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Wormer Cemetery, Chatham Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2006
Incorporated as Hillside Cemetery

Photo by Joyce M. Tice
April 2006
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Name of Cemetery: Hillside/Wormer Cemetery (Incorporated as Hillside Cemetery)
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: April. 2006
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Chatham Twp., Tioga County, Pa.
Other Comments: See also notes in our 1970s Wormer Cemetery Listing
Hillside (Wormer) Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Lattimer Julian G. 1859 1916    
Lattimer Mary R. 1863 1924    
Barr Jannie Lattimer 1885 1915   w/o Frank
Mosher Maybell 1889 1980    
Mosher Curry 1884 1940   On marker w/Maybell
Mosher Charles E. 1860 1936    
Mosher Viola K. (Wiest) 1866 1950   On marker w/Charles E.
Smith Mott 1856 1900    
Smith Elizabeth 1840 1906   w/o Mott - On same marker
Wagner John J.   Jul.10.1892 50y4m28d Co D 157 Reg. N.Y. Vol.
Pyer George F. 1866 1911    
Pyer Ida B. 1872 1929    
Pyer Frankie P. Apr.28.1892 1892   Children of G.F. & Ida Pyer
Pyer Preston P. Sep.6.1893 1894   Children of G.F. & Ida Pyer
Churchill Jerome     60 yr  
Churchill Mary J.     50 yr  
Churchill Charles H.     17 yr  
Churchill Irvin F.   Jun.5.1907   Pa Pvt. 10 U.S. Inf.
McNaughton Claire L. 1877 1934    
McNaughton Edith Short 1878 1957   On marker w/Claire L.
McNaughton Homer 1903 1917    
McNaughton Irene 1905 1906   On marker w/Homer
McNaughton Lyndon 1915 1919   On marker w/Homer
Pond Helen L.McNaughton 1911 1989    
Burrell James W. Aug.23.1831 Dec.11.1913   Co D 207th Regt. Pa Vol.
Burrell Olive S. 1835 1919    
BuJean B. 1917 1924      
Smith John J. Aug.1.1851 Apr.8.1926    
Smith Almeda V. Sep.8.1859 Uncut   w/o John J.-On same marker
Hornsby John A. 1848 1918    
Hornsby Emma 1856 1918   w/o John
Hornsby James  1845 1921    
Hornsby Harriett 1847 1923   w/o James
Hornsby Charles 1856 1933    
Hornsby Cora L. 1853 1928   w/o Charles
Hornsby Joseph 1858 Uncut    
Hornsby Ina M. 1861 1908   w/o Joseph - On same marker
Rouse Nancy Lee 1958      
Rouse Michael Scott 1967 2003   On marker w/Nancy Lee
Hornsby Jane 1921 1922   Children of E.& R. Hornsby
Hornsby Lucille 1924 1929   Children of E.& R. Hornsby
Hornsby Edwin 1891 1971    
Hornsby Rosina L 1895 1977   On marker w/Edwin
Hornsby Christina Jan.11.1958 May.15.1958   d/o Mayzs & Joan
Southworth Frank  Dec.7.1853 Oct.14.1908    
Southworth Nettie   Feb.1.1889 35 yr w/o Frank
Southworth S. 1832 1909   See Note Below
Southworth Friendship 1834 Uncut   w/o W. - On same marker
Doan A.B. 1863 1936    
Doan Mary Louise Tompkins 1861 1918   w/o A.B.
Carman Ladoski 1848 1906   w/o Jesse
Mosher Jerry J. 1851 Uncut    
Mosher Phebe M. 1859 1909   w/o Jerry J. - On same marker
Taylor R.H. 1844 1919    
Taylor Etta Oleva   Apr.9.1872 10m28d Children of R. & L.S. Taylor
Taylor Lydia A.   May.3.1878 5y3m9d Children of R. & L.S. Taylor
Garner Wm. J. Apr.7.1828 Jun.22.1896   Co G 199 Reg. Pa Vol.
Garner Lovica E. Aug.8.1831 Nov.16.1883   w/o Wm. J. - On same marker
Mead John N.   Apr.14.1872 61y3m28d  
Mead Maria H. 1815 1889   w/o John N. - On same marker
Mead Emily G.   Nov.29.1872 31y29d Broken, in 3 pieces
Mead Marion A. 1850 1913    
Mead Silas W.   Aug.29.1859 2y7m4d s/o John & Mariah H. (Hard to read)
Frances   Jul.30.1877 25y4m2d Footstone F.C. - Maiden name probably Garner-d/o Wm. & Lovisa
Carpenter Charles V. 1862 1930    
Carpenter Mary B. 1863 1918   On marker w/Charles V.
