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Quaker Cemetery,  Knoxville,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s
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Quaker Cemetery

Knoxville Borough ,TIOGA COUNTY, PA. 
This is from
Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd  

Copied by Miss Bessie Spencer, Retta BOSTWICK Perry and Mr. Gene Seeley. Copied August 11, 1956. From DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP CEMETERIES by Eugene A. Seeley, in a booklet 'Old Deerfield 1814-1964'. The Quaker Burying ground, now in Knoxville, is marked by a Historical Marker, simply-Quaker Burying Ground, 1817-1882. Was originally located in Deerfield Township since Knoxville was not incorporated until 1851. On April 24, 1817, ZADOC BOWEN sold to JOSEPH COLVIN and GEORGE MARTIN of Troupsburg, N.Y., two acres of land for the sum of $50.00 to be used as a burying ground. Joseph Colvin and George Martin were acting as Trustees, appointed by the Society of Friends in Deerfield, to secure land for Meeting House and burying ground. This land was located where Main and Seeley streets met, and the section used as burying ground is maintained by the Borough of Knoxville, today. Earliest burials before 1819, just plain head stones were used. In 1820 - 1830, Friends were only allowed to use field stones with initials and year of death cut in. Family lots were not used, but bodies were placed in a row, as the died. From 1840 - 1850, low plain carved stones were permitted. Earliest recorded date was that of Abigail, wife of Eleazer Clark, 1824. The most recent, Pearl Clark, 1882. Of the 57 burials recorded in 1956, those of Bowen, Clark, Howland, Pease and Seely played a role in Deerfield History. This number was probably only a partial listing of interments. The tombstones have been removed and are piled at the rear of the lot. It has a park like look with settings of flowers and shrubbery. The Wellsboro Chapter of D.A.R. have placed bronze markers and flags by the Quaker Cemetery plaque, honoring Revolutionary Soldiers buried here. 
BOWEN Emmer   3rd day of the 5th month, 1841 aged 71y 29da  
BOWEN Huldah 9th day of 7th month, 1847 72yr 8mo 22da wife of Emmer
BOWEN Nancy A.   Apr 17, 1866 ?yr 9mo 7da wife of Emmer F. Bowen
BOWEN George   Jul 1, 1866 4mo 15da their son, on stone with Nancy
BOWEN Rosel C.   Sep 18, 1850 6yr 8mo 8da son of Emmer and Nancy
BOWEN Martin   Jun 5, 1858 69yr 7mo 10 da  
BOWEN Freelove   Dec 5, 1846 31yr 6mo 7da  
BOWEN Freelove J.   Feb 14, 1852 25yr 8mo dau of Martin and Freelove
BOWEN Phebe W.   Jun 18, 1849 17yr 6mo 1da dau of Martin and Freelove Bowen
BOWEN Lucy   Mar 18, 1847   dau of Martin and Freelove Bowen
BOWEN- Ruth King   Sep 9, 1851 21yr 3mo 17da dau of Martin and Freelove Bowen, wife of Allen King
CLARK Eleazer   Oct 6, 1862 74yr 1 da  
CLARK Abigail   Oct 16, 1824 35yr 4mo 25da wife of Eleazer
CLARK Rosoman   Jul 4, 1875 70yr 10mo 28da wife of Eleazer Clark
CLARK Pearl   Feb 2, 1882 1yr 16da dau of G.W. and M.A. Clark
COSTLEY Charles E.   Dec 11, 1871 2yr 2mo 24da son of M. and R. Costley
FAIRCHILDS Sarah   Oct 26, 1866 33yr 7mo 29da wife of Frank L.
FRASER Allen   Jun 17, 1872 74yr  
FRASER Ann   Jul 10, 1881 79yr wife of Allen
HAWLEY Frankie F.   Jul 9, 1863 3yr 8mo 5da  
