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Located in northwestern Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. The nearest road to this cemetery is Skyline Drive, located south of the cemetery. The cemetery can be seen over on a wooded knoll behind the barn of James Muth. Markers copied October 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones. Single spacing of type indicates names appearing on one marker.
Deeded as Fred Courtwright Cemetery
AYERS L. D. Ayers Co F 8th NY Cav 1843 1915
BUCHANAN Gilbert A. Buchanan Mar 29, 1882 Apr 22, 1909
  Gertrude Wood Buchanan 1883 1910
  see Collum
COLLUM Bernice Buchanan Collum 1903 1931
DICKINSON J. S. H. Dickinson Mar 3 1823 -
  Elizabeth his wife Aug 19, 1824 Sept 2, 1905
  J. L. d. July 3, 1880 2y 8m 8d
  Arlie W. d. Dec 29, 1880 1y 9m 26d
  children of M. O. & F. E. Dickinson
  Florence J. White wife of Ralph W. Dickinson 1893 1913
  Walter H. Dickinson 1851 1910
  Sarah E. Dickinson 1856 1936
  Alma L., dau of W. H. & S. E. Dickinson Aug 16, 1881 June 1, 1899
JORDAN Lida wife of J. C. Jordan 1870 1918
MOORE Ettie dau of C. O. & J. E. Moore d. Apr 12, 1880 2y 3m 25d
  He shall gather the lambs with his arm,
  and cary them in his bosom.
STEWART Charles B. Stewart May 23, 1857 Dec 11, 1913
  Sarah J., his wife Sept 8, 1860 -
W__________ A. W.
WHITE Bernice dau of Bert & Leona White July 31, 1911
  see Dickinson
WILSON John H. Wilson Apr 30, 1854 Dec 5, 1910
  Alice E., his wife Apr 23, 1868 Apr 3, 1926
  Charles F. Wilson 1886 1970
  Hattie S. Wilson 1887 1928
  Stephen H. Wilson Mar 29, 1919 July 2, 1934
WOOD Sam Wood 1850 1929
  Susie Wood 1860 19

WHITE, Florence [SRGP 63584] - Last Thursday night about 12 o'clock Florence White Dickinson, wife of Ralph Dickinson and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lyman White, died at the home of Lily Friends at Mitchell's Mills. Mrs. Dickinson, with her family, attended the grange picnic during the day and in the evening they were attending an ice cream social at the West Jackson Baptist church. About 10 o'clock Mrs. Dickinson fell in what was supposed to be a fainting spell, but the malady proved to be acute uraemic poisoning. Dr. Pratt was called from Millerton and a trained nurse, Mrs. Dollie Wilson Cummings, was in attendance but there was nothing to be done and she passed peacefully away without regaining consciousness. Mrs. Dickinson was about 20 years of age and had been married about two years. She leaves an infant daughter, eight weeks old, which makes the case even more distressing. The entire community is mourning with the bereaved husband and parents this most untimely death. - Wellsboro Gazette, August 21, 1913

Published on Tri-Counties 01 NOV 1998
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