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Lovell Cemetery, Clymer Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s and 2009
Photos by Donna Allen June 2004
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The first list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 5. and was done in the 1970s by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd's group.
The lower list was done in 2009 by Linda Cornell Reese

LOVELL John 28 Apr 1876 79 yrs. 6 da.
LOVELL Lorana 6 June 1871 73 yrs. 5 mos. 19 da. Wife of John Lovell
LOVELL Sarah 25 Apr 1853 88 yrs. 1 mo. 17 da. Wife of James Lovell
LOVELL Leander J. 24 Aug 1880 48 yrs. 8 mos. 8 da.
SKINNER Lydia J. 29 Mar 1865 Wife of F. T. Skinner
BLUE Isaac 8 Nov 1878 55 yrs.
PERRY Lucille 1916 1918 Dau. of W.A. & Nettie Perry
TANNER John C. Co. D 13th Pa. Inf.
TANNER Louisa A. 3 Sep 1828 8 Apr 1878 Wife of J.C. Tanner
LOVELL Ralph E. 1866 1928
LOVELL L. Lovell 11 Aug 1835 19 Sep 1902
LOVELL Wilmer E. 1876 1957
NIVER John Co. F. 184th Pa. Inf.
NIVER Howard 1893 1905 Son of Charles & Nellie Niver
PERRY Warren A. 1888 1956
PERRY Nettie M. 1890 19--
MANNING Gilbert 1842 1900 G.A.R.
MANNING Addie 4 July 1843 20 June 1909 Wife of G.N. Manning
MANNING Frank 11 Feb 1872 3 Dec 1907
HAND Frank 1850 19--
HAND Alice L. 1859 1914 Wife of Frank Hand
LAMPMAN Iva Marie 1934
NOT GIVEN Louis L. 6/1/01 10/1/02
GIGGEE Adelia M. 1858 1902 Wife of L.M. Giggee
PERRY Charles E. 1855 1918
PERRY Mary A. 1862 1933
JOHNSTON James E. 27 July 1828 20 Jan 1908
JOHNSTON Laura E. 11 Mar 1890 56 yrs. 4 mos. 28 da.
TANNER Maynard Pvt. Pa. Co. A 361st Inf. 91st Div. W.W. I
TROWBRIDGE Watsos 10 Jan 1866 76 yrs. 11 mos. 1 da.
TROWBRIDGE Mary A. 9 Sep 1845 16 Jan 1888 Wife of O. Trowbridge
TROWBRIDGE Onan 19 Dec 1893 53
TROWBRIDGE Jean L. 27 Apr 1870 8 Mar 1876 Son of O & Mary Trowbridge
TROWBRIDGE A.B. 1838 1910
TROWBRIDGE Dorr 16 Oct 1871 1 Mar 1955

These headstones here in the weeds belong to the Trowbridge family .William Baker is searching weeds for additional stones 

It is on the back roads between Sabinsville,Sunderlinville and Potter Brook.  Some tombstones spell Lovell others spell it Lovel.

Photo by Donna Allen 2004

Name of Cemetery: Lovell Cemetery
Deeded As  Lovell Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice August 2010
Location: Clymer Twp., Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates  41.86291-77.60069
Other Comments: This cemetery was partially plowed up by a previous land owner.  Stones were brought back and some probably didn't make it.  The newer part is mowed but the older part is not and many stones are broken and buried.  Some that were on earlier readings are now missing.
Number of Burials this Section Approximately   70

