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Lawrence Corners Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice
December 1997

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Name of Cemetery: Lawrence Corners Cemetery
Read By: Mr. J. Kelsey Jones
Date Read: Nov. 1982
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Rutland Twp, Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Located at Lawrence Corners where Bailey Creek Rd. meets Rte. 549
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Adriance Bert 1875 1917    
Adriance Lulu 1877 1961   On marker w/Bert
Allen Ray 1895 1975   No stone, tin plaque
Allen Norman 1853 1940    
Allen Harriet 1855 1909   On marker w/Norman
Allen Lyle, Jr. 1942 1959    
Allen Frank N. 1890 1947    
Allen Ruth 1895 1958   On marker w/Frank N.
Allen Edgar R. 1884 1957    
Allen Olive G. 1888 1971   On marker w/Edgar R.
Andrus Clarinda   Feb.21.1849 23y1m21d w/o Joseph Andrus
Argetsinger Jas.   Nov.8.1878 79y10m12d  
Argetsinger Catharine   Sep.19.1883 85 yr w/o Jas. - On same marker
Argetsinger Elmina   Feb.28.1871 44y9m4d w/o Hugh Argetsinger
Argetsinger John   Mar.25.1876 2y1m5d s/o J.M. & Rubie Argetsinger
Argetsinger Francis F. 1911 1978    
Argetsinger Ida M. 1912 1978   On marker w/Francis F.
Argetsinger Ernest O. 1890 1962    
Argetsinger Lona A. 1893 1977   On marker w/Ernest O.
Argetsinger Frank W. 1836 1922    
Argetsinger Emma E. 1861 1924   Obit-7/20/1861 - 7/6/1924 (On marker w/Frank W.)
Austin Helen M. Apr.22.1832 Mar.17.1925    
Austin Elizabeth S. 1885 1974    
Austin F. 1873 1956    
Austin Edmond P. Nov.9.1837 Jan.17.1904    
Austin Ellen B. Jul.20.1850 Jan.19.1892   On marker w/Edmond P.
Bartlett Joseph 1840 1916    
Bartlett Similda 1846 1920   w/o Joseph - On same marker
Bartlett Ray 1885 1952    
Bartlett Lelia 1885 1951   On marker w/Ray
Bolt Claude 1911      
Bolt Henry   1935   On marker w/Claude
Bolt Susie 1913 1976   On marker w/Claude
Brace Eunice 1838 1883   w/o Oscar Brace
Brace Chas. W. 1847 1918    
Brace Mary A. Smith 1855 1927   w/o Chas. W. - On same marker
Brace Timothy   Nov.28.1870 83y8m  
Brace Temperance   Dec.22.18?? 74y5m21d w/o Timothy-On same marker (Marker broken)
Brace Norman 1819 1894   Obit-Nelson Brace died Sept.14.1918, Mill Creek-age nearly 83
Brace Sophia 1826 1892   On marker w/Norman
Brace Nelson E. Sep.22.1835      
Brace Betsey E. Mar.3.1837 Feb.4.1885   w/o Nelson - On same marker
Brace William Aug.1.1830 Apr.1.1909    
Brace Rebecca T. Mar.29.1831 Apr.18.1904 73 yr On marker w/William
Brace Willie D.   Sep.2.1864 6y3m15d s/o Wm. & Rebecca Brace
Brace Maggie May   Sep.9.1875 6y3m23d d/o Wm. & Rebecca Brace
Brace Edson 1843 1923    
Brace Mary  1842 1926   On marker w/Edson
Brace Adelbert C.   Aug.10.1875 1y s/o E.M. & M.A. Brace (stone deteriorated)
Brace Rosa S.   Jun.11.1880 11y3m2d d/o E.M. & M.A. Brace
Brace Flora H.   Sep.1.1889 12y8m d/o E.M. & Mary Brace
Brace Horace   Jul.28.1899 83 yr NOTE: From Tioga Co. Death Records
Bryan Asenath B. 1845 1878    
Butler Harold E. 1938 1966    
Comfort Truman   Mar.1878    
Comfort Betsey    Oct.1881   On marker w/Truman
Cummings Silas J. 1845 1913    
Cummings Mary R. 1857 1916   On marker w/Silas J.
