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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Photo by Joyce M. Tice

January 2009 Joseph Devine notifed me that he has cleaned up this cemetery for his senior project.

Rumsey-Doud Cemetery 

Sullivan Township, Tioga County, PA

These were copied by Jean Rumsey of Chicago, Ill. who added Genealogical information. The cemetery, today is in weeds, but people are working on its restoration presently. Published in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions and retyped for the site by Louie JOHNS Neu of Sullivan Township.

Austin Hannah 1828 72 w/o David, were parents of Lucy Ann Austin who m. Lyman Rumsey
Austin Luther 1854 74 2nd Husband of Susannah Rumsey
Austin Ruth A. 1843 5 d/o Hobby and Diantha
Bosworth Samuel 1847 1 s/o S.J. & A.E.
Cudworth Annie - Anna / DOUD d/o Peleg and Isabella
Cudworth James 1837 41 b/o Susannah/Austin/Rumsey
Cudworth William W. 1831 4 s/o James and Anna
Dart Infant  1852 s/o B.C. & Jane L.
Doud George Washington s/o Munson & Phebe HAYDEN Doud and gs/o Peleg and Isabella RUMSEY Doud
Doud George Washington m. Lovina A. she is buried State Road Cemetery
Doud Isabella / RUMSEY 6/10/1815 42 w/o Peleg, d/o Daniel and Ann WALKER Rumsey Daniel s/o Joseph, gs/o Robert, ggs/o Robert
Doud Peleg 5/9/1849 84 b/o Asenath
Doud Phebe J. 1856 22 w/o G.W.
Fellows Nathan 1824 69
Ford Franklin 1862 61
Grey James  11/25/1790 Sharon, Conn. m 5/19/1844 to Martha Pinkham
Grey Lorena 1833 35 w/o James Jr., d/o Peleg & Isabella RUMSEY Doud James Jr. s/o James & Parthenia WHITE Gray 
Hart infant son of R.C. & J.E.
Hart Jane E.
Hart R. C.
Larned Ebenezer
Montgomery Ann Eliza 1850 2 d/o Wm. H
More Edward 1847 14 s/o Martin & Almira RUMSEY More, d/o Jere. Rumsey
Packard Caroline W. 1863 1 d/o James and Nancy
Parkhurst Philander J. 1851 24 s/o Dexter and Miriam
Rew John 1818 4 s/o Henry and Anna
Richards Lovinia S. 1847 21 w/o Stephen
Robbins Dexter O. 1841 0 s/o Dexter and Emily
Robbins Emily 1842 28 d/o Smith Rumsey, w/o Dexter
Robbins Ottis 1828 26 s/o Amariah and Mary
Rumsey Aaron 4-27-1837 s/o Noah & Orilla (FAIRCHILD)
Rumsey Aceneth 4-4-1773 Conn. 1854 w/o Jeremiah
Rumsey Amiriam 2-25-1818 ? w/o Wm. H. Warren
Rumsey Betsey FORD 1839 w/o Smith (nee FORD)
Rumsey David N. 1863 19 s/o Noah and Sally
Rumsey Fremont 4-4-1858 1 s/o Aaron and Orilla
Rumsey Jeremiah 1763 1842 Revolution Soldier
Rumsey Joseph B. 1836 15
Rumsey Noah 1839 71 w Susannah (CUDWORTH) d. 1862 age 83
Rumsey Noah Jr 1859 54 (wife was Sarah A. Gitchell)
Rumsey Orilla
Rumsey Smith 1839 66
Rumsey Susannah / CUDWORTH 1862 83 (may not be buried here)
Warren Mary M. 3-1-1847
Wood Amanda M. 1861 3 d/o G.E. and Eliza J.


Cemetery is located in Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, southeast of Mainesburg on the Krause farm and quite some distance from the road. This is one of the oldest burial grounds in the southern portion of the township. It is related that members of the Doud family were the first to be interred there, but it soon became a community burial ground. The oldest marker is of native stone and bears the date of 1815 and is that of Isabella wife of Peleg Doud. As with any cemetery of this era there are several native stones placed as markers bearing no inscriptions.  Markers copied September 1983 by J. Kelsey Jones.

AUSTIN  Ruth A., dau of Hobby & Martha Austin d. July 21, 1843 5y 5m 3d

  Luther Austin d. July 20, 1854 74y

  Hannah wife of David Austin d. Mar 2, 1828 73y 7m 20d

BOSWORTH Samuel son of  S. J. & A. E. Bosworth d. Aug 26, 1847 1y 1m 21d

CUDWORTH William W., son of James & Anna Cudworth d. Sept 13, 1831 4y 3m

James Cudworth d. Apr 18, 1837 41y 8m 1d (copied 1960 by Jean Rumsey and not found in 1983)

DOUD  Peleg Doud d. May 9, 1849 84y 4m 10d

  In memory of Isabella Doud d. June 10, 1815 43y

  Isabella wife of Peleg Doud d. June 10, 1815 43y 1m 10d

  Phebe J., wife of G. W. Doud d. May 2, 1856 22y 6m 4d

FELLOWS Nathan Fellows d. Nov 6, 1824 69y 9m 2d

FORD  Franklin Ford d. July 2, 1862 61y 5m 16d

GREY  Lorena wife of James Grey Jr., d. Oct 20, 1833 35y 11m 2d

HART  infant son of B. C. & Jane E. Hart d. May 28, 1852

J______ footmarker, N. R. J.

