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Stony Fork or Butler Cemetery, Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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Name of Cemetery: Stony Fork/Butler Cemetery
Deeded As 
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: October. 2011
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 03 January 2016
Location: Delmar Twp. Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 
Other Comments: Brush has been cut & removed- Read in 3 strips from back to front, Left to Right
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately   173 
Stoney Fork or Butler Cemetery 2011
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
2 Unmarked Graves
Wilson Grant 1864 1936
Wilson Clara 1864 1930 w/o Grant - On same marker
1 Unmarked Grave
3 Unmarked Graves
Callahan Malcolm L. 1857 1860
Callahan Melvin H. 1859 1916 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Ellery E. 1862 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan S. James 1865 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Andrew A. 1868 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Otis P. 1871 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Clara A. 1874 1875 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Clyde 1880 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan O. Perry 1827 1893 On marker w/Malcolm L.
Callahan Matilda 1835 1904 w/o O. Perry - On above marker
This marker is down and Perry & Matilda are on the underside
Callahan Perry, Matilda, Clara A., Melvin H. Go with Big Marker above
Callahan Malcolm L. 5/3/1860 3y1m12d s/o O. P. & Matilda
Tomb Frances A. 7/22/1862 8/31/1895 w/o John
Cole 2 Unreadable Markers
Cole Emma 5/15/1871 12/21/1886 d/o John & Emeline
2 Field Stone Markers
Moffitt Jesse 1899 1918 s/o W.H. & Hattie
Cole Jacob 1821 1912
Cole Mary 1841 1903 w/o Jacob - On same marker
Covert Wm. P. 2/18/1863 5/11/1898
Covert Blanche M. 4/23/1901 5y9m d/o W. P. & Minnie E.
2 Field Stone Markers
2 Unmarked Graves
2 Unmarked Graves
Warriner Ira 1834 1904 Co A 149 Reg. Pa. Vol.
Warriner Eveline 1839 1914 w/o Ira - On same marker
Warriner Ira Co A 149 Pa. Inf
1 Field Stone
Hewit Abby Ann 1/3/1842 32 yr w/o Russel
Row of unmarked graves
2 Unmarked Graves
Wilson Robert B. 9/7/1817 12/15/1907
Wilson Mary 5/18/1895 64y7m13d w/o R.B.
Wilson Kenly 7/16/1887 43y3m17d Co K 207 Reg. Pa. Vol.
Dort Julius 1/17/1824 1909
Dort Mary 11/22/1828 1916 w/o Julius
Allen Edwin R. 1841 1918
Unmarked Graves
M. W. Foot Stone - Headstone missing
Broughton Urial 2/2/1893 81y5m10d
English George 5/27/1842 7/13/1887
English E. E.(Ethalindi) Foot stone-Headstone missing
Howe Wm. 6/23/1886 79y9m
Howe J. W. 1/27/1863 19 yr On marker w/Wm.
Howe O. B. 5/27/1863 11 yr On marker w/Wm. (Howe lot is large-looks like the other 1/2 of this lot is empty.
Jackson Eliza 1814 1901
Base-No top
Howe Chloe 12/29/1894 82y w/o Wm. -Matches marker w/Father on it
Unmarked Graves
Roland Geo. W. Co H 49 Pa. Inf.
Lloyd William 2/28/1827 7/16/1898 Enlisted 9/18/1861-Co I 45 Reg. Pa. Vol-fought at Frederickburg, Spottsylvania & at least one more, not sure if anyone is on other side.-Large shaft marker
Lloyd Rachel 11/22/1801 9/21/1889
Moyer Delilah 1815 1891 w/o Wm.
Moyer C. W. 1851 1920
Moyer Anna 1846 1923 w/o C. W.
Moyer Frederick J. 12/15/1879 41y10m21d
Unmarked Graves
3 Fieldstone Markers
2 Unmarked Graves
Boatman John 3/4/1870 61y2m25d
Boatman Mary E. 2/3/1869 56y7m?d Marker broken
Boatman John Co A 187 Pa. Inf.
2 Field Stone Markers
2 Unmarked Graves
Several graves-some w/Field stones
Hoadley Lorah d/o W.M. & R.M. -Rest unreadable
Ingerick Harriet 1834 1880 w/o Rev. J. W.
Ingerick Norris W. 5/13/1889 3/4/1891 s/o F. F. & Anna
Robertson Tracy 7/17/1907 10/20/1914
2 Field Stones
Marker Unreadable Footstone D or O - A
Allen William J. 1830 1901
Allen Philinda E. 1831 On marker w/William J.