Davis Lizzie   Mar.12.1872 28y3m2d d/o Ephraim & Hannah M. Davis
Davis James M.   Apr.29.   Stone broken - On marker w/Lizzie
Davis Almerin   Dec.25.1845 5y5m5d s/o Ephraim & Hannah Davis
Dubois Infant son   Apr.2.1872 11 da s/o Brooded & Edith L. Dubois
Durfee John 1839 1900   Co. D 16th PA CAV
Eddy Donald A. 1926 1967    
Eddy Esther A. 1919     On marker w/Donald
Ellis Irvin D.   Oct.5.1883 24y10m  
Ellis Ella M.   Aug.4.1887 29y3m28d w/o Fred Parker - On marker w/Irvin D
Fish James    Jun.18.1893 70y1m2d  
Gardner Hattie       Mother
Gardner Herbert   1939   On marker w/Hattie
Gile Isaac T.   May.17.1843 17y5m3d s/o Leonard & Polly Gile
Giles Joel R. Jan.14.1858 Oct.1.1911    
Giles Henrietta May.6.1860     w/o Joel R. - On same marker
Giles George     3 mo On marker w/Joel
Giles Earl   Jun.1.19?? 17 yr On marker w/Joel
Giles Hattie   Feb.3.1883 1y10m d/o J. & H. Giles
Giles Willie    Sep.22.1881 1y8m s/o Joel R. & Henrietta Giles
Giles Frank        
Giles Adaline 1857 1916   w/o F. Giles & R. Niles (On marker w/Frank)
Giles Herman Jones       On marker w/Frank & Adaline
Giles Ira  1883 1970    
Giles Eula A. 1887 1968   On marker w/Ira
Giles Doris 1907 1923    
Giles Wilson D. 1909 Oct.15.1983    
Giles Hilda R. 1914 1977   On marker w/Wilson D.
Giles John W. 1881 1966    
Giles Eva Mae 1884 1965   On marker w/John W.
Gould Infant Children   1909   Infant children of Almond & Luna Gould
Gould Philander 1849 Apr.25.1915 65 yr Died in Elmira
Hall Charles E. 1840 1919    
Hall Susannah E. 1841 1900   On marker w/Charles E.
Hall Harry H. 1867 1942    
Hall Ralph C. 1876 1933   On marker w/Harry H.
Haynes Emily A.   Jan.12.1856 32y22d w/o D. P. Haynes
Horton Jane E.   Feb.22.1874 47y4m27d w/o H. S. Horton
Horton Franklin P.   Mar.3.1854 6m26d s/o Harvey S. & Jane E. Horton
Horton Olivester   Sep.7.1853 1y6m27d d/o Harvey S. & Jane E. Horton
Horton J. H.   Sep.24.1866 64y6m24d  
Horton Irena   Oct.22.1881 72y8m2d w/o J. H. Horton - On same marker
Horton Charlotta   May.14.1882 2?y3m5d Stone chipped - w/o F. W. Horton
Jenkins John S. 1825 1902    
Jenkins Sybel E. 1827 1921   w/o John S. - On same marker
Johns Clarkie     1y10m17d c/o Sanford & Lucinda Johns
Johns Jimmie       Same marker as Clarkie-badly deteriorated
Johns Sanford 1856      
Johns Lusinda 1862 1929   On marker w/Sanford
Johns Myra   Sep.13.1880 1y5m11d d/o Henry & Celestia A. Johns
Johns Oley Levern 1895 1918   Seaman U.S. Navy - Died at sea
Johns Horace 1844 1927    
Johns Emma A. 1853 1915   On marker w/Horace
Johns Lucy M. 1898 1915   On marker w/Horace
Johns Emmet A. 1888 1909   On marker w/Horace
Jones Asa C. 1873 1925    
Jones Matilda D. 1879 1961   On marker w/Asa C.
Jones Herman    Sep.5.1898 19 yr Buried Lawrence Crns (From Tioga Co. Death Records)
Kingsley Jerome F. 1845 1911    
Kingsley Wealthy M. 1849 1926    
Kingsley Lepha M. 1874 1896    
Kingsley Harry R.   Jan.20.1893 1y5m11d s/o J.F. & Wealthy Kingsley
Kingsley George W.   Jul.25.1872 28y4m7d s/o D.C. & Henrietta Kingsley
Kingsley Dennis C. Oct.3.1818 Apr.4.1895   Obit says b.Oct.13-d. Painter Run on 4th-born.Rutland Co. Vt.
Kingsley Henrietta 1825 1910   nee:Brace - w/o D.C. Kingsley-On same marker
Kingsley Mary E.   Jan.17.1893 30y4m16d w/o Clarke D.