Short Sally F.   Apr.1.1872   w/o Elias Short (Stone not found in 2006)
Doan J. E. Mar.9.1855 Jan.30.1895    
Hawley George  Oct.10.1822 Mar.13.1900    
Hawley Eleanor   Dec.25.1881 52y3m25d w/o George
Hawley Renaldo   Apr.13.1872 18y7m25d s/o George & E.
Hawley A. Louise Oct.21.1872 Feb.28.1895   d/o H.C. & M.B.
Hawley George H. Mar.17.1879 Nov.17.1884 5y8m s/o H.C. & M. B.
Walker Elizabeth Hawley Feb.8.1849 May.23.1907    
Southworth Dixon Feb.16.1804 Jan.28.1893    
Southworth Catharine   Jan.28.1886 83y13d w/o Dixon
Pope Alden B. Mar.2.1825 Mar.23.1886    
Pope Mary A. 1825 1898   w/o Alden - On same marker
Ackley Martha M.   Apr.2.1872 36y11m w/o John F.
Ackley Frankie B.   Mar.17.1865 1y3m2d s/o J.F. & Martha
Ackley Infant Son   Mar.5.1871 5m2d s/o J.F. & Martha
Feltwell Mildred Dec.1.1882 Aug.9.1884   d/o A.L. & Lena M.
Curran Orcelia R. 1848 1928    
Robertson Albert   Apr.26.1872 9y1m2d  
Robertson Adalaid   Apr.22.1872 14y1m18d  
Robertson Calvin L. May.17.1886 62y2m1d    
Robertson Bessie E. 1880 1888    
Robertson Bertie P. 1877 1893    
Boughton Cornelius Dec.10.1810 Mar.21.1884    
Boughton Wilson L. Sep.1.1856 Mar.31.1893    
Boughton Mattie C. Feb.15.1856 Jan.19.1886    
Sensabaugh A.N. 1841 1920   Co G 199 Reg Pa Vol.
Sensabaugh Sarah L. 1841 1913   w/o A.N.-On same marker
Garner Jeremiah   Aug.30.1879 75y10m27d  
Garner Maria H.   Mar.5.1875 69y10m27d w/o Jeremiah
Briggs Fayette 1855 1934    
Briggs Emma J. 1860 1919   w/o Fayette
Hawley Satie Jun.21.1856 Jun.17.1891   w/o B.F. Hawley
Mosher Charles Nov.26.1819 Nov.2.1861    
Mosher Lucy A. Aug.4.1826 Aug.22.1890   w/o Charles - On same marker
Mosher Nelson   Apr.3.1873 29y9m s/o Charles & Lucy (Stone is 1/2 gone)
Mosher Lola M. Mar.14.1896 May.18.1913   d/o Charles E. & Viola K.
Mosher Delos V. Aug.30.1888 Oct.8.1918   s/o C.E. & Viola K.
Mosher Nelson May.28.1890 Jul.4.1890   s/o C.E. & V.K.
Cooper Henry H. May.17.1859 Mar.6.1931    
Cooper Marie G. Apr.18.1858 Mar.31.1927   On marker w/Henry H.
Cooper Claude Feb.28.1878 Oct.26.1886   s/o H.H. & M.G.
Haight Winona Mae Dec.24.1911 Sep.18.1912   d/o Walter & Helen
Tremain Ira L. 1853 1909    
Tremain Helen  Aug.11.1856 Oct.23.1895   w/o Ira - On same marker
Tremain Maggie 1881 1907   Daughter (On marker w/Ira & Helen
Tremain Arthur Aug.26.1827 May.3.1898    
Tremain Maria L. Oct.18.1828 Feb.17.189?   w/o Arthur
Tremain Norman B. 1859 1931    
Tremain Addie G. 1857 1927   w/o Norman
Cooper Ida A. May.1.1859 Jul.13.1891   w/o J. R. Cooper
Warren Fannie Jan.24.1841 Aug.31.1881   w/o S.R. Warren -On marker w/Ida Cooper
Cooper Helen M. Feb.19.1854 Aug.20.1889   w/o Joseph
Doan D. D. 1833 1896    
Doan Polly S. 1833 1925   On marker w/ D. D.
Doan Ida A.   Jun.28.1870 1y10m10d d/o D.D. & Polly
Doan Ina D.   Jan.7.1877 2y9m22d d/o D.D. & Polly
Doan James    Mar.1.1869 69y6m23d  
Doan Mary       w/o James (Unable to read)
Bancroft Asa Aug.1.1813 Jan.8.1895    
Bancroft Anna A. Jan.20.1818 May.11.1901   w/o Asa - On same marker
Bancroft Olive  Mar.11.1856 Dec.3.1894   d/o Asa & Anna -On same marker
Doan James Jul.22.1840 Oct.11.1883    
Short Ada R.   Jun.2.1877 22y8m25d w/o Alfred
Southworth Charles 1829 1917    
Curtiss Will O. 1859 1913    
Curtiss Iva J. 1889 1906   d/o W.O. & Ella
Mead John N. Jr.   Sep.26.1881 35y7m26d  
Mead Mina   Oct.25.1881 29y11m28d w/o John N. Jr.
