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Lee Cemetery, Chatham Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2006

Photo of Lee Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice
April 2006
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Lee Cemetery – Chatham Twp., Tioga County, PA

Lee Cemetery
Read By Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   January  & April 2006.
Location:  Lee Hill Rd. abt. 1/2 mi. from intersection w/Locey Creek Rd.  Chatham Twp., Tioga County, Pa.

This cemetery is now under the care of Chatham Supervisors.  They bid out the mowing, but there is brush that needs to be removed on both sides.  Also, sometime between 1978 and now, all of the field stone markers were removed.  Now there are many unmarked graves.  There are many stones that are tipped over and flat on the ground.

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Lee J. H. 1863 1919    
Lee D. H. 1839 1919    
Lee Minnie 1845 1903   w/o D. H.
Lee Mamy Nov.17.1873 Nov.21.1873   d/o D.H. & M.
Lee Amy 1844 1913   w/o Moses
Lee Sylvia 1816 1862   w/o Moses
Walling Mary B. 1811 1896    
Lee Moses 1813 1892    
Lee Hannah Butts 1776 1857    
Lee Seneca 1817 1847    
Potter Robert B. May.11.1803 May.30.1886    
Potter Adaline   Aug.21.1854 50y12d w/o Robert B.
Treat Peter Jan.11.1850 80y6m23d  
Potter Mary M.   Jul.8.1845 14y4m2d d/o R.B. & A.
Potter Lydia M.   Feb.12.1839 10y3m5d d/o R.B. & A.
Chappel Russel   May.5.1852 1y5m s/o Oliver & Phebe
Chappel Osmer   Sep.20.1868 6y7m1d s/o Oliver & Phebe
Chappel Maggie M. May.23.1868 Mar.19.1885    
Chappel Oliver 1826 1901    
Chappel Phebe A. Sep.27.1827 Jun.19.1885   w/o Oliver
Grover Jemima   1855   w/o R. Grover
Seamans Mary  1807 1855    
Seamans David 1826 1867    
Treat Julia C.   Feb.2.1879 4m24d d/o R.G. & Mary J.
Treat Ida A.   Jan.24.1859 3 yr d/o R.G. & Mary J.
Treat Joseph   Aug.19.1864 7y s/o R.G. & Mary J.
Treat Adelbert G. Aug.8.1869 Nov.22.1881   s/o R.G. & M.J.
Treat R.G. Jul.31.1832 Jun.4.1900   Co D 199 Pa Vol.
Treat Mary Jane Oct.15.1836 Aug.25.1887   w/o R.G. - On same marker
Kelley Thomas   Aug.7.1881 28y3m26d  
Hatch Ester   Sep.16.1850 75y3m21d w/o Samuel
          Slate marker - unreadable
Seamans Lucina C.   Sep.19.1871 35y9m19d w/o Silas R.
Owlett Martha   Nov.28.1851 50y12d w/o G.B. (older stone)
Owlett Thomas M.   Nov.8.1846 77 y  
Owlett Gilbert B.   Aug.22.1877 78 y On marker w/Thomas M.
Owlett Martha   Nov.28.1851 50 y On marker w/Thomas M.
Rich Dr. Wm. B.       Surgeon Civil War
Rich Lydia Treat 1830 1862    
Treat Sylvester   Oct.5.1866 64y5m21d  
Treat Lucinda   Jul.23.1881 76y4m18d w/o Sylvester
Rich Charles   Aug.24.1878 19y2m2d s/o Dr. Wm. B. & Lydia
Beard Henry E. 1859 1876   s/o E.G. & M.A.
Beard Martha 1832 1881   w/o E. G.
Chamberlain Joel   Feb.13.1869 73y7m7d  
Chamberlain Eleanor   Jan.20.1879 76y10m9d  
          Stone - Totally unreadable
Owlett Milton 1900 1901    
Owlett Lee   Jul.26.1881 6 y s/o J. & L.S.
Curran Henry  Mar.10.1807 Oct.6.1855    
Curran Sally May.26.1807 Nov.2.1890   w/o Henry - On same marker
Curran Corpl. I. J.       Co H 207 Pa Vol
Wass William 1831 1920    
Wass Mary L. 1837 1914   w/o William-On same marker
Treat Della L. 1884 1962    
