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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 
April 2007
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Name of Cemetery: Tioga Township Cemetery
Deeded As Tioga County Only
Read By: Linda Reese
Date Read: 2007
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice July 2016
Location: Route 287
GPS Coordinates N 41degrees 54.297'  W077degrees 08.842'
Other Comments: Also known as Hotchkiss/Prutsman Cemetery

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Goodrich Wm. Henry 6/7/18?? 7y11d s/o J.M. & Harriet
Johnson Arthur 5/2/1863 2y2m27d s/o Waldron & Ellen
Pinkham Tobias 3/28/1841 3y11d s/o Tobias & Martha
Goodrich John J. 11/18/1829 13m9d s/o James & Deborah
Prutsman Plinna P. 9/8/1836 3m16d s/o John & Phebe
Prutsman Elias 3/27/1837 17y2m27d s/o John & Phebe
Prutsman Mary L. 12/15/1841 3y1m5d d/o John & Phebe
Prutsman Abram 8/31/1854 29y4m4d
Prutsman Eunis 1/18/1833 14 yr d/o Jacob & Mary
Smith Sarah 4/14/1840 29y2m w/o David
Pinkham Tobias, Rev. 8/17/1843 42y3m23d
Westbrook Rachel O. 3/30/1841 2y7m6d d/o Thomas & Catherine
Footstone M. P.
??? Sarah d/o J.& E. Wallace/ w/o ??? (part of marker missing)
Hill Bayard H. 3/7/1841 5y3m27d s/o Hiram K. & Sarah
Sisson Louisa J. 3/23/1850 1y2m13d d/o Charles & Lovina
Miller Jeremiah 1862 85 yr Marker not found this reading…
Miller Sally 10/3/1862 75y8m18d w/o Jeremiah
Ford Sarah E. 4/19/1841 25d d/o Henry & Marian
Ford Martha A. 8/15/1844 3m4d d/o Henry & Maria
Ford Benj. F. 8/2/1843 17 da s/o Henry & Maria (on marker w/Martha A.)
Eaton Elmira 5/3/1851 11y3m5d d/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth
Roberts Barnabas 1/13/1855 48y10m8d
Whitehead Delos J. 5/19/1858 14y5m29d s/o S. & D.
Whitehead Delilah 1/28/1860 52y8m6d w/o Stephen
Richardson Hellen 7/31/1889 82 yr w/o David
Moore Harriet E. 17 yr No other info
Jones Annis 11/27/1854 29 yr Killed by falling tree
Jack Emma 11/2/1863 5y1m24d (5 yr may be 7 yr) d/o John & Sarah
Jack Ellen 11/2/1863 9y1m1d d/o John & Sarah -on marker w/Emma
Dillistin Elizabeth 2/27/1857 77 yr w/o John
1/11/1858 1y5m17d Top of marker gone
Foot Stone S.M.K.
McKinney Samuel 10/20/1857 62y6m2d
McKinney Edwin R. 6/25/1855 30y6m21d s/o Samuel & Sally
McKinney Sally 4/4/1857 77y1m2d w/o Samuel
McKinney Mary J. 7/9/1853 23y9m3d d/o Samuel & Sally
Fisk Lyman 3/17/1857 51y8m6d
Fisk Maria 7/28/1853 14y1m2d d/o Lyman & Betsey (on marker w/Lyman)
Aiken Mary J. 4/15/1853 25y1m26d w/o D. L.
Aiken William J. 5/27/1853 s/o D.L. & M.J. (on marker w/Mary J.)
Aiken John 4/9/1842 77 yr
Aiken Anna 1/11/1844 74 yr w/o John - on same marker
Burtch Mary E. Frost 9/19/1848 22y2m26d w/o George M.
Brown Nicholas 1/8/1877 75 yr
Brown Mary A. 1/16/1882 45 yr
Pickering Phebe 8/7/1850 4y5m11d d/o Hiram & Sally A.
Chambers Mary Ann 3/16/1853 44 yr
Bush Catherine 4/6/1843 19y22d d/o Zachariah & Mary Ann
Mann Thomas 6/2/1856 80 yr
Mann Isaac 2/5/1864 44y8m5d
Blossom Levinna 12/26/1856 82y8m w/o Benjamin of Salem N.Y.
Edwards William 8/6/1852 11 mo s/o A. & L.J.
Kingsley Lucy Ann 8/8/1851 38 yr w/o John H.
Wells Orrin A. 8/21/1856 1y8m c/o O.B. & P.A. (on same marker)
Wells Isabela 3/23/1856 1y4m c/o O.B. & P.A. (on same marker)
Gillett Sarah A. 3/4/1851 1y7m26d d/o Alonzo & Rachel
Beckwith Julia Ann 4/15/1852 37 yr w/o Sylvester
Beckwith Alfred 5/3/1841 54 YR
Moore Anna M. 5/12/1843 29y3m w/o Joseph
Mann Harriet 8/21/1860 46y8m15d w/o George B.
Ingham Chauncey 10/23/1856 72y10m21d
Smith Catherine S. 1/31/1846 14y3m7d d/o Butler & Sally
Hotchkiss Catherine 2/20/1846 33y10m14d w/o Harris
Footstone D. H. H.
Dunham Josiah 8/29/1852 78y2m28d
Hotchkiss Harris 11/21/1854 96 yr Rev. War - U.S. Navy
Hotchkiss Lucy K. 8/27/1853 84 yr w/o Harris
Fish Isaac 5/16/1832 1y3m23d s/o Joseph & Lucina
Footstone A. B.
Daggett Maryett 7/3/1852 3y9m d/o Allen & Clarissa
Franklin John 5/7/1848 59y8m22d
Crane Julia M. 5/18/1852 1y9m1d d/o G. & Nancy L.
Broken Marker
Prutsman Willis H. 4/8/1841 Twin sons of Abram & Mariah
Prutsman Wilbur H. 5/3/1841 Twin sons of Abram & Mariah-on same marker
Bogart Wesley 5/5/1845 8y5m1d s/o S. & L.
Mann Clarissa 3/25/1840 24y6m15d w/o Arvine C.
Martin Sophie d/o W.A. & Jerusha -Rest of marker gone
Footstone ? H
Ona ? 1851
Wilcox Eunice 5/5/1848 53y6m13d w/o Joseph
These markers on old reading but not found this reading
Eaton Nathaniel 1841 2 yr s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth
Elsworth John 1854 16 yr s/o S. & Sarah
Holton George E. 1845 6 mo. s/o Caleb & Jane

