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Watrous Town Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2009
Name of Cemetery: Watrous Town or Bernauer Family Cem.
Deeded As 
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Gaines Twp, Tioga County
GPS Coordinates  gps 41.74344 -77.57806
Other Comments: Everyone in this cemetery is related
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  15 
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Barnhart Maryette   9/3/1871 46y1m10d w/o D. K.
Barnhart Samuel A.   6/20/1858 22y3m5d s/o Daniel K. & Maryette
Barnhart Clinton D.   7/8/1878 30y2m21d  
Bernauer John J.   2/27/1871 25y10m29d s/o Conrad & Sarah
Bernauer Henry   4/23/1852 17y4m1d s/o Conrad & Sarah
Bernauer Sarah   10/16/1865 60 yr w/o Conrad
Bernauer Conrad   8/1/1870 80y10m16d  
Bernauer Irene A.   6/17/1856 29 yr w/o Joshua
Smith Frank W.   8/30/1881 29y7m  
Smith Lorenda M.   5/8/1867 39y1m20d w/o Alonzo
Smith Alonzo   8/8/1867 36y4m29d  
Benauer Mary E.   4/20/1864 3y11m6d d/o Joshua & Lucy R.
Benauer Sally B.   5/4/1858 4m8d d/o Joshua & Lucy R.
Benauer Nellie L.   2/8/1864 5y5m29d d/o Joseph & Mary E.
Champney Lasina L.   4/29/1864 2y6m10d d/o Isaiah & C. M.

The following listing done in 2003 is in alphabetical order
This cemetery is located in the center of Watrous. There is a plaque on the fence giving information on this cemetery. The cemetery is just before you cross the bridge right along the Pine Creek Recorded by Donna Allen ,Micheal Lecrone and Wendy Baker  Aug 2003 Very pretty

Deeded as Watrous Cemetery. A.K.A. Watrous Town Cemetery. 

“YE Old Cemetery Beside Pine Creek “ Watrous Gaines Township Tioga County Pa

Plaque on Cemetery gate reads as follows :

 Buried in this small cemetery are some Tioga County’s first pioneers. They cleared this land with their hands and a mule or a horse. They first built log homes and later (post 1890)slab wood houses. The first saw mill built in the area was powered by water. Probably by Pine Creek in approximately 1840. They made a living and fed their families on the land that they cleared . They had to raise enough food to last them throughout the winter. AS you pause to reflect on this cemetery , remember that the pioneers of this area did not have conveniences we have today, here are a few comparisons:
  Today     Yesteryear
 Electric lights     oil lamps /candles
 Automobiles     horse drawn wagon
 Telephone     a fast horse and rider
 Refrigerator     a cold cellar
 Electric/gas stove    cast iron wood stove /fire place
 Power saw     cross cut hand saw or ax
 Paved roads     rough dirt road /Indian trails
 Snow plows     wait for sun to melt snow /ice
We could go on and on of these hardships they had to endure. But now as you stop and observe this tiny cemetery ,you could appreciate that you truly are looking at the grave sides of  some of the pioneers that were the beginning of beautiful Tioga County Pa. as we know it today Oct 1999.

This cemetery was restored by a local person that cared how hard it must have been for those first pioneers.

There are approximately 30 marked graves here . The oldest  Henry Conrad April 23 1852 the most recent  buried Barnhart Sept 3 1871. In addition there are many unmarked sites.

