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Round Top Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005

by Joyce M. Tice
November 2005
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Cemetery: Round Top Cemetery
Read By Linda CORNELL  Reese
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
Date Read:   November. 2005
Location:  Charlestown Twp., Tioga County
Round Top Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Peake Perry E.   Oct.17.1874 17y10m22d s/o Thomas & Mary E. (over bank)
Peake Nora A.   Sep.6.1876 13y8m10d d/o Thomas & Mary E.
Peake Alice Mar.19.1866 Jul.26.1886   d/o T. & M.
Peake Sally   Jun.12.1855 49y6m3d w/o Thomas
Peake Thomas Sep.27.1813 Apr.10.1886    
Peake Abner   Apr.22.1858 69y8m11d  
Peake Janetta   Aug.17.1865 74y5d w/o Abner
Warters Wallace E. Sep.13.1856 Sep.22.1886    
Bliss Carrie Warters 1859 1919    
Dike Otis   Jul.31.1818 2m2d s/o ?? Dike (Stone not found in 2005)
Talbot Ebenezer   Jan.28.1902 76 yr  
Peake Hiel 1816 1906    
Peake Nancy C. 1821 1876   w/o Hiel - On same marker (Maiden name Clark)
Peake John H.   Apr.19.1861 12y3m1d s/o H. & N.C.
Peake Margaret   Sep.19.1856 4 da d/o H. & N.
Peake Mariah   Mar.12.1855 1m4d d/o H. & N.
Peake Infant       d/o Willis & Julia
Peake Alice E.   Sep.19.1864 11y2m29d d/o W. & J.
Peake Margaret F.   Nov.31.1864 15y2m8d d/o W. & J.
Peake Elizabeth   Nov.7.1864 13y3m19d d/o W. & J.
Peake Elijah   Dec.4.1867 76y2m16d  
Peake Sally   Aug.2.1862   w/o Elijah (stone broke & crumbling)
Talbot Margaret P.   Sep.19.1844 21y11m22d w/o Mark
Jenning Elijah F.   May.20.1868 51 yr  
Jenning Betsy   Sep.7.1844 26y3m8d w/o Elijah F. (Could have been a 2nd wife named Betsy?)
Jenning Elijah F. Jr.   Sep.8.1849 3y9m28d s/o E. F & Betsy
Jenning Lafayette S.   Jun.8.1861 10y9m19d s/o Elijah F. & Betsy (Stone broken)
Lovell Nancy A.   Jun.10.1861 9y2m26d Adopted d/o E.F. & Betsy Jenning
Smith Sally Jane   Jun.11.1861 23y6m w/o Fulton (Stone broken)
Bockus Hypasha   Feb.1.1901 88y11m18d w/o Joseph
Bockus Joseph   Jan.29.1859 46y11m9d  
Bockus Susan M.   Feb.4.1860 23y6m15d d/o Joseph & Hypasha
Boackus Susan    Aug.9.1843   w/o George (Note different spellings)
Bockus George   Jan.3.1848 88y8m  
Backus And. W.       Co. C 45th Pa Inf.
          3 Fieldstone marker-no writing
Gilkey John G.   Apr.14.1845 33 yr  
Gilkey Sally   Mar.16.1847 60y4m17d w/o John
Bockus Philander Apr.24.1842 Mar.21.1915    
Bockus Eliza J. May.4.1846 Dec.29.1914   w/o Philander (On marker w/Philander)
Bockus Chloe N. Aug.10.1872 Mar.4.1875   d/o Philander & Eliza J. (On back of above stone)
Bockus Chloe N.   Mar.4.1875 2y6m22d (This on separate stone)
Bockus Martha Sep.12.1853 Apr.2.1894   w/o J. A.
