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Stewart Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Deeded as Buchanan Cemetery
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The Agatha Kinner Reading (1970s) Small cemetery located near North Road from Millerton on farm now owned by Melenbackers It was discovered by children playing Copied by Agatha Kinner, 555 E. Water St., Corning, NY Couldn't find name of the cemetery and it was so overgrown, one would never see it. The following list is part of Rhoda Ladd's Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4. Published on Tri-Counties Site 1997 by Joyce M. Tice
Go to Millerton and take the North Road next to the restaurant in middle of town. Follow North Road until you come to Skyline and take a left on Skyline. Follow Skyline and the cemetery is west of Picnic Grove Road and east of Fisher Road. It will be on the right side, very overgrown last time I was there but right next to the road. JKJ
Deeded as  Buchanan Cemetery
AMES Benjamin 25 Oct 1846 47yr 8mo 7da
BEEMAN Emeline  13 Dec 1859 2yr 9mo 28da d/o Oliver & Catherine Beeman
BELKNAP Horace D. 6 Dec 1854 56yr
BELKNAP Justin 27 Jun 1865 64yr 7mo 28da
BELKNAP John Douglas 20 Apr 1853 26yr 6mo 27da
BESSLEY Martha M. 26 Jul 1862 5yr 10mo 13da
EDSALL Miller 30 Jul 1816 2mo 4da
FRIENDS Thomas 20 Sep 1850 6yr 9mo 3da s/o S.R. & Mary J. Friends
FRIENDS Ira B. 13 Jul 1862 2yr 3mo 3da s/o S.R. & Mary J. Friends
GRAHAM Martha Jane 21 Oct 1853 1yr 6mo 26da d/o Henry & Mary J. Graham
HANN Reuben  11 Jul 1860 51yr 3mo 18da
HUDSON Jay B. 12 Feb 1856 6yr 9mo 27da s/o Joel E. & Seraphin Hudson
HUDSON Beri L. 12 Aug 1856 2yr 11mo 12da ch/o Sylvanus & Jane Hudson
HUDSON Rexford P. 23 Apr 1852 9mo 15da s/o Sylvanus & Jane Hudson
KELLEY Babrina 5 Dec 1853 27yr 1mo 27da w/o David Kelley
MAN Jerome 24 Aug 1853 5yr 3mo 18da s/o Reuben & Priscilla Man
MAN Mary P. 14 Mar 1852 1yr 6mo 26da d/o Reuben & Priscilla Man
MILLARD George 31 Jul 1846 18yr 28da
MILLER Elizabeth 30 May 1856 5yr 8mo 28da d/o James & Charlotte Miller
MITCHELL Son Apr 1819 s/o J & E Mitchell
MITCHELL Dau May 1814 9da d/o J & E Mitchell
SLOAN Jane 22 Feb 1844 57yr` w/o John
SMITH Samuel 9 May 1862 12yr 4mo 16da s/o Joshua & Rhoda
SMITH William 5 Jan 1862 9yr 11mo 6da s/o Garrett & Abby Smith
SMITH Alford 22 Sep 1847 8 May 1864
SMITH Sally 6 Jul 1856 10 May 1865
STEWART George 16 Jun 1860 11yr 10mo 2da s/o John W.R. & Emeline Stewart
STEWART Caroline E. 9 Oct 1864 20yr 1mo 24da d/o John W. R. & Emeline Stewart
TILLINGHAST Edwin 22 Apr 1848 1yr 10mo 2da s/o John & Margaret Tillinghast
TAVER Sarah 20 Jun 1846 39yr 6mo 20da w/o Solomon Traver
The J. Kelsey Jones Reading (1982/2009) - Located in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on the north side of Skyline Drive, west of Picnic Grove Road and east of Fisher Road and west of the William Buchanan residence. Markers copied October 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones and rechecked February 2009. Photos by J. Kelsey Jones February 2009
AMES Benjamin Ames d. Oct 25, 1846 47y 8m 7d
  My children dear assemble here
  A parents grave to see
  Not long ago i dwelt with you
  But soon you'l dwell with me
  Footmarker B. A.
BEEMAN Emeline dau of Oliver H. & Catherine Beeman d. Dec 13, 1859 2y 9m 28d
  Footmarker E. B. 