  Author of plaque - Unknown

 note none of the Watrous or Cole  headstones were found here today Aug.22, 2003 According to plaque last burial occurred in 1871 and they  died after this date They have been placed on the list as they were known to have been buried in this cemetery.
Name Spouse DOB DOD Age Comments 
BARNHART Clinton D     July 8 1872 30y2m 21d  
BARNHART Maryette David K   Sept 3 1871 46y 1m 10d Wife Of
BARNHART Samuel A     June 20 1868 22y 3m 5d Son of David K & Maryette Barnhart Sleep on sweet one and take they rest ,God called thee home He thought it best.
BERNAUER Conrad Sarah   Aug 1 1870 80y 11m 16d  
BERNAUER Henry     Apr 23 1852 17y 4m 1d Son of Conrad & Sarah Bernauer When earthly hopes shall fade away and die .We have a home beyon the skies.
BERNAUER Irene A Joshua   June 17 1856 29y  
BERNAUER John J     Feb 27 1871 25y 10m 9d Son of Conrad & Sarah Bernauer No earthly power could hold thee here though to our hearts thou be so dear
BERNAUER Mary E     Apr 20 1861 3y 11m 6d Dau of Joshua & Lucy R Bernauer Farewell dear Mary we will not forget rest unreadable
BERNAUER Nellie L     Feb 8 1864 5y 5m 29d Dau of Joseph S. & Mary Bernauer Earth hath one gentle spirit less but Heaven one angel more
BERNAUER Sally B     May 4 1858 4m 8d Dau of Joshua & Lucy R Bernauer
BERNAUER Sarah Conrad   Oct 16 1865 60 y Wife of
CHAMPNEY Lasina L     Apr 29 1864 2y 6m 10d Dau of Isaiah & C.A. Champney
COLE Carroll W   1899 1918   1st Cav. N Y Guards"Tombstone no longer there
COLE Grace W   Aug 19 1879     Tombstone no longer there
COLE John Roy   Aug 9 1872 Feb 4 1952   Tombstone no longer there
SMITH Alonzo Lorenda M   Aug 8 1857 36y1m 29d  
SMITH Frank W     Aug 31 1881 29y 7m Gone Home
SMITH Lorenda M Alonzo   May 8 1867 39y 1m 20d  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/01/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

This cemetery boasts a beautiful white picket fence and a statement on the entryway to the effect that all that enter should leave it as they found it.. Says there are about thirty graves, some unmarked. Ye olde cemetery beside Pine Creek  is in Watrous, Gaines twp, Tioga, PA. It was @ one time known as Watrous church yard  cemetery.   The building to the east being the church and  later becoming Reinwald's store.    It was later owned by Ernie Robinson who also operated a traveling store that went to the customer instead of waiting for the customer to come in to the store. The cemetery was also known as Watrous town cemetery, denoting it from the Watrous family cemetery on up the valley.

Note from JMT - This was submitted by Marylyn DEWEY Adams as Ye Olde Cemetery by Pine Creek.

* Exactly as written on headstone
**As told by local genealogists
***Ripley, Smith, Freeland genealogy
Smith, Alonzo d. Aug 8, 1857 36 yr, 1mo,29 da FATHER (supposedly son of David & Amanda Wright Smith--her family was part of Wright Bros)**
Smith, Lorenda M- d.May 8, 1867 39yr, 1mo, 20da  MOTHER (supposedly dtr of Henry Farnham & Lorenda Conant)**
Smith, Frank Wright d.Aug 30, 1881 29yr & 7mo  SON (father of Effie & Stella)*** 
Bernauer, Irene A. d. June 17, 1856 29 yr (supposedly Alonzo Smith's sister)** Wife of Joshua Bernauer
Mary E. d. Apr 20, 1864 3yr, 11 mo, 6 da  Dtr of Joshua & Lucy R. Bernauer
Sally B.  d. May 4, 1858 4 mo, 8 da  Dtr of Joshua & Lucy R. Bernauer
Nellie L. d. Feb 8, 1864 5 yr, 5mo, 29da  Dtr of Joseph & Mary E. Bernauer*
Bernauer, Conrad d.Aug 1, 1870 80yr, 10 mo, 16 da   
(Bernauer), Sarah d. Oct 16, 1865 60 yr  WIFE OF CONRAD
(Bernauer), Henry d. Apr 23, 1852 17yr, 4mo, 1da  SON OF CONRAD AND SARAH
(Bernauer), John J. d. 27 Feb 1871 25yr, 10mo,29da SON OF CONRAD AND SARAH
Champney, Lasina d. Apr 29,1864 2yr,6mo,10da  DTR of ISAIAH & CM CHAMPNEY
(Barnhardt), Clinton B. d.July8,1872* 30yr,2mo,21da  (G.B. on footstone (?)Date may be 1871*
" Maryette B. d.Sept 3, 1871 46yr,1mo,10da  WIFE OF DK BARNHART(sic)
Samuel A. d.June 20, 1868 22yr,3mo,5 da  SON OF DANIEL K &MARYETTE BARNHART

Published on Tri-Counties  17 APR 2000
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