1 Field stone marker
Wilcox William J. 1/17/1809 9/22/1881
Wilcox Lydia 11/22/1812 10/1/1880 w/o Wm. - On same marker
Wilcox George F. 5/23/1833 2/8/1898 On marker w/Wm. & Lydia
Unmarked grave
??? May Nothing else readable
Hildreth 2 foot stones J. H. & J. H.
Hildreth George F. 12/3/1818 12/11/1892
Hildreth Julia 1/17/1824 4/9/1872
Hildreth Adelia 2/1/1856 3/7/1862
Dort John 8/11/1863 71 yr
Dort Betsey 9/14/1868 71 yr w/o John - On same marker
Bolton Genervia 1845 1920 w/o C. N.
Dort Russell 11/23/1821 2/8/1904
Dort Ann Jane 3/19/1822 w/o Russell - On same marker
Vandegrift Esther B. 1839 1929 w/o Jos.
Vandegrift Jos. 1831 1913 On marker w/Esther B.
Vandegrift Sarah M. 1835 1875 w/o Jos. - On same marker
Vandegrift Sarah M. 4/9/1875 40y1m26d w/o James
Vandegrift Elizabeth d/o James & Sarah -Rest unreadable
Robertson Thomas A. 3/17/1824 11/10/1903
Robertson Mary 5/19/1827 w/o T.A. -On same marker-Footstone MR
Robertson Maggie A. 12/2/1876 26y10m?d d/o T. A. & Mary
Section of unmarked graves
Borden John 3/12/1843 74y8m17d
Borden Anna 9/1/1850 92y6m7d On marker w/John
Field Stone Marker
Borden Wm. V. Co H 207 Pa. Inf.
Borden Hannah 3/31/1864 60y9m18d w/o Benj.
Borden Benjamin B. 10/29/1881 85y2m?d
2 fieldstone markers
Dimmick Dolly 11/26/1871 66y11m11d w/o Simion
Dimmick William D. 5/14/1866 6y8m18d s/o Elijah & Lucy Ann
Field Stone Marker
Hastings John W. 1827 1906
Hastings Marinda 1827 On marker w/John W.
Palmer Joseph, Jr. 10/28/1874 75y1m17d
Palmer Esther 10/8/1870 55y5m8d w/o Joseph, Jr.
Palmer Lydia 10/11/1852 54y10d w/o Joseph, Jr.
Palmer N. 10/15/1839 2 yr
Palmer Seth ? 12/3/1841 39 yr
Palmer Joseph, Jr. 1/7/1851 75y5m13d
Guild Eluthera Ann 12/15/1837 28y w/o Josiah
Hastings John 8/17/1841 41y2m25d
Bacon Daniel H. 5/26/1830 84 yr
4 Fieldstone Markers
E. W. Foot stone
F. H. Foot stone
Stratton W. H. 1/6/1879 Rest unreadable
Parrish Samuel 11/27/1841 65y8m2d
Parrish Elizabeth 11/7/1848 63y8m1d w/o Samuel
Simmons Mary 5/24/1850 27y6m24d w/o Henry
Warriner Benj. H. 9/9/1843 49y5m3d
Steele Agie E. 12/14/1872 25y3m23d
Steele Julia A. 7/16/1811 11/28/1895 w/o Ephraim
Steele Thompson 12/31/1835 Nov.1853
Lawton A. A. Co D 16th Pa. Cav.
Lawton Mary P. 9/14/1851 2m23d d/o Henry & M. P.
Butler Delevan T. 12/18/1845 1y10m5d s/o Seldon & Lucretia
Butler Susan 3/12/1838 4 da d/o Seldon & Lucretia
Field Stone Marker
Steele James 4/30/1890 83 yr Marker broken
Steele Hannah 4/27/1895 w/o James-on same marker - Rest unreadable
Houghton Esther 2/14/1842 22y8m14d d/o Simion & Rachel
Houghton Rachel 6/13/1853 76y7m w/o Simion
Houghton Simion 10/2/1843 62y2m22d
Field Stones
Butler John M. 10/26/1905
Butler Allen 1853 11/30/1904 On marker w/John M.
Butler Susan w/o Allen-On marker w/John M.
Butler Wellman 1801 1884 On marker w/John M.
Butler Nancy 1803 1834 w/o Wm. - On marker w/John M.
Butler Matilda 1802 1864 w/o Wellman-On marker w/John M. (This monument says 1907 on the base and is a replacement for individual markers)
J. S. Footstone
H. H. B. Footstone
Field Stones - 4
Steel Rob't Ensicn 4 Pa. Mil. Rev. War
S. S. Footstone -This is a Sabins marker
S. B. S. Headstone (Sarah) rest unreadable-This is a Sabins marker
Osborn Eunice 10/28/1849 2y6m22d d/o Linis & Adaline
Osborn Linis 8/30/1850 36y6m22d

Published on Tri-Counties  03 JAN 2016
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