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Tioga County, Pennsylvania

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Joseph & Lucy Howland Cemetery,  Deerfield Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1978


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Photo of Gravestone Art
by Joyce M. Tice



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This Cemetery is located on the original JOSEPH HOWLAND farm in Deerfield Township, later owned by Fred J. Merrick. The property is now (1998) owned by George Smith, son of Emily Merrick Smith, a daughter of Fred J. Merrick. The cemetery was never incorporated so there is no provision for care. George Smith mows the grass and keeps it in good condition as his grandfather did in prior years. George has agreed to two more burials.

Since this is a family burial plot all those buried in it are related to JOSEPH HOWLAND and LUCY REXFORD.

The inscriptions on the markers in the cemetery were read by Forrest W. Watkins in April 1978, checked with the record of Rhoda Ladd, rechecked at the cemetery in May 1978. The inscriptions and the relationship to the JOSEPH & LUCY HOWLAND family are recorded:

1. One large marker
JOSEPH HOWLAND b. Nov. 17, 1805, d. Dec. 17,
Lucy, his wife b. May 4, 1811, d. Oct. 1, 1890
(there are small individual markers: "Joseph""Lucy")

2. This marker off foundation
(a small marker with initials CR is at head)
Charlotte, wife is John S. Rexford
d. May 31, 1864 in her 88th year
The mother of LUCY (Rexford) HOWLAND

3. Marker flat on the ground
(a small marker with initials AH is at head)
d. May 1, 1872 aged 23 yrs. 7 months & 17 ds.
Also knows as ADDIE & ADELINE?

4. One marker (a large HOWLAND marker indicates this
family section.)
PRINCE P. HOWLAND b. Jan. 26, 1811 d. Aug. 2. 1888
Isabelle, his wife, b. Oct. 21, 1821, d. Jan. 25, 1891
PRINCE P. HOWLAND was a younger brother of JOSEPH
His wife was Isabella McKay

5. This is one marker
(the same type as the JOSEPH HOWLAND marker)
JOHN P. LETTIE, his wife
1854-1939 1863-1937
JOHN P. HOWLAND was the youngest son of PRINCE P.
His wife was Lettie Sutton

6. This is a small marker resembling a heart
NELLIE is on the front and this inscription
is on the back:
dau of J.P. & L.A. HOWLAND
b. Dec. 3, 1898, d. Sept. 24, 1901
Oldest child of JOHN PARKER HOWLAND &

7. A single low marker
FORD E., Dec. 11, 1884-Dec. 3, 1941

8. Same type marker as FORD E.
IDA L., July 19, 1883-March 24, 1944
IDA L. (Ransom) HOWLAND, wife of Ford E. Howland

9. One marker
JAMES C. b. Aug. 8, 1878, d. Aug. 17, 1956
son of EDDY A. HOWLAND & DORA A. (Chamberlain) HOWLAND
grandson of PRINCE PARKER HOWLAND. JAMES C. never married

10. One marker
EDDY A., b. Jan. 28, 1850, d. April 1, 1932

11. One marker (same type as EDDY A.)
DORA A. (on top) wife of E.A. HOWLAND
b. 1856, d. 1919
DORA A. Chamberlain, Wife of EDDY A. HOWLAND

12. One marker
EVA B. (on top), dau of E.A. & D.A. HOWLAND
d. Nov. 26, 1894 aged 5 years & 6 mo.
Youngest child of EDDY A. HOWLAND & DORA A. (chamberlain) HOWLAND

13. A red granite marker
B. W. Merrick, Co. A 136, b. Mar. 10, 1842, d. Jun. 1, 1896
Bradford William Merrick, husband of EMILY E. (HOWLAND) Merrick
She was a daughter of JOSEPH HOWLAND & LUCY Rexford

14. Same style & kind as B.W. Merrick's
EMILY E. Merrick, 1844-1933
Wife of Bradford W. Merrick & second daughter of

15. Same style & kind as B.W. Merrick
JIMMIE B., son of B.W. & E.E. Merrick
b. April 2, 1881, d. Aug. 15, 1884
"Meet Me in Heaven"

16. A very small marker beside
JIMMIE B. marker
A small marker shows initials J.M.
Daughter of B.W and EMILY (HOWLAND) Merrick