Lawrence Benjamin Apr.14.1786 Aug.25.1855    
Lawrence Asenath  Apr.13.1790 Nov.28.1870   On marker w/Benjamin
Lawrence Benjamin   Aug.25.1855 69y4m11d  
Lawrence Benjamin       Stone broken 
Lawrence James        
Lawrence Josephine       On marker w/James-No info
Lawrence William 1829 1901    
Lawrence Hannah 1831 1924   On marker w/William
Lawrence J. N. Jul.11.1822 Oct.4.1902    
Lawrence Belvia E. Apr.24.1823 Oct.5.1898   w/o J. N. - On same marker
Lawrence John M.   Sep.9/1851 3y2m1d s/o John N. & Belvia
Lawrence Frank M. 1855 1904    
Lawrence Frances 1856     On marker w/Frank
Layton Julia A.   Jan.29.1892 27y6m19d w/o C. C. Layton
Lewis Peter   Nov.19.1859 71y10m19d  
Lewis Jane    Nov.19.1866 70y7m w/o Peter Lewis
Lewis Martin W. Dec.27.1834 Dec.17.1903    
Lewis Sarah A.   Mar.16.1891 65y6m w/o M. W. Lewis -On marker w/Martin
Lewis Sidney T.   Apr.25.1890 68y10m  
Lewis Polly Seymour   Oct.1.1918 79y11m On marker w/Sidney T.
Lewis George F.   Mar.11.1854 2y10m6d s/o S.T. & P.S. Lewis
Lewis Infant son   Apr.10.1850 5 wk s/o S.t. 7 Polly Lewis
Lewis Gilbert B.   Jan.23.1849 2y8m s/o Sidney T. & Polly Lewis
Longwell Samuel K. Sep.16.1816 Jul.1.1895    
Longwell Asenath L. Jan.15.1826 Jan.29.1890   w/o S.K. Longwell-On same marker
Love Mervin D. 1907 1975    
Love Mary K. 1914     On marker w/Mervin D.
Lowery Anna   Sep.1903 65y  Obit from Tioga co. death records
Makeley John Jul.1.1801 Jun.19.1875    
Makeley Harriet Jul.20.1806 Sep.20.1876   On marker w/John
Makeley Hiram Aug.5.1832 Feb.4.1875   On marker w/John
Makeley Reuben   Feb.23.1904 71y6m  
Makeley Henry 1835 1911    
Makeley Susan  1844 1924    
Martin Jeff Robert Jul.25.1962 Jul.26.1962    
Niles Russell 1829 1901    
Niles Delphia 1843 1881   On marker w/Russell
Niles Jessie 1861 1887   On marker w/Russell
Niles Adaline 1857 1916   w/o F. Giles & R. Niles
Odell Ruth E. Feb.15.1883 Feb.5.1907    
Odell Normie       This stone beside Ruth E. Odell
Parker Ella M.   Aug.4.1887 29y3m28d w/o Fred Parker 
Parker Irvin D. Ellis   Oct.5.1883 24y10m  
Phillips Thomas Dec.20.1824 Jul.7.1905    
Phillips Mary Ann   May.12.1894 66 yr w/o Thomas Phillips-On same marker
Phillips Eliza B. Apr.20.1871 Sep.8.1880   C/o Thomas & Mary A. Phillips
Phillips Martha Mar.23.1869 Sep.2.1880   On marker w/Eliza B.
Phillips Thomas M.   1926    
Phillips Joyce M.   1930   On marker w/Thomas M.
Ramsdell Lizzie J.   Aug.9.1870 28y1m15d w/o J. T. Ramsdell
Rarick Virginia F. 1865 1940    
Rarick William L. 1857 1934    
Rarick Leo J. 1899 1971    
Rarick Lena M. 1907 1969   On marker w/Leo J.
Robison Richard Feb.20.1849 19y9m4d s/o Jacob & Ann Robison
Russell Abner W.   Oct.15.1842 10m25d s/o S.B. & A.T. Russell
Searles Thomas 1826 1903    
Searles Catherine 1836 1909   w/o Thomas - On same marker
Searles James 1867 1949    
Searles Ella M. 1871 1946   On marker w/James
Simpson Josie 1879 1970    
Sixbee Anna S.   Oct.4.1856 7y7m12d d/o Reynolds & Hannah Sixbee
Smith Dennis T. Apr.26.1823 Sep.19.1873    
Smith Marilla M. Dec.5.1830 Oct.5.1885   On marker w/Dennis T.
