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Name of Cemetery:    Maynard Family Cemetery, Elk Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Mrs. Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read:   Decoration Day May 30, 1971
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located Elk Township, Tioga, Pa. Leg. Rte. 58001 near Elk Run School House.
Comments:  There is a big orchard in back of this cemetery, some of the cemetery is well taken care of but the back and older part is high with weeds and since this cemetery is on a side hill it was hard copying. The cemetery was surrounded by a fence at one time. There are many unmarked graves; broken stones; field stones; no identification.

Originally published in the Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions - Volume Four

The Maynard cemetery was given by John Maynard to the community. The first to be buried there was John Maynard’s grandson, Adolph Winkler in 1857, the next was Jimmy Maynard, son of John Maynard. John Maynard's family and some of the other people buried in this cemetery were written up in The History of Elk Run. The sketches were furnished by members of the families.

Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
1861 1865 First a field stone with a Civil War Flag; GAR 
Hayner Bessie M. July 21, 1883 Mar. 28, 1890 dau.of Elias and Kate Hayner
Hayner Elias Jr. 1844 1894
Hayner Catherine 1845 ---- his wife
Purhen John M. 1854 1933
Purhen Carrie E. 1852 19-- his wife
Purhen Maynard M. 1890 1964
Maynard Wallies June 3, 1879 son of R.G. and J.E. Maynard
Maynard footstones W.M. and L.M.
Maynard Lloyd 1880 son of (not sure of initials) Maynard
Maynard footstone L.M.
Maynard Lloyd N. Aug. 5, 1881 July 15, 1882 son of P.G. and E. P. Maynard
Trowbridge footstone R.A.L.
Trowbridge stone broken
Trowbridge Gracie A.  1878 aged 7 yr. 5 da. dau of John and Martha Trowbridge
Trowbridge Jno. C. Feb. 28, 1879 aged 31yr. 10mo. 14da.
Maynard John Dec. 9, 1878 aged 67 yrs. broken stone, rest of stone (1878) is missing - see Maynard family
Maynard Abigail Sept. 23, 1886 aged 72 yr. 1 mo. 6 da. wife of John Maynard; see Maynard Family
Maynard Edward E. Dec. 25, 1878 aged 30 yrs. 4 mo. (should be 80 yr.)
Maynard Sarah M. Jan. 8, 1879 aged 80 yrs. 2 mo. wife of Edward Maynard
Ruggles Daniel W. 1833 ---- 187th Pa. Inf. Co. A. Civil War; Civil War Marker
Ruggles Zelia O. 1855 1907 his wife
A foot stone here reads Emma
A foot stone here reads J.H.R.
A stone buried in the ground
Farley Emily R. July 2, 1835 Apr. 13, 1892 wife of James S. Farley
small foot stone J.G.S.
Farley James C. June 27, 1835 Nov. 5, 1910 Co. A. 149th Reg. Pa. Vol.
Farley Ralph 1868 1896
Farley Homer D. Aug. 17, 1873 Apr. 26, 1875 son of James C. and Emily Farley
Farley Ida M. Dec. 30, 1863 aged 5yr. 1mo. 7da. dau of James C. and Emily Farley
Ruggles H.R. A flag Civil War, Marker broken; footstone H.R.
Ruggles Mercy S. July 1, 1870 aged 75yr. 7mo. 9 da. wife of H. Ruggles
Ruggles Zulema Dec. 7, 1876 aged 15yr. 7mo. 25da. wife of Joseph H. Ruggles; note:s/b 45, as she was 39 on the 1870 Gaines Twp census
footstones: J.M.M. and S.M.M.
footstone C.E.M.
Maynard Caroline Apr. 20, 1865 aged 13yr. 8mo. 25da. dau of Geo. and Lucreti Maynard
Maynard Sarah Jan. 15, 1879 aged 12yr. 11mo. 7da. dau of Geo. and Lucreti Maynard
Many footstones and broken stones and graves unmarked
Maynard John W. Aug. 31, 1862 aged 6 mo. son of Geo. And Lucretia Maynard
a field stone
Wheeler Howard C. Mar. 5, 1897 son of Charles J. and Edith K. Wheeler; a date given
Maynard R.G. 1851 --
Maynard Ettie P. 1852 1906 his wife (Mother)
Maynard John C. 1837 1900
Maynard Della H. 1851 his wife
Maynard Guy M. Feb. 7, 1879 aged 11mo. 14da. son of John C. and Della Maynard
Maynard James M. Aug. 11, 1877 aged 3mo. 19da. son of John C. and Della Maynard
Maynard Phebe M. Dec. 4, 1873 aged 30yr. 6mo. 27da. wife of John C. Maynard
Maynard Emily Sept. 29, 1896 aged 49yr. 5mo. 20da. wife of E.D. Maynard
Maynard E.D. Aug. 12, 1885 aged 49yr.
Schramm Martin E. Sept. 22, 1854 aged 1yr. 8mo. son of Martin Schramm and Mary; date must be wrong
Schramm Mary C. 1846 1915 wife of Martin Schramm
Schramm Martin July 12, 1839 Nov. 4, 1890
Schramm Francis P. 1814 1893
Schramm another grave; no marker
Furman Reuben D. Apr. 14, 1881 aged 9yr. 8mo. 21da. son of C.G. and Edie E. Furman; in well kept fenced in plot

Published on Tri-Counties  03 FEB 2001
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