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Hill Cemetery, Chatham Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s

Photo of Gravestone Art
by Joyce M. Tice

Hill Cemetery Obituaries

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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions . Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd. Material typed and formatted for the web by Linda Cracraft and Joyce M.  Tice.

This cemetery is located about 300 yards north of Route 249, just northwest of village of Little Marsh, by 1/2 mile on the farm of the late Frank E. DAVID.

On page 462, Tioga County History of 1897, we find, "The Robert HILL Cemetery Association, incorporated Dec. 29, 1894, by A. M. ROBERTS, A. SPENCER, H. C. WORMSLEY, W. H. THOMPSON, Gurden REED, G. D. BEACH, C. E. BEACH.

Situated between Little Marsh and Beach's Mills, this has been a burial place for nearly half a century.

Following, are the present markers.

Copied by Earl COOPER, R.D. #2, Middlebury Center, Pa. 16935.
Arranged by Lola WETHERBEE Franke
Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Inscription
BOSARD May June 24, 1879 Nov. 16, 1885   dau of Harriett and Kirt BOSARD  
SHELLMAN Mary E. 1838 1892   wife of Jerrey SHELLMAN  
Three field stones here            
GUILD Seymour   Apr. 2, 1895 aged 76 years    
BOYES Harlow C.   July 21, 1872 age 53 y, 2m, 18 d.    
one field stone here            
WORMSLEY Gertrude E. Sept. 10, 1879 July 2, 1893   dau of H. C. & E. L.  E. L. W. on foot stone.
HACKETT Anna Mariah   Dec. 14, 1845 age 34 y, 4 mo. wife of John  
HAWKINS Henrietta M.   May 21, 1834 age 26 y, 2 m, 25d. wife of W. W. She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fine Mother and friend to all.
WOOLBERT Samuel   Apr. 2, 1895 age 79 years    
  Elizabeth   Sept. 20, 1888 age 62 years wife of Samuel  
LANE Flancy M. June 12, 1865 Sept. 15, 1883      
  Delta A.  Sept. 8, 1883 Jan. 6, 1888   dau of Flancy M. GRAVES  
  Charles Mar. 7, 1824 Nov. 10, 1889     He was a kind and affectionate husband and a friend to all."
BURDICK J. S.   Oct. 3, 1862 age 51 y, 8 m, 10 d.    
BEACH Mary E.   Mar. 16, 1880 ae 38y, 2m, 15 da. w/o Curry E. Beach None but a companion's heart, can tell, The grief to bid a loving wife, farewell.
COOPER Jason R. 1851 1908      
LANE Mary A. 1853 1879   his wife  
SPENCER Mary  1844 1917   wife of Frank Spencer  
five field stones here            
SPENCER Eugene 1871 1907      
  Minnie M. 1875 1963      
  Marie 1907 1911      
  Louise 1899 1919      
  Ashley 1902 1928      
  Claude 1867 1921      
WASS Mary  1848 1931      
THOMPSON W. H. July 23, 1837 Aug. 7, 1913   Co. I. 45th. Pa. Vol.  
LEONARD H. B.  Jan. 8, 1818 June 2, 1884     Rest, Father, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in mourning oe'r you weep.
  Estella E.   Dec. 7, 1869 age 8 mo. d/o Hiram & Sarah A.  
  Curry B.   Aug. 8, 1878   child of Hiram & Sarah A.  
  Sarah  1845 1902      
six field stones            
LEONARD Horace   Aug. 31, 1843   s/o Hiram & Clarrie  
  Sarah    Jan. 24, 1869 age 5 years d/o Hiram & Clarrie  
  Hiram 1839 1911   Co. G. 207 Pa. Inf. G.A.R.  
  Lena E. 1880 1907      
HILL Clara M. 1870 1938      
  Robert  Dec. 12, 1799 no death date      
  Lydia July 30, 1803 Aug. 2-, 1872   wife of Robert  
  P. J.  1844 1899   G.A.R. F.L.T. Co. M. 16 N.Y. Heavy Art. Co. G. 149th. Pa. Vol.   
  Grant S. 1870 1896      
  Cena (?) 1872 1875      
  Africa   Dec. 18, 1842 aged 75 years, 5 mos.    
  Mary    Apr. 2, 1862 aged 99 years his wife  
  Burdick   Aug. 6, 1885 age 67 yrs, 3 mo. 24 d.    
  Chloe   Nov. 9, 1849 age 56 y, 3 m, 4 d. w/o Burdick  
20 field stones here            
ROBERTSON Sylvester   no dates   Co. A. 149th. Pa. Inf. G. A. R.   
WALKER Warren Feb. 18, 1845 Dec. 6, 1906   Co. M. 11 Pa. Cav. G. A. R.   
  Willis   Apr. 17, 1877 age 1 year, 6 mo, 26 d. s/o Warren & Cora A. WALKER  
  Libbis B.   7-28-1878 ae 9y, 1m, 3d. d/o Warren & Cora  
  Peter   7-14-1884 ae 3y, 1m, 5d. s/o Warren & Cora  
TIFFANY N. C. (Nathaniel)   Jan. 20, 1874 aged 75 years     
  Sally   Jan. 25, 1873 age 45 years    
SMITH Sarah J. TIFFANY   Nov. 8, 1880 aged 41 years wife of A. E. SMITH  

Published on Tri-Counties  14 FEB 1999
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