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Wheeler Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 1, Published 1970s by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd. Reprinted with permission. 
Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscrip/notes
Hogancamp Benjamin 1830 1905
Hogancamp Sarah A. 1838 1914 Wife of Benjamin
Wheeler Chester A. 1885 65
Wheeler Chester A. 1866 23
Wheeler Nathaniel 1862 12 Son of Chester & Betsy
Wheeler Saphronia 1862 14 Dau. of Chester & Betsy
Wheeler Gertrude Dau. of Chester & Betsy
Located in northern Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on North Road. See 1875 atlas for location near C. A. Wheeler residence. The cemetery abuts the road and is partially enclosed by a stone fence. Markers copied June 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones.
Deeded As Lewis, McKnight Cemetery
HOGANCAMP Benjamin Hogancamp 1830-1905
  Sarah A., his wife 1836-1914
  M. Gertrude dau of B. & S. A. Hogancamp died Aug 17, 1862 Ag'd 7 y'rs 8 mo & 22 d
  Jannetta dau of B. & S. A. Hogancamp died Aug 13, 1862 Ag'd 5 y'rs 7 mo & 23 d
WHEELER Chester A. Wheeler died Dec 13, 1885 AGED 69 years 7 m 24 d Our father is at rest
  Betsey Miller wife of C. A. Wheeler died June 30, 1893 AGED 75 y'rs 3 mo's & 12 ds.
  Chester A. Wheeler Jr., died June 19, 1866 Ag'd 23 y'rs & 9 d
  Rest soldier rest thy toil is o'er.
  We wait to come when called
  In heaven sweet rest with the blest
  Rest soldier rest
  Nathaniel S., son of Chester A. & Betsey Wheeler died Aug 10, 1862 Age 12 y 6 m.
  Sophrona dau of Chester A. & Betsey Wheeler died Aug 11, 1862 Age 14 y 8 m 1d
  When her brother was placed in his coffin
  She then being ill on her bed
  Desired if she died to be buried
  In a coffin like his by his side
  Sweet one her request was soon granted
  A coffin like his was soon found
  And she the next day was placed in it
  And carefully put under ground.
SWEET? Jerry son of Wm. ? & Mary ? Sweet? died Mar 31, 1863 Aged 1 yr 1 m 13 ds

Published on Tri-Counties 30 NoV 2000
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