LARNED Ebenezer Larned d. June 14, 1845 54y 8m 19d

MONTGOMERY Ann Eliza dau of Wm. H. & Eliza Montgomery d. March 16, 1850 2y 10m

MORE  Edward son of Martin & Almira More d. Apr 13, 1847 14y 4d

PACKARD Caroline W., dau of James & Nancy Packard d. Dec 24, 1863 1y 6m 26d

PARKHURST Philander J., son of Dexter & Mariam Parkhurst d. Sept 17, 1851 24y 1m 12d

REW  John son of Henry & Anna Rew d. June 11, 1818 4y 8m 7d

RICHARDS Lovinia S., wife of Stephen F. Richards d. June 6, 1847 21y 5m

ROBBINS Emily wife of Dexter Robbins d. Sept 4, 1842 28y 18d

  Dexter O., son of Dexter & Emily Robbins d. Feb 19, 1841 1y 5m 17d

  Otis son of Amariah & Mary Robbins d. March 20, 1828 26y 3m 13d

RUMSEY Jeremiah Rumsey a revolutionary soldier d. Mar 29, 1842 77y 10m 27d

  Amiriam Rumsey wife of W. H. Warren Feb 25, 1818 Jan 31, 1859

  Jeremiah Rumsey Rev. Soldier 1763 1842
  Aceneth Rumsey 1773 1854
  Amiriam Rumsey 1818 1859
  Mary M. Warren wife of Jas. B. Puffer 1847 1937

  Noah Rumsey d. May 19, 1839 71y 1m 21d

  Susannah wife of Noah Rumsey d. Aug 24, 1862 83y 3m 2d

Noah Rumsey Jr., d. Nov 24, 1859 54y 3m 20d (copied in 1960 by Jean Rumsey and not found in 1983)

  Smith Rumsey d. Apr 14, 1839 66y 8d

  Betsey wife of Smith Rumsey d. Mar 27, 1839 58y 1m

Smith F. Rumsey d. Apr 30, 1842 33y 8m 24d (copied in 1960 by Jean Rumsey. Only the name and 8m is now present, the remaining face of the marker having chipped off into small fragments)

  Joseph B. Rumsey d. July 29, 1836 15y 6m 7d

  David N., son of Noah & Sally J. Rumsey d. Jan 19, 1863 19y 17d

  Fremont son of Aaron & Orilla Rumsey d. Apr 4, 1858 1y 6m 15d

WARREN see Rumsey

WOOD  Amanda M., dau of G. E. & Eliza J. Wood d. Dec 3, 1861 3y 2m 24d

___?_____ old style stone roughly inscribed with portions of the face having fragmented off. Only the letters OH and M now exist (Jean Rumsey copied Joh_  M in 1960)


Mrs. Susannah Austin [Susannah CUDWORTH SRGP 02208]
In Sullivan, August 24, 1862, Mrs. Susannah Austin, aged 83 years, and 4 months.  The deceased whose maiden name was Cudworth, came with her husband, Noah Rumsey into the township of Sullivan about the year 1800(?).  The family were formerly from Vermont, whence they emigrated to Northern New York, and thence in this County.  She had 14 children by her first husband, nine of whom are still living, eight in Sullivan and one in the far west.  She had 53 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.  A few years ago she was married to Luther Austin whom she survived.  She was a woman of great purity of life, and was a consistent member of the Baptist Church for over 40 years.  (Wednesday, August 27, 1862, The Agitator, Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pa.)

Isabel RUMSEY "Doud" [SRGP 02224]
In Hubbardton, the 7th inst. of a pulmoninc complaint, Mr. DANIEL RUMSEY, in the 68th year of his age. In Covington, Pennsylvania, on the 19th of June last, Mrs. ISABEL DOUD, (his daughter,) in her 44th year. Mr. Rumsey was a professor of religion, which was exemplified by a correspondent deportment that endeared him to his acquaintance. who mourn the loss of a kind neighbor, and benefactor. The fruits of his pious examples and instructions were not without their benign influence on his children. Mrs Doud, died in the triumphs of faith: and we trust that she and her deceased father, (although their graves are at a distance from each other) are crowns of each others rejoicing in the world of spirits. We hope that the repeated adverse dispensations of divine providence will not swell the tide of grief, and overwhlem in sorrow the disconsolate widow and bereaved children. The remains of Mr. Rumsey were conmmitted to the grave on Moday, the 9th. A large and sympathetic concourse attended his funeral. A sermon was delivered in the occasion by the Rev. Lemuel Haynes, of West Rutland, from 1. Cor. 15.57 But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Published on Tri-Counties 17 DEC 2003