Treat Claude S. 1884 1950   On marker w/Della L.
Treat Claude S. 1925 1936    
Treat Baby   1929    
Palmer Frank L. 1861 1935    
Palmer Ada Treat 1865 1916   w/o Frank - On same marker
Carl Eugene 1863 1917    
Carl Mary Alice 1868 1917   "Mother"
Carl Joseph 1897 1984   "Son"
Erway Rutsor P. 1850 1914    
Erway Martha 1852 1914   w/o Rutsor
Erway Jessie   Sep.24.1887 1y10m d/o R.P. & M.
Ransom Nellie L.   Jun.27.1887 23y7m18d w/o George
Johnson Jesse 1915 1990    
Johnson Loretta L. 1921 2005   On marker w/Jesse
Johnson Baby   1942    
Carl Augusta May.3.1859 Dec.9.1905   d/o L.D. & C.
Carl Francis Burr   Oct.26.1881 13y20d s/o Caroline Carol & L.D.
Carl Lounzo D. Aug.8.1834 May.13.1929   Co G 2nd NY Vol.
Carl Caroline Sep.4.1834 Mar.14.1893   w/o L.D.
Baker Nettie Sep.1.1878 Jan.22.1908   w/o S. P.
Baker Sumner (S.P.) Dec.15.1869 Uncut    
Beckwith Gladys 1899 1908   d/o O.E. & L.M.
Seamans Arthur   1901   s/o P.P. & M.
Dininny Belle 1870 1913    
Dininny Harold   Aug.14.1901 9 yr s/o F.W. & L.B.
Seamans Edna J.   Feb.28.1891 53y8m19d w/o D.P.
Seamans Charles E.   Aug.3.1879 17y6m19d s/o David & Edna J.
Seamans D.P. Sep.25.1821 Feb.16.1901    
Seamans Horace   Nov.16.1865 6y6m14d s/o D.P. & Edna J.
          Left Side
Owlett Mary Oct.28.1928 Feb.27.1866   w/o Thomas
Owlett Thomas Sep.23.1823 Jan.24.1892    
Owlett Martha J. Jun.27.1833 Aug.27.1914   w/o Thomas
Owlett Fannie A. Jul.25.1875 Oct.5.1908   d/o Thomas & Martha
Humphrey E.A. May.22.1824 Uncut    
Humphrey Matila Mar.18.1823 Mar.6.1903   w/o E.A. - On same marker
Chappell Robert E. 1845 1930    
Chappell Orcelia 1849 1915    
Chappell Edward R. 1889 1917    
Chappell Edna Oct.16.1884 Apr.12.1896   d/o R.E. & O.
Marmor Charles 1846 1910    
Marmor Rosina 1841 1890   w/o Charles
Owlett John Aug.1.1837 Oct.3.1892    
Owlett Lavinia Mar.10.1844 Aug.12.1912   w/o John - On same marker
Lee Almira A. 1825 1909   w/o A.
Treat Sylvester Dec.26.1846 Mar.31.1915    
Treat Sarah Dec.6.1850 Mar.17.1930   On marker w/Sylvester
Sweet G.D. 1866 1921    
Sweet Arminda 1834 1920    
Chappell Oliver 1852 1917    
Chappell Mary Etta 1859 1918   On marker w/Oliver
Chappell Pheobe A.   Dec.16.1890 11y11m16d  
Chappell Jessie   Apr.2.1890 2m16d On marker w/Pheobe A.
Calkins         Lg. Stone-No names but can tell there are graves there
Sehl Minnie J. 1872 1907   d/o T.D. & A.A. Lee
Treat Gerald R. 1914 1997    
Treat Libbie M. 1913 1982   On marker w/Gerald R.
Chamberlain Henry E. Mar.14.1827 Jun.2.1895   Co C 199 Reg Pa Vol NY
Chamberlain Maria Apr.30.1831 Feb.17.1905   w/o Henry
Costley Geo.       Co L 2nd Pa Cav.
Costley Levi Sep.3.1814 Mar.15.1891    
Costley Betsey Mar.15.1817 Jan.24.1892   w/o Levi - On same marker
Costley Moses   Feb.1.1905 65 yr Co L 2nd Reg. Pa Vol Cav
Costley Harry E.   Dec.13.1887 23y9m s/o Rachel
Gardner Leonard 1843      
Gardner Sarah 1845 1918   w/o Leonard - On same marker
Cohick Tina R. Aug.5.1982 Jan.5.1983    
Cohick Paul R. Apr.9.1928 Jan.5.1991    
Cohick Faith M. May.28.1933     On marker w/Paul R.
Costley Rosina B. 1893 1973    
Gardner William R. 1868 1952    
Gardner Hattie M. 1873 1917   w/o William - On same marker

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