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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Name of Cemetery: Chandlerburg Cemetery
Alternate Names: Smith Family Burial Ground, Elk Run Cemetery
Deeded As  Chandlerburg Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: Sullivan  Township, Tioga Co, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.81560 -76.96040
Other Comments:
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  25
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Brace Gordon H. 10/16/1918 1/21/2002   Obituary says buried in Watson Cemetery. 
Brace Esther J. 4/4/1926 5/6/2006   On marker w/Gordon H.
Avery Paulena S. 11/9/1902 3/9/1995    
Smith Freddus I., Rev. 1862 1945    
Smith Charlotte S. 1865 1957   On marker w/Rev. Freddus I.
Richmond Alta F. 1877 1905    
Richmond Harry L. 1872 1881    
Fethers Samuel 1851 1925    
Fethers Minnie 1864 1938   On marker w/Samuel
Palmer Arad S. 2/4/1866 Feb.1937    
Smith Albert 1829 1912    
Smith Arad    11/2/1889 89y4m  
Smith Margery   1/1/1882 79y6m w/o Arad - On same marker
Smith Louisa M.   9/11/1874 44y2m2d  
Smith L. Evert   8/2/1876 5y3m5d s/o A.G. & Louisa
Smith Alice C.   7/19/1862 5m16d d/o A.G. & Louisa
Squire Abbie   11/13/1876 20y10m12d w/o Wilber
Smith Chs. G. 5/4/1822 5/21/1903   Lge.Stone down-Not sure if anyone else is on it
Smith Sally   4/9/1872 48 yr w/o Charles G.
Smith Levi T.   ?/2?/1862 36 yr Marker broken
Nash Louisa M.   10/31/1875 44y3m w/o Elisha L.
Palmer Vernie 10/23/1856 6/11/1878   d/o O.W. & Phebe
Palmer Francis   3/26/1853 6y11m26d s/o O.W. & Phebe
Palmer O. W.   12/9/1889 69 yr  
Smith Emeline   1879 51 yr w/o Chas. G. -Not found in 2010 Reading
Added to Site on 12/3/2011
By Joyce M. Tice
Name of Cemetery:    Elk Run Cemetery, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read: 1970s
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located in Sullivan Township, Tioga, Pa. behind the old Elk Run School House. It is now a residence and painted red but it was never in the time it was in use called "Little Red School House" as some like to call it now. It was white during all the time it was in use as a school.
Elk Run Cemetery Obituaries

Originally published in the Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions - Volume Four

In 1995 a dear friend, Paulina SMITH aged 93 was buried with her parents and other ancestors in this already old and abandoned cemetery across the road from where she lived and died. She was a true supporter of our Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project and contributed her family photographs and memories. We miss dropping in to chat with her. Joyce M. Tice
Historical Note from JMT - In the thirties there were more tombstones in the cemetery including some of the Chandlers for whom Chandlersburg - later Elk Run - was named. In my father's era some of these tombstones were used as base markers for softball games by the school children and were never returned to the cemetery.

Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription, Relationship, Comments
SMITH Rev. Freddus I. 1862 1945   Veteran of the Cross, Methodist Church
SMITH Charlotte S. 1865 19--    (This is Charlotte SHEPARD)
RICHMOND          Large, square, uprite granite stone says -
SMITH Albert G. 1829 1912   (son of Arad)
SMITH Arad   Nov. 2, 1889 89 yrs. 4 da.  Large, medium size shaft marker, second base says SMITH. Clasped hands on the front, at right.
SMITH Margery   Jan. 1, 1882 79 yrs. 6 mo. wife of Arad SMITH (This is Margery Genoung/Genung)
SMITH Louisa M.   Sept. 11, 1874 44 yr. 2 mo. 29 da. wife of A. G. SMITH [Buried 13 SEP per Rosina Smith Diary]
SMITH C. G. May 4, 1822 May 21, 1903   Charles G. SMITH, son of Arad; A similar shaft type with SMITH on 2nd base.
SMITH Sally E.   Apr. 9, 1872 48 yrs. 23 da. Here sleeps dear Mother, all alone. With aching heart, we leave thee, To thee our sorrows are not known, Nor can our absence grieve thee."wife of C. G. SMITH (This is Sallie CHANDLER who married Charles G. SMITH)
SMITH Emeline   Apr. 7, 1879 51 yrs. 7 mos. wife of C. G. SMITH
SQUIRE Abbie   Nov. 13, 1876 20 yrs. 10 mos. 15 das. wife of Wilber SQUIRE; Another old, old stone, broken and out of the base. THis is Abbie SMITH. Wilbur remarried after her death and migrated to Nebraska.
SQUIRE L.T.S.       Footstone here
SMITH Alice C.   July 19, 1862 7 mo. 16 das. dau. of A. G. and Louisa M.;An old stone, broken off
NASH Louisa A.   Oct. 31, 1875 44 yrs. 3 mos. wife of Elisha NASH;"None but a companion's heart can tell, The grief to bid a loving wife, farewell." (THis is Louisea SMITH)
PALMER Francis   Mar. 26, 1853 6 yrs. 11 mos. 26 das. son of O. W. and Phebe PALMER;An old stone, overgrown with moss.
PALMER Vernie Oct. 23, 1856 June 11, 1878   dau of O.W. and Phebe PALMER;"A loved one has gone from our circle, On earth we shall meet meet her no more, She has gone to her home in Heaven, And all her afflictions are O'er."In lower right hand corner - Avery, Elmira.
PALMER O. W.   Dec. 9, 1889 69 yrs. Footstone O.W.P.