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McIntosh Cemetery, Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1984

by Joyce M. Tice

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McIntosh Cemetery

Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Read and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones

On July 4, 1998, I (Joyce M. Tice) digitally photographed every stone in the cemetery and recorded the inscriptions on audio tape. These have either been misplaced or were lost in the Hard disk problem of November 98. I will eventually re-do the photography

Located in Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, on the north side of the Troy Fallbrook Road. This appears to have originally been a cemetery for members of the Covert and McIntosh families. The oldest dated marker is 1847. The cemetery is maintained. Markers copied May 1979 and rechecked July 1984 by J. Kelsey Jones. Single spacing indicates names on one marker.
ARNOLD J. Jacob Arnold 1857 1927
  Mary E. Arnold 1865 1901
BEARDSLY Seba E., son of Geo. N. & Polly L. Beardsly d. Feb 18, 1864 2y 5m 16d
  Clayton S., son of D. H. & Addie M. Beardsly d. Aug 6, 1871 1y 4m 6d
  infant dau of D. H. & A. M. Beardsly
BURGUESS Amelia Burguess 1923 1927
  Mary Burguess 1897 1931
  Ira Burguess 1895 1958
  John I. Burguess 1863 1939
  Gertrude A. Burguess 1876 1911
  Chuck Burguess 1907 1907
  Clarence A. Burguess 1901 - (no date of death inscribed)
  Elnor Burguess 1903 1906
  Johnie Burguess, Jr. 1905 1908
CAREY Creola M. Carey 1903 1936
  Clarence E. Carey 1930 1935
  baby boy Carey 1936
  Seymour C. Carey 1901 1977
  Joseph Carey 1845 1924
  Lavina Carey 1852 1922 
  James F Carey 4-10-26 8-7-83 age 57 (tin plaque, Morse & Kleese Funeral Home, Canton, Penna)
CHASE Charley W. Chase 1873 1927
  Wallace Chase 1837 1925
  Hannah Chase his wife 1842 1922
  Jane Chase 1880 1905
COMFORT Grace Tench wife of W. T. Comfort d. Jan 3, 1901 21y 5m 10d
COVERT Erastus R. Covert d. June 17, 1872 44y
  Malvina Covert d. Apr 1, 1899 60y
  Elisabeth Covert d. April 1865 35y
  William Covert d. Feb. 19, 1851 59y 2m 25d
  Jemima wife of William Covert d. Jan 17, 1868 77y 9m 24d
  see DeWitt
DEWITT Amanda A., wife of John DeWitt d. Sept 8, 1856 32y 5m 26d
(note by compiler - Amanda was a Covert and buried with Coverts)
F_________ H. F.
GOODWIN Charles C. Goodwin 1901 1915
  James M. Goodwin 1856 1913
GOWAN Zachary Gowan 1848 1917
  Nancy Gowan 1849 1935
HOWE John Howe 1813 1883
  Caroline Howe his wife 1818 1890
INGALLS Cassie wife of F.D. Ingalls Apr 10, 1893 Dec 26, 1918
KELCE Eli Kelce d. Oct 6, 1912 76y
KINCH  Esther wife of J. W. Kinch d. June 23, 1885 50y
  J. W. Kinch d. Nov 21, 1894 55y 11m 16d
  Susie E. dau of J. W. & Esther Kinch d. May 6, 1872 5y 10m 8d
  infant dau of J. W. & Esther Kinch d. Oct 25, 1870 2m 19d
LYON James Lyon Apr 13, 1815 June 17, 1885
  Calista Lyon his wife Apr 30, 1815 Dec 31, 1901
  Phebe wife of John Lyon d. June 11, 1872 80y 2m (broken marker)
McINTOSH William McIntosh July 22, 1804 June 14, 1879
  Elizabeth McIntosh his wife July 24, 1810 Dec 3, 1879
  William K., son of William & Elizabeth McIntosh d. Nov 29, 1854 19y 9m 23d
  Lewis S., son of M. E. & Martha E. McIntosh d. Oct 2, 1865 2y 11m 26d
  Lydia J., dau of M. E. & M. E. McIntosh d. Aug 13, 1862 7y
  Angeline R., dau of Mathias & Sarah McIntosh d. Aug 28, 1854 28y 5m 1d
  James T., son of Mathias & Sarah McIntosh d. May 28, 1847 7y 10m 20d
PAYNE Isaac Payne Sep 23, 1849 Sep 22, 1927
  Hannah Payne his wife Dec 22, 1847 Jan 25, 1900
PRESTON Herbert A. Preston 1898 1900 (buried Payne lot)
RUSSELL see Smith
SMITH Mary Russell wife of Wm. Smith 1827 1901
TENCH Mary Tench 1845 1913
  Oswald Tench born in England Feb 1, 1829 d. Feb 2, 1893
  see Comfort

Published on Tri-Cuties 19 SEP 1999
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