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by Joyce M. Tice
This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume 3 reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and retyped by Alice LANDON Whetsel. The cemetery was ready by Lola WETHERBEE Frank in 1972. It is located on Route 287. This listing is VERY incomplete - We have a new one coming in 2005.
This Niles FAMILY Cemetery is NOT to be confused with the Niles Valley Cemetery

NOTE: This listing as published in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 3, actually includes burials from several cemeteries: Old Niles Valley Cemetery [which Lola called Niles Family Cemetery], Skinner Cemetery in Clymer and Lovell Cemetery in Clymer. Linda CORNELL Reese identified who is buried where, and I have added a column clarifying that. Those with an x are actually buried in this cemetery. [JMT August 2007]
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Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription
Borden Allen W.    3/28/1853 6 yr. 7 mo. Son of Wm. and Elizabeth Borden x
Fisk Benjamin S.  5/19/1808 illegible     x
Giggee Adelia M.  1858 1902   Wife of L. M Giggee Lovell
Grow Wm. J.    6/3/1890 43 yr. 5 mo. Could be 1860 Skinner
Grow Betsey A.  1826 1911     Skinner
Ives Eva Benett   2/6/1867 8 yr. 7 mo. Dau. of V.D and Ageline Ives x
Ives Edison   10/20/1867 2 yr. 5 mo. 18 da. Children of V. D. & Angeline Ives x
Ives Evaline A.     1 yr. 2 mo. 22 da. Children of V. D. & Angeline Ives x
Ives Michael   5/29/1868 2 yr. 7mo. Children of V. D. & Angeline Ives x
          Two bases here, stones gone.
Lovell Ralph E.  1866 1928     Lovell
Lovell L.  8/11/1835 9/19/1902     Lovell
Lyon Mary   6/23/1850 76 yr. 11 mo. 17 da. Wife of Augustus Lyon x
Lyon Augustus   8/26/1834 69 yr. 4 mo. 22 da.   x
Manning         Lot, no stones
Niver John C.        Co. F, 184 PA. Inf. Gov. marker flag. Lovell
Skinner Alonzo 1838 1899     Skinner
Skinner Mary 1845 1917   His wife Skinner
Steinburg Joseph 1826 1908     Skinner
Steinburg Irene 1830 1911   His wife Skinner
Tanner John C.        Co. D, 136 PA. Inf. Gov. marker flag. Lovell
Tanner Luoisa A.  9/3/1828 4/8/1878   Wife of J. C. Tanner Lovell
Wedge Mary Ann   8/21/1851 25 yr. 10 mo. 2 da. Wife of Henry S. Wedge x
Date: 9/15/06
Hedge Cemetery in Middlebury Twp.
Hugh Seely Located Cemetery
Hugh Seely GPS Coordinates
Location: 200 Yards West of SR 287
Access: Private

[The cemetery is located across SR 287 in the vicinity of the plaza south of Middlebury. It is up a private road and across a small creek which is presently washing away at the grounds. Mr. Seely made no attempt to completely read this cemetery of about 15 to 20 burials but he did note three names. They were Wedge, Daily and Sample.]

This is on private property and should not be entered without landowner permission. This is called the Old Niles Valley Cemetery. It is the same cemetery listed above.

Published on Tri-Counties 13 DEC 1998
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