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Pioneer or Old Dartt Settlement Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1969
Photo of Gravestone Art
by Joyce M. Tice

Dartt Settlement Obituaries

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The following list is part of the Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd series of Cemeteries of Tioga County PA – Volume 4.  This is West of the Charleston Baptist Church. Copied by Lola WETHERBEE Franke, Wellsboro, Pa. Aug 19,1969. Here, the stones are broken and weathered, copied as were
Note from Joyce M. Tice July 2005: We are in the process of reading this cemetery again. Many years ago it was determined that it would be easier to mow the cemetery if the stones were laid down and recessed in the ground which they were. I would imagine that this was the condition in which Ms. Wetherbee-Franke found them at the time of her reading in 1969. At this point in 2005 ALL of the stones but one are beneath at least six inches of sod. Apparently some of them were already invisible beneath the ground at the time of the 1969 reading. Linda CR is digging up the stones and reading them again. She has found more than were read in 1969 and many errors in the 1969 reading. I helped her also to confirm differences and we are finding errors in last names, first names and dates, so pending our newer listing, use this one with great caution. Also we have determined that the 1969 listing combines TWO cemeteries - Old Dartt Settlement and New Dartt Settlement. I have inserted the breaking point below. We will have this new information on site as soon as we are able.  Old Dartt Settlement Cemetery 2006
DAVENPORT  Cyrus  Mar 15,1848 69yr 28da
LEWIS  Thomas Mar 17,1850 65yr 5mo 28da
LEWIS  Martha  Mar 15,1858 60yr 4m 15da w/o Thomas
LEWIS  Thomas  Mar 10,1850 24yr 8mo 15da s/o Thos & Martha
BAILEY Justice D. 25 days s/o Royal & Melinda(may be Lucinda)
BAILEY  Asenath  Dec 10,1822 63yr w/o Robert Bailey
BAILEY Lucinda Dec 3,1822  37yr 5mo 29da w/o Royal Bailey d
BAILEY Rozel(Roswell)  Oct 24,1840 58 years 10 mo killed by upsetting his wagon 
BAILEY  Julia A. Mar 3,1850  45yr 8mo 20da w/o Royal Bailey 
BAILEY  Sarah L. d.--17, 1857 in 28th yr w/o William A. Bailey. Calm on the bosom of thy God Dear Spirit, Rest thee now, e'enwhile with ours, thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow. 
DARTT  Justus  June 16, 1865 84yr 6mo
DARTT Polly  Dec 13,1819  35yr w/o Justus Dartt Jr 
DARTT  Harry  Jan 8,1820 13yr s/o Justus & Polly
DARTT  Orvilla  July 1828 37yrs w/o Justus Dartt 
DARTT Oct 13, 1823 1 day
DARTT  Allin E. Nov 17, 1823 12 mo 3 da
DORT  George July 5,1865  25yr 1mo 5da
DARTT  James G.  Mar 8, 1823  38 years
DARTT  Horatio  Apr 1, 1851 1yr s/o John and Margaret
BAILEY  Ida  Oct 29,1859  8yr 8mo 5da d/o John & Margaret Bailey
BAILEY  1836 ---yr 8mo 16da
DARTT Lydia  Mar 30,1837 36yr 1m 23d w/o Cyrus Dartt
Another marker reads -
Kelley Lydia  same dates as above  w/o Cyrus Dartt
DARTT  Col.Justus  1757 1838 Revolution Soldier
DARTT  Hannah 1758 1844 his wife
DARTT J.W.Norris  Mar 21,1861 27yr 7 da s/o Justus & H.I.Dartt 
PARKER Daniel  Sept 23,1828  33yr 11mo
PARKER  Mary Ann  Feb 13,1842 --yr 7mo 23da  w/o George Parker 
WILSON Sarah Mar 26,1850  69yr 10mo 18da Consort of Daniel Wilson 
WILSON  Sarah L.  July 30,1833  21 years d/o Daniel & Sally Wilson 
WILSON  Isaiah (Isaih) July 1,1850  36yr 27da 
KEPHART Andrew J. 1842 1908 GAR Flag and holder here
KEPHART Polly Elizabeth 1844 1908 his wife
KEPHART  May 14,1868  Dau. of A.J. and Polly
CATLIN  Evoline June 28,1862 24yr 4mo 21da  w/o L.L.Catlin
BAILEY  Henry Feb 8, 1813 Nov 16,1890
BAILEY  Betsey July 8,1813 Feb 1,1882  his wife
DARTT  Henry N. Aug 24,1865 9mo 21da  s/o H.H.& Margaret C. Dartt 
CAULKINS  Maryette Aug 15,1825 1yr 11mo d/o John and Deborah Caulkins
? Irena W.  Mar 26,1883 18y 9mo 23da d/o Hiram and ---
RUGGLES  Rosette  1840 1875 w/o Daniel Ruggles
RUGGLES  Emma J.  Mar 23,1872 8mo d/o Daniel & Rosette 
REESE Martha G. Feb 7,1867 54y 5mo w/o Michael E. Reese 
? Maretts 32y 3mo 3da wife of ------ 
HOTCHKISS  Irene L. Mar 28, 1865 37 or 57yr 3mo 28da w/o Harris Hotchkiss. Note - 1850 Census shows:Harris Hotchkiss age 44, Farmer b. N.Y.; Irene L. 40 Vt; Sarah 14 Pa; Derias 12 Pa; Lucy L. 6 Pa
SMITH  Lambert M. Mar 4, 1842  30yr 7mo 3da
SMITH  Elnor
LESTER  John W. 1791 1860
LESTER Elnor  1791 1852
LESTER  Mary 1825 1861 GAR Flag here.
