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Mourey Cemetery 2007
Farmington  Township, Tioga County, PA
by Joyce M. Tice 2007
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Name of Cemetery: Mourey Cemetery   A.K.A. Baxter Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: October.2007.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Farmington Twp, Tioga Co., PA - On Thornbottom Road
Other Comments: Family Cemetery - grown up to brush and many stones are down.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
McCallum Blanche 1886 1887    
Mourey Daniel 4/19/1817      
Mourey M. Eliza 2/14/1819 9/15/1898    
Mourey Ansel T.   6/12/1846 1y3m3d s/o Daniel & Martha L.
Mourey Savilla J.   1/18/1868 21y2m?d w/o Ira H.
Mourey Infants   12/20/1867   Children of Ira H. & Savilla
Mowry Elvar 1856 1873    
Mowry Floyd R. 1869 1872    
Mowry Wilford A. 1864 1867    
Mowry Edwin E. 1852 1864    
Mowrey Henry S. 1827 1922    
Mowrey Adeline C. 1834 1917    
Mowrey A. D. 4/1/1862 7/28/1885   s/o H.S. & A.C.
Vandusen Martha A. 1853 1873   w/o O. A.
Mourey Wheeler O. 1875 1904   s/o Ira H. & Fannie C.
Mourey Betsy E. 3/31/1873 80y7m13d w/o Peter
Mourey Peter   1/29/1866 75y5m29d  
Mourey Wm.   6/16/1850 25y4m8d  
Russell Harry A. 1884 1906    
Chamberlin Wm. 1840 1906    
Chamberlin Mary E. 1848 1926   On marker w/Wm.
Chamberlin Lina 7/4/1882 10/18/1882   d/o Wm. & Mary
Russell Omer 8/8/1862 9/7/1918    
Russell Belle 5/10/1863 12/18/1909    
Doan Angelia 1859 1893    
Kanago Sarah 1850 1909   On marker w/Angelia Doan
Russell Infants   12/1/1867 3 da d/o Johnathan & Mary
Russell Johnathan 3/11/1824 2/15/1897    
Russell Mary  3/17/1824 5/25/1912   On marker w/Johnathan
Doan Angelia 11/16/1858 5/13/1893   On marker w/Johnathan
Russell Henrietta 1853 1935    
McCallum Susan 12/25/1807 5/8/1901    
Daily Perry 11/11/1816 7/18/1896    
Daily Eliza 6/27/1833     On marker w/Perry
McCallum John    7/12/1863 13y6m8d s/o Wm. & Susan
Mowrey Sophia   9/22/1855 1y10m d/o Jacob & Eliza
Mowrey Catharine Isadora   11/6/1856 3y2m12d On marker w/Sophia
Mourey J. J. 10/16/1818      
Mourey Esther J. 8/29/1823 3/27/1894   On marker w/J. J.
Mourey Isaac H. 1852 1899    
Mourey Alzada 1860 1899   On marker w/Isaac
Mourey H. J. 6/12/1842 6/1/1888    
Mourey Ida & Eda   2/24/1866 2 da Daughters of Jacob & Esther J.
Mourey Peter J.   1/13/1852 9m4d s/o Jacob & Esther J.
Butler A. J. 12/3/1827 1/9/1893   2nd Pa Cav. Co L
Butler Kenzia E. 8/1843     On marker w/A. J. - This stone is down

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