HAWLEY Gertie F.   Mar 6, 1863 3yr 8mo 12da  
HAYNOR- Annie   Dec 28, 1856 39yr 3mo 28da dau of Luman Stevens and wife of Wm. Haynor? 
STEVENS         (There is a question mark by Haynor)
HOWLAND John   May 13, 1835 91yr  
HOWLAND Lois   Dec 25, 1825 70yr wife of John
KING Sally   Apr 28, 1845 45yr 1mo 24da wife of Prince King
LEE Thomas D.   Nov 7, 1845 25yr 8mo 25da  
LOGBRY Rhoda   Jun 8, 1864 11yr 6mo 20da dau of Isaac & Helen M. Logbry
MARKHAM Samuel   Mar 5, 1873 58yr  
MATTESON Sarah E.   Mar 9, 1863 34yr 9mo 26da wife of Doct. G.W.Matteson
PEASE Abram Apr 10, 1796 Jul 16, 1878    
PEASE Ralph A.   Apr 26, 1868 25yr 8mo 14da son of Abraham & Cynthia
PEASE Lewis   Jun 4, 1858 18yr 2mo 24da son of Abraham & Cynthia
PEASE Ezra   Jun 4, 1<56 18yr 2mo 24da son of Abraham & Cynthia
PEASE Samuel S.   Oct 2, 1841 14yr 10mo son of Abraham & Cynthia
PHILLIPS Mary Bell   Sep 1, 1872 1yr 2mo 18da dau of Dr. C.M. and J.P. Phillips
 SEELY Ebenezer   Jun 23, 1837 81yr 2mo 27da
SEELY Mabel   May 27, 1839 82yr 9mo 17da wife of E. (Her name was Mehitabel)
SEELY Almira   Nov 8, 1869 49yr 8mo 8da wife of Ebenezer Seely
SEELY Elanson   Dec 27, 1866 73yr 9mo 1da  
SEELY Julius   21st day of the 10th month, 1850 63yr 4mo 6da  
SEELY Joanna   3rd day 4th mo, 1848 60yr$1mo 15da wife of Julius
WEELY Chloe Apr 7, 1829 Sep 7, 1829 &nbwp; dau of Elanson and Mercy Seely
SEELY Lavinia   17th day of 9thmo 29yr 7mo 10da dau of Julius & Joanna Seely
SEELY- Olivia C.BUCKLEY   Jan 13, 1862 32yr 1mo 6da wife of Julius G. Seely and dau of George and Laura P. Buckley 
YARNALL James   Feb 24, 1843 73yr 10mo 18da  
YARNALL Elizabeth   Apr 3, 1847 66yr 10mo 13da wife of James Yarnall
RAY Gideon   Mar 21, 1862 76yr 7mo 9da  
SEELY Merrill   Mar 26, 1852 2yr 8mo 4da son of E.S. and Hannah Seely
SEELY Susan   Apr 29, 1852 6yr 7mo 26da dau of E.S. and Hannah
SEELY Eunice   Oct 20, 1869 22yr 1mo 17da dau of E.S. and Hannah
SEELY Mercy   Nov 25, 1867 74yr 9mo 19da wife of Elanson Seely
SEELY Mercy   Apr 7, 1847 26yr 10mo 23da dau of Elanson & Mercy
SEELY Lena   Jan 19, 1872 4yr 3mo 11da only dau of B.F. and M.F. Seely
SHORT L.V.H.   Jan 7, 1872 16yr 11mo 7da son of H.G. and M.M. Short
STEWART Ellen A.   -----   wife of Thomas P.
SMITH Caleb R.   Jul 18, 1859 36yr 8mo 6da  
SMITH Emmer   Dec 22, 1858 6mo child of C.R. and Susannah B. Smith
SMITH Lucy D.   May 16, 1856 1yr 2mo 4da child of C.R. and Susannah B. Smith
SMITH Amza  1789 1859    
SMITH Saphronia   1949   his wife
SUTTON Herbie D.   Feb 10, 1878 12yr 3mo son of Isaac and Huldah Sutton
ROSE Jesse   Jul 30, 1868 73yr 6mo 18da  
EVERITT Jesse   Feb 1, 1875 67yr 8mo 23da  
PHILLIPS H.A., M.D. Mar 29, 1832 Aug 17, 1877   Erected to his memory by Tioga County Medical Sogiety
WOOD Ruth C.   Aug 28, 1866 38yr 2mo 25da wife of O.H. "She sleeps, at last her work is done, 'tis finished and she's gone to rest, Her Savior now has called her home, To dwell in regions of the blest."
SWEET Rev. Elisha   Sep 7, 1869 59yr A member of the Genesee Conference. "As for me, I will behold thy face, in righteousness shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness."
BOSTWICK H.L.   Aug 28, 1862 19yr 8mo 28da killed at Battle of Bull Run

Published on Tri-Counties  25 MAY 1998
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