17. A small marker
FRED J. Merrick, 1871-1946
Grandson of JOSEPH & LUCY (Rexford) HOWLAND
Second son of B.W. & EMILY (HOWLAND) Merrick

18. A small marker
SOPHIA C., 1872-1948
wife of FRED J. Merrick
SOPHIA (Clark) Merrick 

19. A small marker
BRAD W. Merrick 1899-1913
Son of FRED J. & SOPHIA (Clark) Merrick 

20. Low gray granite marker
LEW H. Merrick 1900-1978
Son of FRED J. & SOPHIA (Clark) Merrick
LEW never married 

21. A tall marker with an open book on top
FRANK L. Skinner VIOLA H., his wife
1854-1914 1852-1932
Two small stones in the back read:
"Father," "Mother"
VIOLA (HOWLAND) Skinner was the youngest daughter of
(FRANKLIN LEVI Skinner was the son of Levi N. &
Caroline (Van Winkle) Skinner

22. Large red granite
KATIE LEE HOWLAND, b. 10 Sep. 1902, d. 12 Nov. 1988
CHARLES ALBERT REESE Skinner, b. 28 Mar. 1892, d. 29 Sep. 1977
REESE was the only son of Frank & VIOLA (HOWLAND) Skinner
KATIE (HOWLAND) Skinner was the dau. of JOHN P. & LETTIE (Sutton) HOWLAND

23. A small stone with a lamb on top
FRANK, son of M.W. & V.M. Drew
d. Oct. 18, 1907 aged 1 yr. 24 days

24. A small stone
ABBIE V. Drew, 1897-1910
ABBIE V. Drew was "Abigail" also the child of Martin V.
& VILLA (Husted) Drew 

25. A small stone with a lamb on top same as FRANK Drew's
VILLA MAE dau. of J. & A. Jacobson
d. Jan. 8, 1907, aged 4 mo. 4 ds.
Dau. of John & Violet Abigail (Husted) Jacobson
(VIOLET Husted was the dau. of George Osmer Husted &
MARY (HOWLAND) Husted who was the dau of JOSEPH &

26. A stone in the shape of a book. It can only be read by shading
Left side Right side
d. Aug. 1867 d. Dec. 28, 1862
age 11 mos. age 3 yrs. 3 mos.
children of MICAJAH & CHARLOTTE F. Inscho
A single small stone has the initials JFI & MI
CHARLOTTE Inscho was the oldest dau. of JOSEPH & LUCY (Rexford) HOWLAND
JAMES F. Inscho would be the oldest grave in the cemetery. 
Perhaps there were unmarked graves, if so, I have no knowledge of them. FWW

27. Shultz, Leon L.
b. 25 Feb. 1914, d. 21 Aug. 1988
Tech/4, US Army, WWII

28. Kline, Kay
1938 - 1981 

I believe these are the last ones to be buried in the JOSEPH & LUCY HOWLAND CEMETERY. BGR

Submitted by Bradley G. Rice


This cemetery is located in Deerfield Twp. on what is called the Glen or Glenn Road. If anyone is interested in visiting this cemetery, have them contact me at:

Bradley G. Rice

RR #1, Box 670

Knoxville, PA 16928





Dora N. Howland died September 4, of heart disease. She was born in Chatham township, Oct. 7, 1856, a daughter of Henry E. and Maria Gleason Chamberlain. She was married to E.A. Howland, of Deerfield, Dec. 24, 1875, and to them were born five children; four of whom survive her: James C. at home; Frank T., traffic manager and assistant superintendent of the Willamette Valley and Coast R.R. at Cherry Grove, Oregon; Ford E. and Artie H. of East Rochester, N.Y.; and Eva B. deceased. Also one foster daughter, Nina V., and one grandson, Ford F. Jr. Wellsboro Agitator, 17 September, 1919.


The Agitator -  May 12. 1948
Mrs. Sophia Clark Merrick, aged 76 years, of Elkland, died Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs Ernest Smith. She was born in Deerfield Twp., March 18, 1872, daughter of Mary and George Clark. She was married to Fred J. Merrick March 18, 1896. She was a member of the Valley Grange for more than 50 years and was a member of the Methodist church and at one time taught school in the Gravel Bank area.  Mrs. Merrick made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith since last summer.  Survivors include one son, Lew Merrick of Corning, 4 daughters: Mrs. Mary Carr of Rochester, Mrs. Addie Morrell of Palmyra, Mrs Ola. Thurston and Mrs Emily Emith of Elkland; 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Funeral services were held Saturday; burial in Gravel Bank Cemetery.