LESTER  Nettie M. 1859 1865
WARREN Mary  Jan 19,1869 w/o Hiram Warren
GRIFFEN Mary Mar 5,1862 72yr 4da w/o Julius Griffen 
GRIFFEN  Sandersco (?) rest illegible
Betsen Ann 1812 1905 his wife

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Section
Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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New Dartt Settlement Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1969
This is the breaking point between Old Dartt Settlement Cemetery (Pioneer) [ABOVE] and New Dartt Settlement Cemetery [BELOW]. In the 1969 listing they were merged as one. We are in process of doing these TWO cemteries again in 2005 and will present them separately when we have them completed. New Dartt Settlement Cemetery 2005
JOHNSON Dr. L.M. 1818 1904
JOHNSON  Sarah E. 1840 1933 his wife 
WILSON Isaiah Adams 1815 1850
WILSON  Margaret, 1818 1893 his wife 
Mother One marker just says
Evelyn One marker just says 
WINTERS  Benjamin 1917 1919
LOCEY  Sexton Mar 28,1919 Apr 8,1919 s/o I.J.and Vera Locey
LOCEY Ira J.  1885 1935
LOCEY  Vera E. 1894 1946
BELLINGER  James H. 1845
BELLINGER Martha 1848 1907 his wife
WINGATE  William Sept 8,1825 Oct 11,1902
WINGATE  Nancy  Jan 1,1823 Feb 3,1893 w/o W.W.Wingate 
WINGATE Sherman  Nov 12,1866 Feb 9,1867
LUDLAM Laura L. Apr 7,1897 Sept 6,1897 d/o S?J? and Louisa Ludlam
COOPER  Maude  Oct 14,1874  Jan 26,1892 w/o N.E.Cooper
RICE  George H.  1868 1946
RICE  Sadie  1894 1914 d/o George and Zillah Rice 
RICE Zillah  1872 1907 w/o George Rice 
SHORT  Walter Oct 24,1921 Pvt Pa.Coast Art. Government marker 
ABERNATHY  George 1862 1935
ABERNATHY  Ella 1873 1959
MOORE William  1840 1901
MOORE  Susan  1844 1920
WILSON Ernest B. 1881 1929
WILSON  George Porter 1842 1914
WILSON  Ella Gertrude, 1850 1918 his wife
AUSTIN  Fanny J. 1817 1889
GOODWIN  Clarence B. 1911 1955 Father
WILSON Hannah Adams  1814 1896
ROSE Rolland D. 1859 1930
ROSE Nettie A. 1861 19--
ROSE Leon E. 1881 1938 Father
GEROW  Dewitt C. 1848 1920 Flag holder here.
