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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 7.

Cemetery located on property of Clifford Ames intersection of Route 58046 ? and _______. Copied May 8, 1975 by Mr. & Mrs. A. Wm. Ladd. Cemetery is fenced in but in very poor condition, many many field stones are broken, some bedded in dirt, leaves and brambles. We copied the following:

Surname First Name  Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or note
The first two rows are filed stones and interspersed all thro the Cemetery are more field stones.
Palmer Abraham Aug. 2, 1850 71y 3m 5d
Palmer Hannah Mar. 16, 1869 85y 9m 26d wife of Abraham Palmer
Palmer Melissa Mar. 20, 1853 *note- age broken off, unable to read wife of D. F. Palmer
Palmer Mary J. May 7, 1870 47t 10m 11d wife of David F. Palmer
Palmer Celestia Feb. 1, 1854 7y 2m 3d dau. of D.F. & M. Palmer
Palmer Juliatt *rest of stone is missing dau. of David & Mary J. Palmer
Pease Horace Sept. 7, 1875 63y
Schofield Henry May 9, 1818 Mar. 24, 1878
Schofield Ann Aug. 2, 1820 May 5, 1865
Schofield Minor Dec. 19, 1848 Mar. 30, 1852
Schofield __________ H. June 10, 1846 Apr. 7, 1852
Civil War Government marker Abraham Palmer Co. G. 207th. Pa. inf.

Start obits here.

There are two stones out side the fence we couldn't get to. A high wire fence. Also there are two stones buried in leaves and dirt to heavy to lift.

The following information from Presidents- Soldier- Statesman P. CLXX! Soldier's Edition.

C.K. Palmer

He settled in Tioga County, Penna., 1846 and marrried in Middlebury Township, May 10, 1881, Jane Cloos b. May 12, 1852 in Deerfield Township, Daughter of Newberry and Cynthia ( Church) Cloos.

They had one son Harry N.

His father, Rueben T. palmer served in Co. A. 149th Pa. VI.

His Uncles, Griffin Anson and Abram Palmer served in Co. E. 45th Pa. V.I.

His brother, Ottis G., served in Co. F. 11th Pa. V. I.

The maternal grandfather of Mrs. Palmer was a Revolutionary Soldier, in the Continental Army, Luther Church. 

History of Tioga County, Penna. 1897 Page 792 Rueben Tower Palmer b. 1814, Bradford County, Penna., son of Abram and Hannah Palmer.

His father was a native of Vermont moving to Bradford County Penna., at an early day coming into Tioga County at 1830 and locating on a farm in Middlebury township, where he and his wife died. They were the parents of 13 children. Reuben T. being the 8th in the family.

Reuben Tower Palmer married Mary Ayres daughter of Marcus Ayres of Bradford County. Settled on a farm in Middlebury. Nine children: Otis G., Michigan;Chauncey King, deceased' Addie, wife of Wm. Carr of Michigan; Delila, deceased wife of Wm. Holt' Emma, wife of James Shutter; Hannah, deceased' Alzuma, wife of Silas Holt of Canton N.Y.; Lucian B., of Farmington Twp.; Laura, wife of Orson Daggett.

Mr. Palmer died Mar. 31, 1893. His widow died in her 80th year. She was born Sept. 11, 1817.

Chauncey King Palmer son of Rueben T. Palmer was born in Granville, Bradford County, penna., Dec. 12, 1840 He served in Co. H. 6th Pa. Reserve. He died Nov. 30, 1896. 

REF: 1850 Census Middlebury Township
Nov. 60 Farmer
Henry Schofiled age 31 b. born Conn.
Anna " age 31 born N.Y.
Fanny R. " age 5 born N.Y.
James H. " age 3 born N.Y.
Minor " age 1 born N.Y.
No. 94 Farmer
Geroge Palmer age 50 born Vt.
Silvia " age 46 born Vt.
George J. " age 20 born Pa.
Vine " age 14 born Pa.
Charles " age 8 born Pa.
Evaline " age 3 born Pa.
No. 95 Farmer
Joel Palmer age 27 born Pa.
Almeda " age 21 born Pa.
L. " age 1 born Pa.
No. 96 Farmer
Rueben L. Palmer age 34 born Pa.
Mary " age 34 born Pa.
Otis " age 12 born Pa.
Kingsley " age 9 born Pa.
Ada C. " age 7 born Pa.
Emma " age 5 born Pa.
Delila " age 4 born Pa.
Hannah " age 1 born Pa.
No. 99 Farmer
Hathaway Locey age 23 born N.Y.
Hannah " age 24 born Pa.
Maril G. " age 3 born Pa.
Maloy " age 1 born Pa.
Abram Palmer age 75 Born Vt.
Hannah " age 67 Born N.Y.
Griffin " age 24 Born Pa.
No. 100 Farmer
Horace Pease age 38 Born Pa.
Phebe " age30 Born Pa.
William " age 11 Born Pa.
Henry " age 10 Born Pa.
Lorna " age 9 Born Pa.
Jesse " age 6 Born Pa.
Abba " age 2
Born Pa. 
Subj:  Palmer-Pease Cemetery !!
Date:  9/28/2002 4:54:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  ChandJo
To:  JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
In Tioga Co., Farmington Twp. the Palmer-Pease Cemetery is listed.
I believe the location is Middlebury Twp.
Was just in Wellsboro and stopped in and talked with Scot at the Historical Society and told him my concerns.  He pulled out the old books and is also convinced.
Also talked to several old residents and all agree.
I grew up about one mile from the location.
Please talk with Scot at your next meeting (this is not a critical problem).
Your site is the greatest source of information (has to be the best in the country).
Chuck Briggs

Subj:  Cemetery Report - Palmer-Pease Family Cemetery
Date:  10/21/2002 9:24:02 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  SnowLee
To:  JoyceTice

I visited this cemetery on Sept. 29, 2002.  The following updates location information: The cemetery is located in Middlebury township, Tioga County, PA.  (It is about 1 mile south of the Farmington Twp. line.)  It is located under trees, on a hillside, on the property of Glenn Ames at the intersection of Route 4027 and T829.  It is not visibly a cemetery from the road.  Access is through the pasture and hayfield.  It is small, perhaps 20 yards square.  The cemetery is fenced but in very poor condition.  No stones are standing securely upright.  Because of the leaf cover, the brush and time limitations we did not attempt to read or record all stones.  I wanted to photograph Abraham Palmer's Civil War government marker which I did find, half-buried in the soil.

(I am still seeking documentation of the parents of Abraham Palmer, the Civil War veteran.  I do have his widow's pension papers.)

Lee Kinnan Fazzari

Published on Tri-Counties 22 NOV 1997
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