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Maple Ridge Cemetery Listing 1982
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 1.
Reading Dated ca 1970

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscrip/notes
Baker Zanas S. 1815 1894
Baker Lucy 1821 1890 Wife of Zanas
Baker Rev. Samuel 1873 71
Farley Edward 1862 80
Cummings Lydia 1859 Dau. of Silas & Mary
Clair Nancy 1881 60 Wife of Elias Doty & 2nd wife of Wm. Drake
Doty Elias 1848 29 Note: Drake, Clair, Doty in one lot
Doty Morris 1818 1
Doty Thankful 1819 1
Drake Delbert E. 1862 5 Son of Wm. & Nancy Drake
Vickers John 1862 5 Son of Samuel & Magaret
Vickers Samuel Jr. 1879 29
Vickers Samuel 1816 1893
Vickers Margaret 1820 1892 Wife of Samuel
Vickers Margaret 1851 1939
Cunningham David 1871
Cunningham Mary 1860 37 Wife of David
Wilcox Hannah 1828 1858 Wife of Miles
Impson John 1844 1903 Co.G, 3rd N.J. Cav.
Impson Catherine 1849 Wife of John
Impson Harry 1884 infant Son of John & Catherine
Gaige Perry 1888 79
Gaige Elizabeth 1898 84 Wife of Perry
Gaige Albert M. 1833 1919
Gaige Phebe A. 1841 1927 Wife of Albert
Gaige Mary Augusta 1868 29 Wife of Jacob
Gaige Eva 1868 22da. Dau. of Jacob & Mary
Gaige Oliver 1868 33
Jewell Eliza 1862 38 Wife of Andrew
Jewell Cyrus 1865 83
Jewell Phebe 1867 Wife of Cyrus
Merrill Stephen 1860 NOTE: See bottom of page
Merrill Lucy Jane 1856 17 Dau. of Stephen & Saphronia
Codford Nancy Wife of Joseph
Wallis Nancy N. 1858 8 Dau. of George & Fanny
Gould Henry C. 1834 1891
Gould Lucy 1837 1900 Wife of Henry
Storms Calvin 1902 6 Son of C.S. & Feeby
Sisson Theodore 1872 57
Sisson Nancy A. 1880 62 Wife of Theodore
Sisson Carrie E. ROCKWELL 1860 1898 Wife of P.O. Sisson
Howl Frankie W. 1877 1880 Son of W.J. & Nettie
Howl Freddie 1880 1881 Son of W.J. & Nettie
Whippin Warren J. 1837 1916 Co.B., 137th N.Y. Vol.
Whippin Elsie B. 1841 1884 Wife of Warren
Insoho Annabelle Etti 1870
Spencer Isaac June 17, 1813 1887
Spencer Almira JEWELL Dec. 31, 1880
Spencer C.J. 1840 1862 Died at Antietam
Spencer Archi 1843 1895
Spencer Elizabeth BUTTS 1845 1918 Wife of Archi
Spencer E. Casbeer 1854 1893
Spencer W.F. 1848 1872
Spencer A.G. 1843 1895
Spencer Cyrus J. 1883
Spencer Frank A. 1845 1935
Drake Lena WHITTEKER 1886 1909
Clark Mary 1870 11 Dau. of James and Lydia
n n n n

NOTE: The Morrells were not in Maple Ridge, but on a hill in back of the meat plant, in town, inside a tall fence enclosure.
Morrell Stephen 1883 86
Morrell Saphronia 1884 85
Morrell G.W. 1887
Morrell Eliza V. 1841 1922 Wife of G.W.


A more complete liste copied by Miss Bessie Spencer, Millerton, R.D., PA 

Surname First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Inscription or Note
Storms Pete No Dates
Corey William No Dates
Gaige Albert 1894 ?
Gaige Perry F. 1896 ?
Gould Henry G. 1834 1891
Gould Lucy M. 1837 1900 His wife
Wallis Nancy N. Jul 24, 1858 8y 9m 21d Dau. of George & Fanny M.
Woodford Nancy Feb 12, 1864 Wife of Joseph
Baker Jane 1856 1867
Baker Sarah No Dates
Baker Mary No Dates Daughters of Zenas & Lucy Baker
Jewell Eliza V. Mar 2, 1862 28y 9m 11d Wife of Andrew C.

Published on Tri-Cuties 15 NOV 1997
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