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Tioga County, Pennsylvania 
Whittaker-Jaquish Cemetery
Richmond Township Page
Obituaries for Whittaker-Jaquish Cemetery
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
September 2005

This has also been called the Knowlton Cemetery

Richmond Township, TIOGA COUNTY, PA.

All or most of the people in this cemetery are part of Joyce's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project which traces both the ancestry and descendants of our local population in the eastern Tioga County area. If you are descended from these people, please contact Joyce for exchange of information.
Name of Cemetery:    Whittaker-Jaquish Cemetery. Deeded as Knowlton Cemetery

Read By:   Linda CORNELL Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Typed By:  Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:    August. 2005
Location:   Richmond Twp, Tioga County -On Whittaker Rd. about 600 ft. from corner of Whitaker & Canoe Camp Road
NOTE:  This cemetery is now controlled by the Mansfield V.F.W.
  There are many more graves w/no markers showing.We have uncovered quite a few
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Jaquish Harry 1893 1894    
Jaquish Martha 1857 1903    
Jaquish Elvin W. 1847 1923    
Jaquish Dr. Joseph 1901 1934   s/o Elvin & Martha
Jaquish Dr. William 1899 1948   s/o Elvin & Martha
Jaquish Dr. Martha C. 1897 1957   On stone w/Dr. William [her brother]
Jaquish Francis Meredith D.D.S. Mar.25.1888 Feb.19.1959   s/o Welcome & Martha
Jaquish Daniel P. 1884 1953   s/o Elvin & Martha
Jaquish Arbutus N. 1898 1985   w/o Daniel P. (On same stone)
Jaquish Elvin S. 1914 1932   s/o Arbutus & Dan
Jaquish Francis M. Mar.31.1925 Sep.24.1964   M.Sgt US Marine Corp WW2-Korea
Jaquish Daniel P. Apr.8.1924 Jul.22.1944   s/o Arbutus & Daniel-3rd Marines & 3rd Marines Div.
Maynard George   Jul.21.1881 3y7m21d c/o Edward & Louisa
Maynard Gracie   Sep.8.1881 2m8d C/o Edward & Louisa (On same stone)
Maynard Charlina Robinson   Dec.11.1883 45y8m w/o S. F.
Woodard Philo J. 1863 1917    
Woodard Melvina 1862 1946   On stone w/Philo J.
Woodard John H. 1890 1940    
Woodard Charles A. 1886 1943    
Wolcott Cora   Apr.21.1874 13y2m23d d/o Margaret Wolcott
Woodard D. B.       Stone flat, buried & deteriorating-rest unreadable
Robinson Erastus   Nov.5.1866 73 yr Stone flat, buried & deteriorating-rest unreadable
Robinson Corp. DeWitt C.       Co. L PA Cav.
Robinson Warren       Co. L 7th PA Cav.
Whittakar Seth Oct.25.1818 Mar.30.1898    
Whittakar Ruhamah Oct.19.1820 Sep.12.1901   On stone w/Seth
Whittakar Rosalia Dec.13.1845 Apr.11.1871   On stone w/Seth
Whittaker Ray Sep.2.1881 Apr.24.1898   s/o A.L. & Jane
Harris Celia Whittaker 1894 1921    
Whittaker Seth R. 1891 1965    
Whittaker A. Lincoln 1863 1908    
Whittaker Jane J. 1862 1935   w/o A. Lincoln (on same stone)
Beals Elizabeth 1883 1956    
Beals Charles A. 1887 1962   On stone w/Elizabeth
Beals Tracy R. 1907 1921    
Whittaker Fred 1882 1937   Pvt. 16th Inf.
Whittaker James M. 1854 1921    
Whittaker Ada P. 1859 1932   On stone w/James M.
Whittaker Lee M. 1879 1892   On stone w/James M.
Whittaker Ward R. 1891 1926   On stone w/James M.