Wellsboro Agitator March 8, 1933
Mrs. Emily Merrick, aged 88 years, died at the home of her son, Fred Merrick, at Gravel Deerlick, near Knoxville, February 27.  She was a member of the Knoxville Methodist church.  She is survived by her son and six grandchildren, Mrs. Ernest Smith and Mrs. Alfred Thurston, of Elkland; Lew and Reed Merrick, of Knoxville; Mrs. George Carr, of Andover, N.Y., and Mrs. Harold Morrell, of Rochester.  The funeral was held Thursday; burial in the Gravel Deerlick cemetery

Wellsboro Agitator February 22, 1939
John Parker Howland, aged 84 years, of Knoxville, R. D., died at his home Thursday morning, Feb. 16, after several days illness of pneumonia.  Mr. Howland was born December 3, 1854, son of Prince P. and Isabelle McKay Howland.  He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Kate Skinner and one grandchild.  Mrs. Howland died a few years ago.  Funeral services were held Saturday at the home at Academy Corners, Rev. Wallis H. Stevens of the Baptist church at Willseyville, N.Y. officiating; burial in Howland cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator May 19, 1932
Little Marsh, May 23 Mrs. Viola Skinner passed away at her home, Friday, May 13.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Lucy Davenport and Mrs. Ellory Watkins and one son, Reece Skinner, at home.  Rev. John Babcock conducted the services.

Wellsboro Agitator January 16, 1907
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobson, of Breesport, N.Y., died last Tuesday at the home of her grandfather, Mr. George Husted, in Deerfield.  Funeral services were held at 1 p.m., on Thursday.

Wellsboro Agitator - March 20, 1946
Fred Merrick, aged 74 years, of Knoxville, died March 10.  He is survived by his widow, Sophia Clark Merrick; daughters, Emily Smith, of Elkland; Addie Morrell, of Rochester; Olla Thurston, of Elkland; Mary Carr, of Rochester; son, Lewis Merrick, of Corning.

Wellsboro Agitator - March 20, 1946
Fred Merrick, aged 74 years, died at his home March 10.  He was born in Chatham, Dec.16, 1871, son of Emily Howland Merrick and Brad Merrick.  He spent nearly his entire life on his farm.  He married Sophia Clark March 18, 1896.  He is survived by his widow, four daughters, Mary Carr, of Rochester, N.Y.; Mrs. Emily Smith, Mrs. Ola Thurston, of Elkland; Mrs. Addie Morrell, of Palmyra, N.Y.; one son, Lewis, of Corning.  The funeral was held Thursday; burial in the Howland cemetery.

Death of Frank Skinner
Frank Skinner died Sunday, Nov. 8, 1914, at his farm home in Deerfield, after a lingering illness of something like a year with stomach troubles.  He was married about twenty-eight years ago to Viola Howland, of Deerfield, and they settled on the farm where he died.  Besides his wife he is survived by three daughters, Addie, wife of Elery Watkins, of Deerfield, and Lucy and Reese at home.  He also leaves one brother, Perry Skinner, of Nelson, and three sisters, Mrs. Rant Pride and Mrs. H. Everitt, of Mills, Potter County, and Mrs. Mary Phillips of Nelson.  His age was 60 years.  Funeral services were held from the house yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Angus, of Little Marsh, officiating, and the interment was in the Howland burying ground on the Merrick farm in Deerfield.

Wellsboro Agitator November 3, 1937
Knoxville, Nov. 2 Mrs. Lettie Sutton Howland died at her home at Academy Corners Oct. 21.  She was born in Deerfield, May 10, 1863, daughter of Isaac and Hulda Seeley Sutton, and was the last of eleven children.  On Feb. 4, 1895, she was married to John P. Howland, of Deerfield, and they made their home at the Howland homestead until about five years ago, when they moved to Academy Corners.  Two daughters were born to them, Nellie, who died at the age of three years, and Katie, who with her father survives; also one sister, Mrs. Rhobie Trimmer, of Sabinsville, and several nieces and nephews.

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