Clark Jane  Nov.22.1811 Mar.10.1885    
Clark Seth May.3.1873 73y8m24d  
Clark Electa   Aug.19.1870 71y w/o Seth
Clark Elizabeth   Feb.21.1846 5y5m d/o Seth & Electa
Peake George C.   Sep.20.1849 5y1m s/o Elijah & Nancy
Peake Dyer   Sep.26.1849 2y2m22d s/o Elijah & Nancy
Peake Lillie E.   Feb.8.1869 2y5m13d d/o Elijah & Nancy
Starkweath Amy   Mar.11.1861 75y8m8d w/o Elijah
Smith Eliza J.   Sep.16.1849 23y3m w/o John P.-d/o Ames & Laurella Chapman
May Mary   Jul.3.1857 4 mo d/o John & Susan
May John   Dec.22.1857 28y3m4d  
May John H.   Jun.6.1861 4m20d s/o Silas & Polly
Morsman Hiram   Feb.16.1871 48y11m17d  
Rockwell Wm. J.   Jan.26.1862 25y4m26d  
Mills Samuel Nov.28.1821 Jun.26.1905    
Mills Marcy A. Apr.17.1824 Aug.21.1850   w/o Samuel (On marker w/Samuel)
Mills Mary T. Jan.17.1833 Jan.13.1913   w/o Samuel (On marker w/Samuel)
Mills Amos D. Jul.22.1849 Mar.7.1850   On marker w/Samuel
Mills Lewis May.4.1876 Jun.12.1876   On marker w/Samuel
Mills Abraham A. Sep.22.1860 Feb.11.1886   On marker w/Samuel
Mills Daniel Sep.28.1788 Mar.1.1871   On marker w/Samuel
Mills Patience Oct.22.1791 Feb.21.1871   w/o Daniel - On marker w/Samuel
Mills Amos Daniel   Mar.7.1850 7m13d s/o Daniel & M. A.
Warriner Geo. & Nettie   4/23 & 5/8/1880.   c/o J. F. & D. E.
Eaton Amanda   Jun.11.1861 11y3m20d d/o A. & Sarah
Eaton Francis   Oct.3.1858 3y11m5d s/o A. & Sarah
Griffin Viola Sep.8.1852 Dec.27.1858   d/o B. & Dianna H.
Woodruff Katie M.   Sep.11.1872 1y17d d/o Wm. & Caroline
Tripple David   Sep.3.1875 2 mo This stone not found in 2005
Smith John R.   Jul.17.1862 4m22d s/o Harvey & Sarah
Smith Albert Nov.25.1873 May.14.1886   s/o Harvey & Sarah
Jones William   Sep.6.1877 1y6m27d s/o Wm. & Mary
Just in case some of you think we read this name wrong, I am including a photo - carved in stone. Hypasha it is. It is not often I see a name that is new to me, but this one did it. 

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Section
Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Round Top Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1975
The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 7 . Cemetery read and published 1970s.
Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.
Located on Rte. 58036 (known as Roundtop Road) on farm now belonging to Arthur Lundgren. Inscriptions copied in April, 1975, by Alton Hunter & Mrs. Hunter, 932 Ransom Road, Lancaster, NY, 14086; formerly residents of Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Note by copier: Mr. Arthur Lundgren has a stone marker somewhere around his barn from this cemetery, and it is possible that a search would reveal other markers. The last seven or eight listed were found a good 100 feet south of the cemetery and indicates many burials here without markers.
Surname First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Inscription or Note
Peake Perry E. Oct 17, 1874 17y 10m 22d Son of Thomas & Mary E.
Peake Nora A. Sept 6, 1876 13y 8m 10d Dau. of Thomas & Mary E.
Peake Thomas Sept 27, 1813 Apr 10, 1885
Peake Sally June 12, 1855 19y 6m 3d Wife of Thomas
Peake Abner Apr 22, 1858 69y 8m 11d
Peake Janetta Aug 17, 1865 74yrs 5d Wife of Abner
Peake Alice Mar? 19, 1866 Jul 26, 1886 Dau. of T. & M.
Warters Wallace E. Sept 13, 1856 ? 22, 1886
Warters Carrie BLISS 1859 1919
Dike Otis Jul 31, 1818 2mos 2d Son of ?? Dike
Talbat Ebenezer 28-Jan-02 76yrs
Peake Hiel 1816 1906
Peake Nancy C. 1821 1876 His wife
Peake John H. Apr 19, 1861 12y 3m 1d Son of H. & N.E.
Peake Margaret Sept 19, 1856 4dys Dau. of H. & N.
Peake Mariah Mar 22, 1855 1mo 4d Dau. of H. & N.
Peake No name No Dates Infant dau. of Willis & Julin
Peake Alice Sept 19, 1861 11y 2m 29d Dau. of W. & J.
