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Photo Submitted by Sam Leonard
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 7.

Located on Rout 58046; road going from Keeneyville to Nelson. Copied May 7, 1975 by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and William LADD
A large double stone laying flat in weeds
Gee William  Apr. 25, 1839 67y 2m 21d
Gee Mary Dec. 25, 1850 75y 3d wife of William Gee
Fortner Martha May 5, 1814 Apr. 7, 1887 Mother
McCallum John C. Sept. 6, 1862 79y "The pains of death are past/Labor and sorrow cease/ And life's long warfare is closed at last/ His soul is found in peace"
Gee  Joshua Oct. 4, 1875 80y
Gee  Margaret mar. 23, 1892 83y 10m 23d
Gee  Children of Andrew and Mary Gee
Gee  Jessie June 22, 1876 2y 1m
Gee  Baby Apr. 20, 1873 5wks
 April 27, 2005 

Dear Joyce 

My son Joe and I visited Gee Cemetery today found another stone that is not in your web site inventory. 

We found the stone for Thomas Gee died April 21, 1877. He is my 3rd Great Grand Father. 
It was buried about one foot underground behind an old base. His parents are also buried there (William and Mary Gee) as is his wife Margaret HEWEY 

Every stone in this cemetery has been  flat on the ground for years. We put them all back up. There is one foot stone that is unidentified with the initials J. D. H. 

Attached is a photo of the stone  of  Thomas (at right) as well as the cemetery. (at Top of page - That is Sam in the photo) 

Sam Leonard 
Sarasota, Fl. 

Thomas Gee, Died April 21, 1877, Aged 73 yr's, 2 m., 20 d's.
28 APR 2005
Sam and Joe:

Great work on finding the stone of Thomas Gee!  The location of his grave has been a mystery for a long time.  I am also impressed with how fast Joyce got it up on the website.  Thanks to you all.

Bob Thomas
Note from Joyce - That's because Sam sent everything to me in a format that I could process quickly and easily. He did it JUST RIGHT and made it easy for me!!! JMT 

August 2006 
Joyce wanted to first Thank you for all you have on your web site. In the summer of 2006 my husband found that his ancestors "The Gee family" were from the Tioga area. Then we found Sam's photo of the cemetery on your web site and in search we went. 4 hour drive then several hours and questions later we were able to locate this abandoned cemetery in high weeds using Sam's photo held up to the landscape in what we were told was the general vicinity. No one we spoke to even Gee descendants from the area, knew where it was. So second thanks have already gone to Sam. Wanted to share this photo with you. my husband Andy (Far Right) From Fredonia NY, Far left His Nephew Alex from Elmira NY, then Alex's Dad Don (From Dunkirk NY) and they all met up with Larry Gee From Tioga Pa (2nd from Right) just before Memorial Day this year to clean up the cemetery and cut down a bunch of brush.
 Also found the base to William and Mary's stone underneath the dirt and reset it on it's base where it had broken off from.
Because of people like you and your web site it makes genealogy hunting so much easier.
Thanks again, Janice Barrus-Gee 
In a message dated 6/4/2008 11:05:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, JANBARSGEE writes:

Wanted to show you the success of your site and how it connects with our family. We first located this cemetery from the posting you had on your site with photo of Sam Leonard. As I stated before in a mailing to you. We actually held Sam's photo up along the side of the road as we drove along the "general proximity" of where the cemetery should have been. Weeds were so grown up we drove by at least 10 times before finding.

after that first day of our new discovery, my husband who is the birth "Gee", has made contact with several different distant cousins in the Tioga area and with their help and our continued travels from Western NY to the family Cemetery of his 4x great grandfather, there is now a sign posted for all to locate this cemetery.

I am attaching for you to use as you see fit.

Thanks again for all you do and to all the other "Gee" connections who helped make this sign possible

Janice Barrus-Gee
Fredonia, NY 

Published on Tri-Counties  22 NOV 1997
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