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Matteson Cemetery Obituaries

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Name of Cemetery:    Matteson Family Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Mrs. Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read:   May 30, 1970
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located south of Route six on Lick Run Road. Closest town is Rexford.
Other comments: This cemetery is in excellent condition. A road encircles the cemetery but you can't see it from Lick Run Rd. History of Tioga County, 1897, pg. 447, we find, in 1838, Harris Matteson settled in Gaines, moved to farm on Lick Run 1863.
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Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription, Relationship, Comments
Field stone, here, with flowers but no names.
Schneider Matilda 1907 1942 Mother
Worthington Phyllis A. 1952
New grave here, no marker
Bailey John T. Dec. 4, 1944 Dec. 8, 1957
Lappa Kelly Lyn 1964 1964
Taylor Jack T. Aug. 13, 1927 July 4, 1941 Our son
Grave here with American Legion Marker; no name
Schanbacker Conrad S. 1861 19--
Schanbacker Grace 1879 1924 his wife
Jenkins Robert 1851 1919
Jenkins Nancy 1858 ---- his wife
Jenkins Tommy E. Dec. 3, 1881 Jan. 11, 1897
Hurlbert Lydia A. 1854 19-- Mother
Hurlbert Charles H. 1854 1929 Father
Hurlbert Merle F. Jan. 9, 1924 1944 Pa. Cpl. 107th Fld. Art. Bn. 28th, Div. WW2
Hurlbert W. Charles 1893 ----
Hurlbert Roxie 1895 1924 his wife
Worthington Archie A. Jr. Dec. 9, 1923 Dec. 9, 1923
Worthington Archie 1896 ----
Worthington Eva 1899 1920 his wife
Worthington Infant Son ---- ----
Hurlbert Nancy 1892 1912 d/o Charles and Lydia
Mattison Harris S. Oct. 16, 1892 age 75 yrs. 7mo.
Mattison Emeline July 12, 1819 Apr. 28, 1882 w/o Harris S.
Mattison Mary E. Jan. 15, 1891 age 43 yr. 4 mo.
Mattison Blanche Feb. 19, 1886 aged 2 yrs. 23 da. d/o W. H. and Ellen
Turner Vivian Apr. 9, 1903 Apr. 9, 1903 d/o E. E. and Emma
Mattison William H. 1846 1910
Mattison Ellen A.  1863 1954
Mattison Abram H. 1886 1918
Mattison Josephine Aug. 26, 1841 9-31-1896 note:9/31 typed as recorded lc
Persing John 1786 Oct. 15, 1885 99 years Civil War marker here
Persing Sarah Mar. 7, 1840 Mar. 2, 1891 w/o Reuben Persing
Persing Reuben no dates; Co. H. 46th Pa. Inf.
Worthington Ruth I 1922 1957
Worthington Amos E. Apr. 12, 1894 Oct. 21, 1952 Pa. Cook, Co. 20th Engineers, WW1
Two graves here, no markers
Hurlbert Carrie 1872 1934
Hurlbert George 1878 1944
Jacobs Kay Roslyn 1936 1938
Miller B. F. May 10, 1873 Jan. 5, 1935
Miller Addie Mar. 4, 1970 aged 82 yrs. 7 da. Guenther Funeral Home, Pirtville, N.Y.
Field stone, no names.
I want to thank you for all your hard work.  I have know the Mattison cemetery as our family cemetery my whole life.  The Hurlbert and Mattison Cemeteries are one and the same.

Stephen M. Hurlbrt  

Published on Tri-Counties  20 FEB 2001
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