Peake Margaret F. Nov 31, 1864 15y 2m 8d Dau. of W. & J.
Peake Elizabeth Nov 7(?), 1864 13y 3m 19d Dau. of W. & J.
Peake Elijah Dec 1, 1867 26y 2m 16d
Peake Sally Aug 2, 1862 Wife of Elijah
Talbot Margaret P. Sept 19, 1844 21y 11m 22d Wife of Hank
Jenning Betsy Sept 7, 1844 26y 3m 8d Wife of Elijah F.
Jenning Elijah F. Jr. Sept 8, 1819 3y 9m 28d Son of E. F. & Betsy
Jenning? (Illegible)
Jenning? (Broken, no information)
Lovell Nancy A. June 10, 1861 9y 2m 26d Adopted dau. of E.F. & Betsy JENNING
Smith Sally Jane June 11, 1861 Wife of Fulton
Bockus Hypasha 1-Feb-01 88y 11m 18d Wife of Joseph Bockus
Backus Joseph Backus Jan 29, 1859 46y 11m 18d
Boakus/Boackus Susan Aug 9, 1843 71y 5m Farewell my Husband to the world whom you Must yet remain the Lord of Hosts be Your defence till we do meet again.
(Note different spellings found in inscriptions).
Bockus George June 3, 1818 88y 8m 11d (A Revolutionary Soldier)
Backus And. W. No Dates Co. C, 45th PA Inf.
Fieldstone ? ? ?
Fieldstone ? ? ?
Fieldstone ? ? ?
Gilkey John G. Apr 14, 1845 33yrs
Gilkey Sally  Mar 16, 1847 60y 4m 17d Wife of John G.
Bockus Chloe N. Mar 4, 1875 13yrs Dau. of ??? Bockus
Bockus Martha  Sept 12, 1853 Apr 2, 1894 Wife of J.A.
Bockus Philander Apr 24, 1842 21-Mar-15
Bockus Eliza J. May 4, 1846 29-Dec-14 His wife
? ? ? ? (Small stone, no markings)
Clark Jane Nov 22, 1811 Mar 10, 1885
Clark Seth May 3, 1873 73y 8m 24d
Clark Electa Aug 19, 1870? Wife of Seth
Clark Elizabeth Feb 21, 1846 5yrs 5mos Dau. of Seth & Electa
Peake George C. Sept 20, 1819 5yrs 1mo Son of Elijah & Nancy
Peake Dyer Sept 26, 1819 2y 2m 22d Son of Elijah & Nancy
Peake Lillie E. (Illegible)
Starkweather Amy Mar 11, 1861 75y 8m 8d Wife of Elijah
Starkweather Mary (Rest illegible)
Starkweather Joan May (Rest illegible)
Smith Eliza J. Sept 16, 1849 Wife of John P. Smith; dau. of Amos & Laurella CHAPMAN
? (Broken stone)
Mills Samuel Nov 28, 1821 26-Jun-05
Mills Marcy Apr 17, 1824 Aug 21, 1850 Wife of Samuel
Mills Mary Jan 17, 1833 13-Jan-13 Wife of Samuel
Mills Amos D. Jul 22, 1849 Mar 7, 1850 (These all large & high stones, all Mills)
Mills Lewis May 4, 1876 June 12, 1876
Mills Abraham A. Sept 22, 1860 Feb 11, 1886
Mills David Sept 28, 1788 Mar 1, 1871
Mills Patience Feb, 1871 His wife
Mills? ? No Dates (Several markers, no markings)
Mills? ? No Dates (Stone broken)
Mills? ? No Dates (Several markers, no names)
Mills? ? No Dates (Unusual stone marker, abt. 12x12, illegible)
Mills? Amanda June 11, 1861 11y 3m 20d Dau. of ??
Mills? Francis (Illegible)
Griffin Viola Sept 8, 1852 Dec 27, 1858 Dau. of B. & Diana H.
Woodruff Katie M. Sept 11, 1872 Dau. of Wm. & Caroline
Tipple David Sept 3, 1875 ? 2 mos
Smith John R. Jul 17, 1862 4mos 22d Son of Harvey & Sarah
Smith Albert Nov 25, 1873? May 14, 1886 Son of Harvey & Sarah

Published on Tri-Counties 14 NOV 1997
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