Maynard Emily A.   Jul.4.1874 39y3m23d w/o Q. A.
Maynard Bertie   Jun.22.1873 2y2m12d c/o S. A. & I. A.
Prentiss Charles  1810 1876    
Prentiss Martha A. 1824 1909   On stone w/Charles
Prentiss Levi M. 1856 1867   On stone w/Charles
Prentiss George 1854 1929   On stone w/Charles
Phelps Ward D. 1901 1975    
Phelps Maude J. 1889 1966   On stone w/Ward D.
Phelps E. W.   May.16.1885 53y8m13d  
Phelps Mary   Jan.12.1882 50y1m27d w/o E. W.
Phelps Claude Aug.23.1876 Jul.26.1877   s/o H. A. & Lucelia
Smith Silas   Oct.7.1876 51y7m12d  
Whittakar Plyna Mar.25.1829 Mar.25.1896   F.B.B.
Whittakar Peter Jan.29.1876   Stone broken-rest unreadable
Whittakar Ruth   Nov.8.1865   w/o Peter - Stone broken-rest unreadable
Whittaker Gary L. 1931 1990    
Whittaker Shirley A. 1934     On stone w/Gary L.
Whittaker Carolyn 1911 1985   w/o Roy
Whittaker Roy 1905 1953    
Whittaker Claude H. Jul.8.1887 Sep.5.1973   PFC US Army
Whittaker Ralph 1883 1958    
Whittaker Lawrence 1899 1952    
Whittaker Emma 1870 1939    
Whittaker Nelson 1858 1936    
Whittaker Carrie 1864 1900    
Whittaker Frank M. 1866 1942    
Whittaker Katherine E. 1864 1961    
Whittaker George W. 1862 1911   Woodsman of the World Insigna
Whittaker Will       No dates
Whittaker Juliette 1834 1907    
Whittaker Barna 1827 1910    
Jaquish Horace S. Dec.3.1819 Aug.3.1898    
Jaquish Mary A. May.4.1832 Aug.16.1907   w/o Horace S. - On same stone
Jaquish Emma M. Jan.23.1873 Jun.7.1879   On stone w/Horace & Mary
Maxson Louisa       w/o Benj.Z.-Rest unreadable stone broken
Ordway Mahala   Oct.4.1884 81y Stone broken & buried
Ordway William   Feb.11.1880 87y3m
Jaquish Ira M.   Jul.5.1858    
Jaquish Emma R.       Unreadable-stone broken )Ira & Emma are bro. & sis.
Jaquish Addie A.   May.8.1877 15y9m21d d/o Welcome & Roxana
          1 Stone B.F.B. Unreadable
Jaquish Welcome May.22.1816 Nov.18.1884    
Jaquish Roxana M. Mar.11.1823 Jan.16.1877    
  Jane Eliza       Stone unreadable
Probably Eliza Jane Welch, wife of J. Bloomfield Jaquish, died 1866 [SRGP 03915]
Jaquish J. W.   Feb.17.1871 56 yr Obit for John Jaquish says 17 FEB 1874 [SRGP 51874] 
Jaquish Clarrissa M.   1861 1?y2m12d Stone in bad shape [Clarissa Reynolds SRGP 08296]
Jaquish Joseph   Apr.3.1867 79y5m1d [SRGP 09232] 
Cleveland Rose   May.10.1886 28y2m2d w/o N. R.
Jaquish Elias S. 1853      
Phelps Helena J.   May.10.1868 18y2m w/o W. C. Stone in bad shape
Phelps Phelps Gilbert   Mar.3.1881 84y9m3d Almost unreadable
Jellif James M.   Jul.25.1889 46 yr  
Jellif Bennie   Jun.5.1881 4y9m12d s/o J. M. & P. E.
Jellif Our Baby       d/o G. J. & R. S. No dates
Bechtel Thomas R. Nov.7.1945 Jul.24.2003    
Bechtel Sandra L. Aug.11.1952     On stone w/Thomas R.
Phelps Clarky M.   Apr.17.1875 6m3d s/o W. G. & M. D.
Phelps Eliza    Oct.20.1875 In 72 yr w/o ??Unreadable

At Left, Several stones that had to be unearthed. 
March 2007 - Dr. Joseph Preston Jaquish died 1-26-07 --son of daniel P jaquish and Arbutus N Jaquish , Husband of Billie E Durham Jaqquish , will  be laid to rest beside his brothers daniel and francis this summer in the Jaquish Plot in canoe camp
Kim Jaquish

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06 OCT 2005

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