The following list is part of the Rhoda Ladd series of Cemeteries of Tioga County PA – Volume 1
Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
West of Tioga township, on Route 287, recently made visible by cutting of weeds and scrub trees. 

Note from JMT 2007 -- This is referred to in older books as the Tioga Village Cemetery. There are some significant errors in this listing. We are in process of preparing a new one with some changes and LCR has also dug up several large stones that had never been read including four from the McKinney family.
Global Positioning Coordinates - N 41degrees 54.297'  W077degrees 08.842'
Surname First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Inscription or Note
Aiken Mary J.   1853 62yrs Wife of D.L.
Beckwith Alfred   1841 54yrs  
Beckwith Julia   1852 37yrs Wife of Sylvester
Brown Nicholas   1877 75yrs "Father"
Brown Mary A.   1882 45 or75 yrs? "Mother"
Burtch or Burton Mary E. FROST   1848 22yrs Wife of George
Bush Catherine   1813 18yrs Dau. of Zachariah & Mary A.
Chambers Mary A.   1853 44yrs  
Daggett Maryett   1852 3yrs Dau. of Allen & Clarissa
Dunham Josiah   1852 78yrs  
Eaton Nathaniel   1841 2yrs Son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth
Ellis Oren A.   June 21, 1856 ? Son of D.B. & P.E.
Ellis Isabella   1855 ? Dau. of D.B. & P.E.
Elsworth John   1854 16yrs Son of S. & Sarah
Fish Lyman   1853 51yrs  
Fish Maria   1853 14yrs Dau. of Lyman & Betsey
Franklin John   1818 59yrs  
Goodridge William Henry   ?   Son of M. & Harriett
Hill Bayard H.   1841 5yrs Son of Hiram & Sarah
Holton George E. ? 1845 6mos Son of Caleb & Jane
Hotchkiss Harris   1851 96yrs Revolutionary War; U.S. Navy
Hotchkiss Catherine   1846 33yrs Wife of Harris
Hotchkiss Lucy K.   1853 81yrs Wife of Harris
Johnson Arthur   1863 2yrs Son of Waldron & Ellen
Jones Annis   1854 29yrs Killed by falling tree
Kingsley Lucy Ann   1851 38yrs  
Mann Clarissa   1840 24yrs Wife of Arvine
Mann Harriett   1860 46yrs Wife of George
McKinney ?   ?   (Only the base stone left, rest missing)
Miller Jeremiah   1862 85yrs  
Miller Sally   1863 75yrs Wife of Jeremiah
Moore Anna M.   1843 42yrs Wife of Joseph
Pickering Phebe   1850 11yrs Dau. of Hiram & Sally
Pinkham Rev. Tobias   1843 42yrs  
Pinkham Tobias   1841 3yrs Son of Tobias & Martha
Pinkham Mary   1841 3yrs Dau. of John & Phoebe
Prutsman Elias   1837 ? Son of John & Phoebe
Prutsman Eunice (Eunis)   1833 14yrs Dau. of Jacob & Mary
Prutsman Willis   1841    
Prutsman Wilbur   1841   Willis & Wilbur, sons of Abram & Maria
Richardson Helen   1889 82yrs Wife of David
Roberts Barnabas   1855 48yrs  
Sisson Colissa   1850 1yr Dau. of Harley & Lovina
Smith Sarah   1840 29yrs Wife of David
Smith Catherine   1846 14yrs Dau. of Butler & Sally
Soudeile Sarah   ?   Dau. of J. & E. WALLACE
Wallace Sarah ?     (See SOUDEILE)
Westbrook Rachel O.   1841 2yrs Dau. of Thos. & Catherine
Whitehead Delilah   1860 52yrs Wife of Stephen
Whitehead Delos   1858 14yrs  
From the Tioga Eagle, Wellsboro, PA; 8 Sept. 1853:
"In Tioga township in the 27th [of Aug], Mrs. Lucy Hotchkiss in the 85th year of her age.  Consort of Harris Hotchkiss, Mrs. Hotchkiss was one of the first who settled on the banks of the Tioga River, nearly 50 years ago.  She lived to a ripe old age. Respected by an extensive circle of friends and died surrounded by a large family of children, 19 in number, nearly all of whom are residents of this county.  Mr. Hotchkiss is still living, now bereft of the partner and choice of his youth who journeyed with him through life for so many years."

Tioga Eagle - Dec. 7, 1854 issue: Died at Tioga, on the 23rd ultimo, Mr. Harris Hotchkiss, aged 96 years, a soldier of the Revolution. He was born in New Haven, Conn. in the year 1758. As a soldier of our Revolution he fought gallantly for our liberties, was a prisoner in the prison ship and sugar house in New York.

Published on Tri-Counties  10 DEC 1998
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