BELKNAP Justin C. Belknap d. June 27, 1865 64y 7m 28d I could not live always
  Horace Belknap d. Dec 6, 1854 56y
  John Douglass Belknapp d. Apr 20, 1853 26y 6m 27d
  Footmarker J. D. B.
  Amos C. son of J. C. & Catharine Belknap d. Mar 10, 1857 1y
  Footmarker A. C. B.
BESSLEY Martha M. Bessley d. July 26, 1862 5y 10m 13d (marker read by Mrs. Lee Kinner at an earlier date and not found by J. Kelsey Jones)
EDSALL Miller son of Charles & Mary Edsall d. Jany 30, 1846 2m 22d
FRENDS Ransom son of James & Betsey A. Frends d. Aug 5, 1864 11y 3m 30d
FRIENDS Phebe wife of Geo. Friends d. May 5, 1844 33y _m 4d (broken marker)
  Footmarker P. F.
  Thomas H. son of S. R. & Mary Friends d. Sept 20, 1850 6y 9m 3d
  Footmarker T. H. F.
  Ira B., son of S. R. & Mary Friends d. July 13, 1862 2y 2m 3d
  Footmarker I. B. F.
GRAHAM Martha Jane dau of Henry & Mary A. Graham d. Oct 21, 1853 7y 6m 26d
HUDSON Bert L. d. Aug 24, 1862 2y 11m 12d
  Rexford R. d. Apr 23, 1852 9m 15d
  children of Sylvanus N. & Jane Hudson
  Jay B., son of Joel E. & Sarepta Hudson d. Feb 12, 1856 6y 9m 27d
  Footmarker J. B. H.
KELLEY Sabrina wife of David Kelley d. Dec 5, 1853 27y 1m 27d
  Footmarker S. K.
MAN Jerome son of Reuben & Priscilla Man d. Aug 24, 1853 5y 3m 18d
  Footmarker J. M.
  Mary P., dau of Reuben & Priscilla Man d. Dec 14, 1853 6m 3d
MANN Reuben Mann d. July 11, 1860 51y 3m 18d
MILLARD George Millard d. July 31, 1846 43y 28d
  Footmarker G. M.
  Polly J. dau of George W. & Betsey A. Millard d. Aug 12, 1851 18y 9m 18d
  Footmarker P. M.
MILLER Elizabeth dau of James & Charlotte Miller d. May 30, 1856 5y 8m 12d
  Footmarker E. M.
MITCHELL son & daughter of J. & E. Mitchell
  dau died Mar 1844 9d
  son died Apr 1849 14d
  Maryett dau of John & Elizabeth Mitchell d. May 15, 1854 8y 1m 3d
  Footmarker M. M.
SLOAN Jane wife of John Sloan d. Feb 22, 1844 In the 57 year of her age
SMITH Samuel son of Joshua & Rhoda Smith d. May 9, 1862 12y 5m 16d
  William son of Garret & Abby Smith d. Jan 5, 1862 9y 11m 26d
  Footmarker W. S.
  Alford Smith Sept 22, 1847 June 8, 1864
  Sally Smith July 6, 1856 May 10, 1865
STEWART Alvin son of John W. R. & Emeline Stewart d. Mar 4, 1859 7m 18d
  Footmarker A. S.
  Nellie L., dau of J. W. R. & Emeline Stewart d. Feb 26, 1864 2y 9m 22d
  Caroline E., dau of John W. R. & Emaline Stewart d. Oct 9, 1864 20y 1m 24d
  George son of John W. R. & Emeline Stewart d. June 16, 1860 11y 10m 2d
  Thomas K., son of John W. & Nancy Steward d. Sept 10, 1833 3y 3m 17d
  Mary P., his sister d. Sept 14, 1833 1y 8d
  They ware lovely and pleasant
  in there lives and in there
  death they ware not seperated
  Susan M., dau of Nathan & Sally Stewart d. Mar 8, 1840 14y 4m 25d
  Footmarker S. S. 
TILLINGHAST Edwin son of John & Maryariet Tillinghast d. Apr 22, 1848 1y 10m 22d
  Footmarker E. T.
TRAVER Sarah wife of Solomon Traver d. June 20, 1846 39y 6m 20d
  Footmarker S. T.
  Ines dau of Henry & Enlalia Traver d. Oct 9, 1862 1y 4m 4d

Published on Tri-Counties  29 NOV  2009
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