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Niver Howard 1893 1905   s/o Charles & Nellie
Several bases          
Perry Thomas A. 1921 1921   s/o Howard & Irene
Manning Addie 7/4/1843 6/20/1909   w/o G. N.
Manning Gilbert 1842      
Manning Frank 2/11/1872 12/3/1907    
Hand Frank 1850      
Hand Alice L. 1859 3/28/1905   w/o Frank - On same marker
Lampman Iva Marie   1934    
??? Louis L. Jun-01 Oct.1902   No Surname on marker
Foot Stone L. Y. S.          
Giggee Adelia M. 1858 1902   w/o L. M.
Giggee Loren M. 1862 1929    
Perry Charles E. 1855 1918    
Perry Mary A. 1862 1933    
Johnston James E. 7/27/1828 1/20/1908    
Johnston Laura E.   3/11/1890 56y4m28d  
Tanner Maynard 7/27/1893 5/20/1955   Pvt. Pa. Co A 361 Inf. 91 Div WW 1 P.H.
Niver John       Co F 184th PA Inf.
Decker Ida 1900 1918    
Tanner Guy L. 1868 1933    
Tanner Emma L. Clark 1873 1955   On marker w/Guy L.
Tanner William H. 1892 1919    
Tanner Iva M.   1896 Infant c/o Guy & Emma - On same marker
b.  14 Sep 1896
d.  17 Sep 1896
Tanner Mable I.   1905 Infant c/o Guy & Emma - On same marker
Tanner Donahue L. 1913 1930   c/o Guy & Emma - On same marker
Tanner Leander V. 1916 Infant c/o Guy & Emma - On same marker
Lovell Ralph E. 1866 1928    
Lovel  L. 8/11/1835 9/19/1902    
Lovell Rebecca E. 1839 1918    
Lovell Wilmer E. 1876 1957    
Lovel John Edwin, Jr. 1942 1999    
Lovel Nancy Lee 1949     On marker w/John Edwin, Jr.
Lovel John E. 1916 2000    
Lovel Mildred L. 1919 2005   On marker w/John E.
Horton LeRoy 1934 1991    
Tanner John C.       Co D 13th PA. Inf.
Tanner Louisa A. 9/3/1828 4/8/1878   w/o J. C.
Trowbridge Dorr 10/16/1871 3/1/1955    
Trowbridge A. B. 1838 1910    
Trowbridge Mary A. 9/9/1845 1/16/1888   w/o O.
Trowbridge Jean L. 4/27/1870 3/8/1876   s/o O. & Mary A.
Trowbridge Onan   12/19/1893 52y16d  
Trowbridge Watson   1/11/1866 76y11m1d  
Blue Isaac   11/8/1878 55 yr  
Perry Lucille 1916 1918   d/o W. A. & nettie
Skinner Lydia J.   3/28/1865 38y3m27d w/o E.T. (Broken)
Johnston Leroy C.   2/28/18??   s/o Ch's. & Mary
Lovell Leander J.   8/24/1880 49y8m8d  
Lovell Clara   8/10/1880 2y9m d/o L.J. & Jane
Lovell John   4/28/1876 79y6d  
Lovell Lorana     19 da Only found bottom of marker
Lovell Sarah   4/25/1853 88y1m17d w/o James
Lovell Celine       d/o L.J. & Jane - Rest unreadable
Skinner John N.   3/12/1858 11y6m15d c/o E.T. & Lydia J.-On same marker
Skinner Alphonzo E.   7/22/1855 2y3m26d c/o E.T. & Lydia J.-On same marker
Skinner Edith A.   4/28/1859 1y23d c/o E.T. & Lydia J.-On same marker
Skinner Lydia L.   9/13/1865 2m26d c/o E.T. & Lydia J.-On same marker
Skinner Samuel F.   5/6/1855 Infant c/o E.T. & Lydia J.-On same marker

Obituaries for Burials in Lovell Cemetery

Mildred L. of Westfield, PA Age 85, formerly of R.R.#1, Sabinsville, died Wednesday, June 8, 2005. Born September 28, 1919, in Alma, NY, she was the daughter of Glenn H. and Ruth Ann Hathaway Horton. On April 23, 1939, in Belmont, NY, she married John E. Lovel, who predeceased her on August 14, 2000. Mrs. Lovel and her husband owned and operated a farm in Clymer Twp. for many years. She is survived by a daughter-in-law, Nancy Lovel, Sabinsville; a daughter, Maureen (Leonard) Snyder, Fayetteville, Pa.; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews. In addition to her husband, she was predeceased by a son, John E. Lovel, Jr., in 1999; three brothers; and two sisters. Private Committal Services will be held in the Lovel Cemetery, Clymer Twp. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Sabinsville Volunteer Ambulance 16943. Arrangements are entrusted to the Olney Funeral Home, Ulysses.

Published on Tri-Counties  23 SEP 1997
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