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Clark Cemetery, Clymer Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s
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Name of Cemetery: West Beechwood / AKA Clark Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: September.2007.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Clymer Twp, Tioga Co., PA. - On Corner of Stiles Road & Gurney Road
Other Comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Stiles Stephen 1/2/1838 5/22/1907    
Clark A. J.   3/14/1886 53y11m8d  
Clark Susan   1/8/1871 31y4m23d w/o A.J. - Same marker
Clark Marshall J.   6/2/1869 1y2m8d On marker w/A.J. & Susan
Hurd Lowisa   9/2/1869 56 yr w/o Russel S.
Hurd Mary E.   10/26/1877 28y6m29d d/o Russel & Lowisa
Schoonover Mary J. 10/20/1848 1/17/1898   w/o M.
Schoonover Mamie L.   8/20/1885 3y8d d/o M. & Mary
Schoonover Thomas 12/19/1818 5/1/1870   Old Marker
Schoonover Thomas 1818 1870   New Marker
Schoonover Clarinda 1826 1912    
Benn John 1/23/1785 3/5/1872    
Benn Mary E. 3/11/1783 4/23/1881    
Wetherbee Edmund   3/20/1872 61y7m20d  
Faulkner Elihu H. 1/15/1814 7/23/1885   Old Marker
Faulkner Elihu H. 1814 1885   New Marker
Faulkner Anna 1826 1908    
Davy Sylvester 12/2/1802 5/2/1878    
Davy Catherine 5/3/1808 10/24/1879   On marker w/Sylvester
Davy Moriah 5/6/1828 9/18/1877   d/o Sylvester & Catherine-Same marker
Labar Adelbert   11/8/1875 19y6m s/o Chancy & Dimis
Case Minnie   3/14/1877 2y4m28d d/o Lee & Eunice
Hazey John   4/19/1887 87 yr  
Smith Ellen A.   1/26/1882 48y3m24d s/o J. H & d/o Wm. & L. Spencer
Bennett Anthony       Co D 57th Pa. Inf.
Willoughby Jery 4/15/1832 6/18/1882    
Sinclair Freddie 4/27/1884 7/6/1888   c/o Robert & Maggie -Same marker
Sinclair Infant   6/12/1888   c/o Robert & Maggie -Same marker
Butts Verginia   9/18/1871   d/o ?? & J.
French Joseph A. 5/19/1805 1/5/1889    
French Julia A.   1/11/186? 62 yr Stone in bad shape
French     1/17/18?? 62 yr Same marker as above-Unreadable
Vanness Peter 8/15/1826 11/22/1867    
Vanness Caroline 1/24/1834 7/9/1901   On marker w/Peter
Schoonover Aaron 1831 1900    
Schoonover Lydia E. 1832 1900   w/o Aaron - Same marker
Schoonover Eucy 1853 1854   On marker w/Aaron & Lydia
Schoonover Mervile 1857 1872   On marker w/Aaron & Lydia
Schoonover George 1859 1881   On marker w/Aaron & Lydia
Schoonover Lucretia J. 1870 1872   On marker w/Aaron & Lydia
Schoonover Isiah 1872 1873   On marker w/Aaron & Lydia
          Also individual stones on each grave
Schoonover Horace        
Tubbs Jane 1835 1913   d/o Lyman & Mary Pritchard
Pritchard Lyman   7/31/1870 67 yr  
Pritchard Sally   8/8/1856 80 yr w/o Lyman
Butler Angeline 3/8/1848 6/21/1873   w/o C. W.
Butler Angie 5/21/1873 9/21/1873   On marker w/Angeline
Dimon Tillie 12/21/1875 12/24/1888   d/o E.S. & Annie
  Eucy       No other info
Grifena Dwight       Fieldstone-(A. may be middle initial)
Bush Richard 3/9/1837 5/9/1888    
Bush Benjamin   11/4/1865 11y1m5d s/o J.M. & Lydia
Bush Miry   2/24/1873 21y5m28d w/o James
Bush George   4/9/1853 15y11d s/o J.M. & Lydia
Benn Sarah   2/8/1862 5y4m23d d/o Wm. J. & C. Maria
Head Job   2/8/1875 83y7m23d  
Head Charity   6/6/1873 81y3m15d w/o Job
Head Sarah   4/11/1863 3y8d d/o Wm. & Ephfian
Phillips Abraham 10/12/1878 5/1/1882   s/o Abraham & Hannah
Phillips Susanah   5/10/1877 3y1m11d d/o Abraham & Hannah
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