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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Name of Cemetery: Watrous Family Cemetery
Deeded As  
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Gaines Twp., Tioga County, PA -South of Watrous on West side of Elk Run Road
GPS Coordinates  41.73180 -77.58201
Other Comments: 
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  23 
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Watrous Anliza Badger   6/9/1850 24y w/o J. S.
Field Stone Marker         There are more graves in this row, but no markers
Watrous Willie   4/8/1865 3y3m3d s/o Chas. & Harriett
Watrous Harriett   2/22/1861 27 yr w/o Charles B.
Smith Azubah   8/18/1856 69y4m  
Smith Miles   6/17/1851 75y9m  
Watrous Charles H.   1/9/1864 7y9m5d s/o James H. & Betsey
Watrous John C.   4/26/1852 16y2m18d s/o James H. & Betsey
Watrous William 12/29/1799 3/19/1883    
Watrous Eliza H. 6/28/1802 4/4/1895   w/o William
Watrous Emma   3/17/1863   d/o William & Eliza H. -Rest of stone gone
Watrous Mary B. 2/2/1870 2/4/1899    
Cole Freda V. 10/25/1914 7/5/1994    
Cole Stanley A. 10/6/1904 1/28/1995   On marker w/Freda V.
Cole David S. 1938 1988    
Cole Joanne M. 1950     On marker w/David S.
Cole John Roy 8/9/1872 3/4/1952    
Cole Grace W. 8/19/1879     On marker w/John Roy
Cole Carroll W. 1899 1918   1st Cav. NY Guards
Watrous Wm. H. 1838 1928   Co 145th Reg. Pa. Vol.
Watrous Emma L. Williams 1845 1937   w/o Wm. H. - On same marker
Watrous Charles H. 1868 1953    
Watrous Sadie M. 1870 1954   On marker w/Charles H.
Last Updated on 4/18/2011
By Joyce M. Tice
The following list is part of the
Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4.
Reprinted with permissionof Rhoda ENGLISH LaddLocated on Rt 58002 out of Watrous on property now owned by Carter Family Copied by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, Pa. May 30,1970
WATROUS Eliza A. 28 Jun 1802 4 Apr 1895 w/o Wm. Watrous
WATROUS William 29 Dec 1799 19 Mar 1883 Three field stones here. footstone J.B.W.
WATROUS John C. 26 Apr 1852 16yr 2mo 18da s/o James & Betsey
WATROUS Charles H. 9 Jan 1864 7yr 9mo 5da s/o James & Betsey
SMITH Miles 17 Jun 1851 75yr 9mo Two broken stones here. Footstones M.S., J.S., H.W.
WATROUS Harriett 8 Apr 1865 27yr w/o Charles E. Watrous
WATROUS Willie 8 Apr 1865 3yr 2mo 3da s/o Chas. & Harriett
WATROUS Mary E. 2 Feb 1870 4 Feb 1899
COLE John Roy 9 Aug 1872 4 Feb 1952
COLE Grace W. 19 Aug 1879 now Mrs. Norman Strait, Snyder's Nursing Home, Westfield, Pa
COLE Carroll W.  1899 1918 1st Cav. N.Y.Guards
WATROUS Wm. H. 1838 1928 Co. 145th Reg. Pa. Vol Father
WATROUS Emma L. WILLIAMS 1845 1937 his wife
WATROUS Charles H. 1868 1953
WATROUS Sadie M. 1879 1954  

Entries Below are fromWatrous Town Cemetery which is separate fromWatrous Family Burial Ground

BARNHART Maryette 3 Sep 1871 46yr 11mo 10da wife of D.K.Barnhart
BARNHART Samuel A. 20 Jun 1858 22yr 3mo 10da s/o Daniel K. & Maryette
BARNHART Clinton D. not legible
BERNAUER John J. 23 Apr 1852 25yr 10mo 9da s/o Conrad & Sarah Bernauer
BERNAUER Henry 23 Apr 1852 17yr 4mo 1da
BERNAUER Sarah 16 Oct 1865 60yr w/o Conrad bernauer
BERNAUER Conrad 1 Aug 1870 80yr 11mo 6da
BERNAUER Irene A. 17 Jun 1856 29yr w/o Joshua Bernauer
SMITH Frank W. 30 Aug 1881 29yr 7mo
SMITH Lorenda M. 8 May 1867 39yr 1mo 20da w/o Alonzo Smith
SMITH Alonzo 8 Aug 1857 36yr 1mo 29da
BENAUER Mary E. 20 Apr 1864 3yr 11mo 6da dau of Joshua & Lucy R. Benauer
BENAUER Sally B. 4 May 1858 4mo dau of Joshua & Lucy R.
BENAUER Nellie L. 8 Feb 1864 5yr 5mo 29da dau of Joshua & Lucy R.
CHAMPNEY Lasina L. 29 Apr 1864 2yr 6mo 10da dau of Isaiah & C.M.Champney

Page 964 History of Tioga County 1897 - Watrous Family Charles Watrous was born at Colesville, Broome County, NY on Oct 13, 1835, a son of William and Eliza H.(Smith) Watrous. His father was son of James S. Watrous, born Connecticut and removed to Penna in spring of 1847, where he died 19 Mar 1883 Charles B. Watrous was educated in the common schools and was twelve years old when family came to Gaines Twp. Here, his father engaged extensively in lumber and cleared a farm one mile south of mouth of Elk Run, Tioga, Pa. Charles B., in Feb 1861, married Harriett H. Hurd, daughter of Stephen Hurd of Caton, N.Y. They had two children, William, deceased, and Robert S. of Watrous. Charles B. married, second, Isabella Brewster, dau of Luther H. and Olive (Palmer) Brewster of Richmond Twp, Pa. Ch.- Mary B., wife of Robert Tuton of N.Y.C. and William H., who lives in Minnesota. WATROUS FAMILY, TIOGA COUNTY HISTORY, PAGE 176 F.E. Watrous, son of James and B.A. Watrous, both natives of Connecticut, was born Windsor, Broome county, N.Y. Apr 4, 1851. He is one of eight children - - John - died 1856 age 16years Henry - resident of Gaines Twp. F.E. - subject of this sketch Arthur - resident of Forest Grove, Oregon Charles - died 1863 Sarah - wife of Jesse Locke of Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa Jennie - deceased wife of J.H.Wood of Gaines Twp Emma A. - wife ofH.M. Foote, an Attorney of Washington, D.C. F.E.Watrous married Fanny Shore, dau of Daniel & Rebecca Shore of Knoxville, Tioga Co., Pa Married Mar 24, 1876, they have adopted daughter Margaret. Mr. Watrous was member of the Bar, practicing in the State & U.S. Courts.

Published on Tri-Counties 01 DEC 1997

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