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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2000
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 1997
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Old Daggett Burial Ground

Jackson Township, Tioga Co., PA 0

Located in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on the south edge of the hamlet of Daggett on a small wooded rise on the east side of the main road (Route 549) and north of Seeley Creek (also known as Daggett Creek). This is where the first settlers in the vicinity of Daggett were buried. There are several plain markers bearing no inscriptions. It is reported that some Jennings markers and others were washed away when high water from the flooded creek cut into the cemetery. The earliest inscribed date of death is 1815. All spellings in the verses are as they appear. I have included the footmarkers that were found and correspond with the headstone markers. Copied 1979 by J. Kelsey Jones.

AMEIGH Belinda Ann wife of Abraham Ameigh d. May 11, 1841 Aged 31 yr. 2 mo. 14 da (this marker was copied by Bessie Spencer and was not found by me)

CORZATT Catharine Corzatt d. July 3, 1835, aged 82 years.

Death is a debt to natur dew

Which I have paid and so must you

footmarker, C. C.

DAGGETT Infant dau of S. & Eunice Daggett, d. Apr. 21, 1815 AE. 4 D.

Charles her brother d. Nov. 5, 1821, AE. 1 Y. 9 M. & 19 D.

& his sister d. June 14, 1826,

Sleep on three babes and take thy rest

God called thee home when he thought best

footmarker, C. D.

HOLDREDG John F. Holdredg d. Marc. 29, 1830 Aged 17 years 7 months & 8 days.

footmarker, J. F. H.

LEFLER Christopher Lefler d. April 2, 1838, aged 47 years & 27 Da.

Death is a debt to natur dew

Which I have paid and so must you

Mary Lefler d. May 8, 1829, aged 62 years

Physicians had not power to save

Nor skill to ransome from the grave.

(copied 1975 by Bessie Spencer. The face of this slate marker, except for the verse, has since chipped off into fragments)

footmarker, M. L.

Merritam wife of R. D. Lefler d. Feb. 17, 1842 aged 20 yrs. 11 mo. & 12 da.

ROBERTS Elizabeth wife of Zenus Roberts d. July 1, 1853. Ag'd 69 y'rs 6m. & 25 d's.

footmarker, E. R.

Phebe wife of Zenus Roberts d. Oct. 20, 1857, Ag'd 73 y'rs 9 m. & 9 d's

Zenas Roberts d. Feb. 27, 1861 Aged 79 y's.

Farewell my mourning friends, that weep around my way

Sweet is the gospel Jesus sends, its healing power can save.

Doct. H. B. Roberts departed this life April 1, 1842, Aged 38 years 2 mo's & 8 da's

Come ye whose cheek the tear of pity stains

Draw near with pious reverence and attend

Here lives a loving husbands dear remains

A tender Father and a generous friend

footmarker, H. B. R.

Mrs. Sally Ann Roberts departed this life Jan. 5, 1835, AE. 26Y. 1M. & 30D.

She lived a wife and mother

without reproach, to her memory

and that of two infant children this

simple stone is consecrated by the

husband and father, H. B. Roberts.

footmarker, S. A. R.

STURDIVANT Hester Ann wife of Joshua F. Sturdivant d. June 11, 1835 aged 39 years and 15 days.

Joshua F. Sturdivant d. June 11, 1835, aged 50 years 10 months & 11 days.

My children dear asem_____ (broke)

Your parents grave to see

Not long ago we dwelt with you

But soon you'll dwell with us

STURTEVANT Philanthropy J. son of Jonathan Sturtevant d. Jan. 16, 1836, AE. 10 Y. 3 M. & 26 D.

So fond desires,

Are often cross'd;

And parents hopes,

In death are lost.

TABER Anstis daughter of Samuel & Betsey Taber d. Oct. 24 1842 aged 3 years & 3 months

footmarker, A. T.

UPDIKE Foster, son of Foster & Nan Updike d. May 8, 1830. Aged 21 Y. 5 M.

VAUGHAN Chloe, wife of Miller Vaughan d. June 28, 1842, aged 58 years, 11 months & 8 days.

But not for her our tears be shed

For blessed ar the holy dead

Ah! weep for those who still remain

Subject to sorrow sin and pain

Miller Vaughan d. June 21, 1842, aged 57 years and 13 days.

My flesh shall slumber in the ground

Till the areh angel's trump shall sound

Then burst the chains with sweet surprise

And in my savour's image rise.

footmarker, M. V.

WELLS Shepherd son of Norman & Elizabeth Wells d. Nov. 14, 1829, aged 17 years 10 m's & 12 D's.

footmarker, S. W.

? (seven letters perhaps Harriet) of d. Feb? 1(9?) 18__ aged 1_ years _ months & _ days (very deteriorated marker and portions are illegible) 

Published on Tri-Counties   11 JAN 1998
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