Smith Melissa J.   Jan.9.1849 30y1m10d w/o Dennis T. Smith
Smith Peter   Nov.16.1850 2m12d s/o D.T. & M.M. Smith
Smith Mary O.   Sep.13.1864 4y2m d/o D.T. & M.M. Smith
Smith John J.   Feb.17.1871 22y1m17d s/o Dennis T. & Melissa J. Smith
Smith Josie J.   Nov.1.1877 7y5m26d d/o D.T. & M.M. Smith
Smith Emerson 1861 1922    
Smith Addie 1872     w/o Emerson - On same marker
Smith Ruth E. 1898 1961    
Smith Horace J. 1849 1911    
Smith Sarah  1848      
Smith Freddie J.   Jan.5.1879 2y3m2d s/o Horace J. & Sarah Smith
Smith Bert J. 1880      
Smith Mary J. 1903     On marker w/Bert J.
Smith Clara E. 1880 1930   On marker w/Bert J.
Smith Nellie Stone Mar.17.1882 Jun.18.1901    
Smith Alice Dec.15.1873 Jan.31.1897   w/o Herman Smith
Smith Arthur B. Dec.20.1897 Apr.1.1898   s/o Herman & Alice Smith-On marker w/Alice
NOTE         Dates as given on tombstone-one or more must be incorrect
Smith Owen R. 1899 1963    
  See Brace        
Snell Elmer K. 1871 1963    
Snell Dora R. 1900 1969   On marker w/Elmer
Sowers Wayne N. 1898 1975    
Sowers Audrey V. 1902     On marker w/Wayne N.
Squire Louisa M.   Apr.13.1877 3 yr d/o S.S. & Alice Squire
Stickler Wm. Grant 1857 1938    
Stickler Nellie P. 1863 1941   On marker w/Wm. Grant
Stone Roy D. 1910 1941    
Stone Clara M. 1932 1935   On marker w/Roy D.
Stone Eddie C.   Jul.2?.1880   s/o D.W. & E.A. Stone (Stone deteriorated)
Stone Delbert "Bill" 1912 1982    
Stone Colie D. 1903 1976   On marker w/Delbert
Stone Norman E. 1868 1957    
Stone Millie J. 1871 1939   On marker w/Norman E.
Stone Velma 1913 1958   Buried on Frank & Ruth Allen plot)
Stone William A. 1875 1943    
Stone Bessie L. 1884 1945   On marker w/William A.
Stone Almon J. 1922 1922   On marker w/William A.
Stone Henry 1880 1919    
Stone Earl Ina Eva 1953 1953   Tin plaque, Horton Funeral Chapel
Stone Earle J. 1927 1963    
Stone Eva G. 1923     On marker w/Earle J.
Stone Joseph H. 1905      
Stone Celia E. 1909     On marker w/Joseph H.
Stone David W. 1847 1926   Co A 207 PA VOL
Stone Emma B. 1849 1927    
Stone Merritt 1867 1936    
Stone Florence 1884 1940   On marker w/Merritt
Swan Josephine   Oct.10.1849 2 yr d/o M.V. & Isabella Swan
Thomas Elbert C. 1909      
Thomas Eva Mae 1884 1965   On marker w/Elbert
Thomas Sandra Lynne Oct.9.1963 May.25.1966    
W J.W.       Footmarker-Stone disintegrated
Walters John   Feb.12.1869 72y8m6d  
White Raymond C. 1891 1965    
White Pearl E. 1896     On marker w/Raymond C.
Wood Rev. G. R. Jul.15.1849      
Wood Minerva M. Jul.4.1853 Sep.3.1906   On marker w/Rev. G.R.
Wood Georgie   Dec.5.1901 1y5m s/o Lamont N. & Susie Wood
Wood John 1870 1932    
Wood Emmet 1865 1929    
Wood Matilda 1863 1949   On marker w/Emmet
Wood Erven A. 1888 1929    
Wood Bertha B. 1881 1949    
Wood Herman B. 1914      
Wood Bessie A. 1917 1975   On marker w/Herman
Wood Leonard Nov.22.1902 Mar.9.1966   Tin plaque
Woodard Mary I.   Sep.28.1866 3m d/o J.B. & Mary A. Woodard
Woodward John B. 1824 1902    
Addendum Sept.1.1992       Current newspaper obituaries
Compiled by: Nelda Holton        
Name Age Died    
Brace Norman 75 Cira 1910    
Eddy Esther A. 69 Nov.9.1988    
Kennedy Rhenda J. ?? Dec.4.1987    
Smith Addie Makely 66 (Old O.B.) May.16.1938    
Smith Dorothy 80 Aug.10.1987    
Smith Mary J. 82 Dec.19.1985    
Stone Celia E. 74 Sep.8.1984    
Stone Joseph H. 82 Sep.9.1988    
Thomas Elbert C. 76 Aug.17.1985    
White Pearl E. 91 Jul.15.1987    

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