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Swing Gate Cemetery, Chatham Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1972
Photo of Swinggate Entrance sent in by Al Dickgieser
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions . Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.


Located about 1500 feet northeast of intersection of Route 58089 and Twp. road 643, on lands formerly owned by H.B Mattison Copied by Earl Cooper & Emma ATWELL Cooper, R.D.1, Middlebury Center, Pa. 16935 June 1972 .

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Joyce (July 2006)
Al Dickgieser here, Recently we searched for Swing Gate Cemetery, but had a hard time with the directions.  Swing Gate Cemetery is located at 881 Swing Gate Rd.  If you take Water St. out of Knoxville, PA.  And go 4.0 miles from the Knoxville Bridge you will be at Swing Gate Entrance (see attached photo).  The cemetery is located at the top of the hill on the left-hand side in a thicket of brush and trees.  The cemetery is not visible, only after you walk into the thicket. Most gravestones are lying down, from ground settlement.  Twp  #643 is Cooper Rd, which you can take from Rt. 249 to Swing Gate Rd. then turn right, the entrance is just a short ways on the left.  If you need help in finding the cemetery, you can stop at a large farmhouse just down the road on the left. The name on the mailbox is Homer Erway and he can direct you to the site. In talking with him, he said he has several people asking him about Swing Gate Cemetery each year.
Al Dickgieser
CHRISTIAN Iva 1889 1914 daughter of Andrew and Dora, Stone erected by Jemison Grange No. 1497
BARGER Sarah May 15, 1866 80 yr. 9 mo. 20 da.
THOMPSON James July 7, 1865 82 yr. 2 mo. 27 da
THOMPSON Jane Sept.----- wife of James
BOOM Matthew May 2, 1864 71 yr. 10 mo. 
BOOM Caroline Apr. 11, 1875 77 yr. 1 mo.
CLARK Susana G. Mar. 23, 1837 Oct. 1, 1874 wife of Leonard Clark
COOPER Julia May 20, 1841 14-Jun-08 wife of Burdick Cooper
BENNETT Ralph H. Aug 19, 1860 Apr. 22, 1877
BENNETT Eva Nov. 8, 1862 Nov 16, 1877
BENNETT Cromwell Mar. 21, 1867 65 yr. 5 mo. 3 da.
BENNETT Sally May 20, 1873 81 yr. 18 da.
CORWIN Martha June 29, 1866 33 yr. 6 mo. 29 da. wife of Daniel T. Corwin
WATKINS William Apr. 3, 1800 Jan. 20, 1888
WATKINS Lorena M. Feb. 25, 1823 --- wife of William Watkins
WATKINS Maurice O. May 7, 1865 Oct 8., 1870
WATKINS Herbert D. Feb. 7, 1857 son of W. and L.M.
WATKINS Edward Oct. 2, 1861 son of W. and L.M.
COOPER Jason Oct. 5, 1863 65 yr.
COOPER Mariah CHAMPLAIN Feb. 5, 1872 70 yr. 5 mo. 25 da. wife of Jason Cooper
COOPER Soloman M. Apr. 23, 1826 1-11- ? ('Salmon' on marker)
COOPER Thomas May 21, 1855 Feb. 23, 1886 son of S.M. and Urania
COOPER Winchester E. Nov. 23, 1837 Feb. 3, 1913
COOPER Urania J. MACK Apr. 22, 1826 Jan. 24, 1902 wife of W.E. Cooper
COOPER Ella A. Oct. 6, 1862 1 yr. 7 ? dau. of W.E. and U.J.
COOPER Wm. M. Mar. 15, 1858 2 mo. 14 da. son of W.E. and U.J.
COOPER Nathaniel Said to be here. No Marker.
KING Samuel P. May 15, 1867
KING Nellie Mar. 26, 1875 70 yr. 8 mo. ? wife of Samuel P. King
HUDSON Mandana Dec. 30, 1873 26 yr. 10 ? wife of W.H.
COOPER Jason in Capt. James Taylor's Co. 30th Reg. Vermont May 4, 1813 for 1 year

Thanks for the reply.  I have attach a picture that I took at Swing Gate of My wife's Great, Great Grandfather William Watkins.  Your sites has been a great help, it saves a lot of walking.  Thanks again for all your work in making it easier to located old family members. 
Al Dickgieser 

Note from Joyce - Tombstone also includes Lorena but does not mention her own surname. Her own nameShe was born Lorena Maria Lamphere . She died December 1, 1893 in Deerfield Twp.  . 


20 NOV 2009 
Hello Joyce, My name is P.J. Treat i live in Tioga County. I have been researching my family for about four years. As i locate them i have been adding their tomb stone pictures. In October i was at Swing Gate cemetery and took a photo of this tomb stone. I went back on November 18 to clean it up to get a better reading. When i got there it was gone. See attached photo. Thanks to you site i know Matthew and Christina Catherine Pangborn Boom aka Caroline are buried there. As a Farmer allowed his cattle to run through this cemetery their stones are missing. So when i was there on th 18 i was heart sick to find this Bates Stone missing. I was wondering if you would post this on your site, maybe someone will know where it's at. Your site has been a valuable source of  information in my search                           Thank You P.J. Treat 

11 SEP 2011 
Joyce, at the bottom of this page there is a pic of a Bates stone and an email saying it is missing.. could you please remove it as it isn't 
missing..  it is in the Riverside cem in Knoxvill with other Bates.. you could use the pic on Riverside cem but the email is going to confuse people.. as it never was in Swinggate.. nice pic thou.. thanks

Apparently the person may have visited more than one cemetery in a day and was confused about where the photo was taken, I am leaving it here  in case the original sender checks back and discovers her/his error.  The message to all is, check your facts before making erroneous conclusions. Joyce 

Published on Tri-Counties 21 NOV 1997
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