division of the Erie.  The train was en route from Blossburg to Elmira.  Mr. Seeley left home at 7 o’clock Saturday morning driving to Elmira with a load of baled straw, which he sold.  He did considerable shopping, starting for home after dark.  At Pine City, he stopped for a lunch, leaving about 8:30 o’clock.  How he happened to be ignorant of the approach of the train will never be known.  The train crew did not know of the accident until near Elmira.  The body of the unfortunate man was carried on the engine pilot half a mile and one of the horses three-quarters of a mile.  The other horse was carried twenty rods.  Evidently both horses were killed instantly.  On Sunday morning passers-by noticed the demolished hay rig near the crossing and neighbors started an investigation.  The body of Seeley was found at the base of an embankment and was badly cut and mangled.  It is generally believed that Seeley was asleep in his wagon, when the horses attempted to cross the tracks when the rig was struck by the train.  The deceased is survived by his wife and four children, who are reported in straightened circumstances.

Wellsboro Agitator – May 10, 1893
Mr. Edward Seely, an old and respected resident of Jackson, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Tillinghast, last Friday after a long illness.  Mr. Seely was about 75 years of age and had lived in Jackson a good many years.  The funeral was held Sunday from the home of his daughter and was largely attended.  He is survived by four children, all adults.  His wife died about six years ago.

--Mr. Edward Seeley, an old and respected citizen of Jackson township, died a few days ago at the age of 73 years.

Wellsboro Agitator – October 24, 1906
--Mr. Samuel Seeley, aged 70, a lifelong resident of Jackson township, died on the 15th instant.  He had been a suffered of cancer for several years.  He was a bachelor and is survived by one brother, Lyman Seeley, of Lyndon, Ill., and two sisters, Miss Polly Seeley, of Jackson, and Mrs. Henry Trowbridge, of Millerton.  Funeral services were held last Wednesday; burial in the Seeley Hill Cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – October 24, 1906
West Jackson, Oct. 22 – Samuel Seely, whose illness has been noted, died on Tuesday, Oct. 16, of cancer.  The funeral was held from the house on Thursday; burial at Seely Hill.  Deceased was about 70 years of age and unmarried.

Wellsboro Agitator – February 24, 1892
Jackson, Feb. 20 - Mrs. Anna Curren is very sick, and but little hope of her recovery is entertained.
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