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Daggett Family Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA
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Daggett Family Cemetery 

Jackson Township, Tioga Co., PA
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 1997

Located in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania at what was in earlier times known as Daggett Mills near the Tioga and Bradford County line west of Route 549 and west of Seeley Creek on a rise from the western floor of the valley behind the Kenneth Eighmey residence. There were supposedly markers removed from this cemetery for the foundation of a home in Mosherville, but I have found no basis of truth to this and I have in my possession a very old photograph of the cemetery and the markers appear the same as they do today. I have included the footmarkers that were found and correspond with the headstone markers. Copied 1979 by J. Kelsey Jones. NOTE: This reading replaces a cemetery named Old Daggett that had been posted here from Oct 25 97 to Jan 11 98. It was erroneous as published in Tioga County Inscriptions, Vol. 4, and has been corrected by this posting.

Reuben Daggett d. Feb. 8, 31, 1835 AE. 79Y. (this is how the marker appears with two days, the 8th and the 31st apearing. Feb has been recut and evidently the marker was incorrect. It would almost appear that the same date of death as Rufus below was inscribed and then corrected)

footmarker, R. D.

Rufus Daggett d. Jan. 31, 1835, AE. 42Y. 1M. & 28D.

footmarker, R. D.

Mary wife of Wm. Daggett, d. Nov. 20, 1856, Ag'd 36 y'rs 8 mo. & 16 d's

Farewell my husband to the now

Where you must yet remain

Lyman Wm. Son of Wm. & Mary Daggett d. June 18, 1849, Ag'd 8 y'rs 7 mo. & 5 d's 

Date: 9/28/06
Daggett Mill Pond Bottoms Cemetery
Located by Dave Darby using information gleaned from a map from the Veteran’s Affairs Office in Wellsboro
Dave Darby GPS Coordinates
Location: About 150 yards west of Baker Road in the Village of Daggett.

[Park in front of the old motorcycle shop on Baker Road and go along the north edge of a hay field, when you get to the western edge of the hay field look into the woods to the south (left) and you will see the cemetery. The cemetery is perched on a high bank on the east side of SR 328. It is maintained and contains one newer monument with several names on it. I would guess there are somewhere between 15 and 20 burials there. I did not read the cemetery but the few stones I examined all had dates from the early to mid 1800’s. A very accessible and easy cemetery to read.

Published on Tri-Counties 01 NOV 1997
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