GEROW  Laura E. 1850 1932 his wife
GEROW  Edna G. 1884 1886
BROWN  Albert  Mar.1,1854 May 5,1890
BROWN  Hattie I. Jan 20,1855  Feb 28,1942
COLE Grant  1873 1913
COLE  Edith MORLEY 1886 1958
JOHNSON  Walter 1872 1897
CLARK Iola  1853 1897
CLARK James 1846 1900
PHILBRICK  John B. Sept 7,1881 51yr 3mo 5da
COMBSS  Charlotte D. Oct 29,1882 23yr 8mo 7da w/o E.C.Combs
COMBSS  Lee E. Oct 29,1882  1mo s/o E.C.& C.D.Combs 
NEAL  John  Jan 10,1884 68yr 5mo 18da
STONE  D.F. Dec 7,1877 40yr 4mo 22da
STONE  Caroline  1841 1895 w/o Dwight F. Stone
BARLOW  Lucius  Dec 31,1875 84yr 4mo 25da
BARLOW Miriam  Nov 15,1859 58yr 11mo 22da w/o Lucius 
BARLOW Sarah  Jan 19, 1856 22yr 6mo 2da d/o Lucius & Miriam
BARLOW  Henry  Sep 5, 1859 35yr 3mo 18da s/o Lucius & Miriam
BARLOW  Charles C. Aug 24, 1859 21yr 9mo 26da s/o Lucius & Miriam
LOCEY  Vine H.  1855 1914
LOCEY  Emma 1862 1919 his wife 
TIPPLE Arthur  1865 1957
TIPPLE  Emma F. 1865 1911
TIPPLE  Elida B.  Nov 28,1882  Oct 19,1904
TIPPLE  Emma  1865 1911
RIEBE  Angie  1882 1925 w/o George W. Riebe
AUSTIN  Leroy G. 1876 1937
AUSTIN Lawrence L. 1906 1931
CAMPBELL  Alberta P. Austin 1878 1966
POTTER  Talmadge D. 1876 1959
POTTER  Lula M.  1877 1954
POTTER  Vera A. 1901 1918
POTTER  Vivian N. 1899 1939
POTTER  Lyman P.  1843 1935 Co.A.187th Pa Vol
POTTER  Nora D. Apr 21,1844 Nov 14,1894 w/o L.P.Potter 
WILSON  Our son and Daughter
WILSON  Daniel D. 1956 1963
SCOTT  Lysander 1825 1868
SCOTT  Zilpha Lester 1824 1899
SCOTT  Louesa 1854 1873
SCOTT  Walter 1856 1878
KERRICK  Kenneth Aug 17,1918 July 15,1919 s/o C.E.& Emily Kerrick
DARTT  Myron  Mar 8,1892 7yr 7mo 2da s/o O.W. and Stella Dartt
DARTT  Orville W. 1855 1930
DARTT Stella R. 1860 1925 his wife
DARTT  David D. Oct 12,1848 July 5,1891
DARTT  Estelle June 18,1853  his wife 
WOOD  F.H. Nov 10,1839 Jun 2, 1912
WOOD Lydia July 17,1834 Feb 26,1902 his wife 
WOOD Mahally Jan 14,1865 Feb 19,1885 their dau. 
DARTT  Cyrus Oct 25,1800 June 18,1882
DARTT  Matilda Dec 25,1815 Sept 5,1889 his wife
DARTT  Albert J.B. Apr 18,1842  Mar 20,1878 On the same stone
HOLDEN  Hannah I. Oct 27,1846 Dec 11,1877
DARTT Justus M. Mar 26,1877 73yr 2mo 14da
DARTT  Clarina Sept 14,1809 Jan 17,1882
FRANCIS  Ellsworth 1859 1914
FRANCIS  Mary 1823 1913
FRANCIS Ephraim 1821 1887
ATHERTON  Marion D. Feb 26,1853 26yr 11mo 26da
ATHERTON  Harriett July 8,1863 23yr 10mo 28da
ATHERTON  Aurina Feb 20,1877 81yr 3mo 4da
ATHERTON  Achsa Oct 9,1861 62yrs
IVES  Horace  Oct 31,1821 Father
IVES Deborah his wife
IVES Theresa d/o H. and D. Ives and wife of
FLETCHER  William U. Nov 10,1877 28yr 10mo 2da
MARVIN  Maria S. d/o Rev. George Spratt, M.D.
SPRATT Jan 14,1815  June 23,1878
LENT  John W. Jan 13,1804 July 6,1893
LENT  Sarah Oct 10,1808  Aug 28,1890 w/o John W.
DARTT  George S.  Jan 7,1836 May 25,1911
DARTT  H.Lucretia Sept 3,1837 Dec 29,1889 w/o Geo.S.
WARREN Nov 9,1878  1mo dau of Elijah & Elizabeth
WARREN Hiram M. rest of stone illegible
LESTER  Nathan May 9,1825 Dec 28,1898
LESTER Lucy A. dates illegible w/o Nathan 
LESTER  George C. 1863 4yr s/o Nathan & Lucy 
YOUNG  Harvey  1829 1905
YOUNG  Charlotte 1835 1901 his wife
YOUNG  Evalina Feb 10,1863 6yr 6mo 21da d/o Harvey & Charlotte
YOUNG  Hallie Mar 2,1880  1yr 11mo 25da d/o H.J and Emma K.
WOLF Fannie  Sep 2, 1887 4mo 16da d/o H.M. and H.A.Wolf 
KLOCK  Matilda June 29,1876 34yr 8mo 22da w/o Andrew Klock 
DOCKSTADER  David  1836 1911
DARTT  Ella 1844 1916 w/o David 
Walter 1865 1874 their son 
AUSTIN  Clara M. Apr 30,1871 23yr 5mo 17da w/o James K.
DARTT  James G. June 6,1822  Nov 8,1904
DARTT Emily May 19,1826 Aug 25,1893
WOOD  Wallace s/o F.H. and Lydia Wood
WOOD Harvey Mar 29,1977 s/o F.H. and Lydia 

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