Crum Moris D. 1859 1904    
Crum Ellen A. 1861 Uncut   w/o Moris - On same marker
Crum Rena  1888 1897   d/o Moris & Ellen - On same marker
Woodcock Egbert O.   Jan.14.1878 27y10m5d Masonic Emblem
Woodcock Celia A. 1847 1909   w/o A Woodcock
Woodling Elizabeth C.   Jul.11.1871   w/o Augustus (Almost unreadable)
Woodling Nancy A.   Feb.19.1871 10??? d/o Augustus & Elizabeth (Almost unreadable)
Hornsby Edmun Mar.1.1812 Sep.25.1896    
Hornsby Mary K. May.11.1827 Uncut   w/o Edmun -On same marker
Hornsby Fred 1867 1906   s/o Edmun & Mary
Hall John W.   Dec.1.1875 29y6m6d s/o James & Mary
Hall Mary Feb.21.1830 Aug.16.1882   w/o James (Unable to read)
Hall M. L. Feb.19.1850 Jan.10.1879    
Garner Lucius R. 1844 1913    
Garner Mary E. 1850 1920    
Collins Orrin Aug.22.1814 Jun.18.1882    
Collins William E. Apr.5.1836 Mar.29.1886    
Collins Orrin W. Aug.30.1875 Sep.13.1886   s/o William E. & Eliza M.
Pearsall John A. Sep.11.1828 Feb.12.1868    
Tremain Eliza M. May.11.1849 Jan.31.1907   w/o Norman B.
Pearsall John Everett Aug.13.1867 Sep.26.1886   s/o John A. & Eliza M.
Beach Winthrop 1830 1918    
Beach Gemima A.   Dec.6.1871 39y7m3d w/o Winthrop
Beach Margaret Apr.18.1833 Oct.3.1894   w/o W. W. Beach
Mosher Emily    Mar.15.1871 2m18d d/o Dan'l or Sam'l & Mary M.
Taylor Charlotte B. 1846 1894    
Westmiller Oscar   Jul.19.1893 42 yr Really hard to read
Lattimer Alex Dec.29.1839 Mar.30.1912    
Lattimer Sally J. Dec.8.1842 Dec.10.1928   w/o Alex - On same marker
Lattimer Eddie   Feb.19.1871 2y11m6d s/o Alexander & Sally
Lattimer Willie H.   May.12.1871 6y9m29d s/o Alexander & Sally-Broken
Lattimer Johnie S.   Nov.6.1871 12 yr s/o Alexander & Sally-Borken & almost unreadable
Hulsander Albert   Nov.2.1879 12y10m9d s/o David & Mary
Guilds Ellen N.   Jun.9.1891 38y3m w/o F.D. Guild
Guilds Ashley   Apr.20.1877 81 yr  
Bostwick Myrtle   Jun.19.1877 1m1d d/o Ariva & Arsula
Burdick E. E.   Apr.10.1884 85y11m4d  
Burdick Phebe   Feb.19.1877 75y?m1d w/o Edson (Almost unreadable)
Wormer Abraham 1801 1886    
Wormer Juliann   1872   w/o Abraham
Wormer Ervin 1845 Uncut    
Wormer Mary 1844 1911   w/o Ervin
Wormer Tommy E.   Apr.11.1889 4m7d s/o E. & M. Wormer
Mosher Julia A. Oct.19.1867 Feb.23.1892   w/o C. W. Mosher
Barr John 1810 1893    
Barr Asenath M. 1825 1894   w/o John - On same marker
Barr Jenette N. 1845 1902   Their Daughter-On same marker
Barr Samantha C.   Oct.10.1876 19y11m10d d/o John & A.M.
Carr L. L. Oct.20.1800 Sep.17.1883    
Carr Kittie   Apr.4.1874 1y10m10d d/o L. L. & Louisa
Beach Milton A.   Jul.16.1863 6y3m10d s/o W. & G. Beach
Cummings Libbie A.   Apr.3.1877 29y9m20d d/o Charles & Lucy Mosher
Seger Martha Dec.22.1914 Nov.30.1989   Funeral home marker
Broughton Julius May.3.1918 Oct.31.1988   Funeral home marker
Treat Marian M. 1947 1996    
Clark Betty May.7.1972 Nov.9.2002    
Babcock Margaret Feb.15.1940 Jun.28.2001    
Davis Mark B. 1925 2000    
Davis June L. 1928 1995    
Mosher Larry J. II Nov.5.1968 May.13.1994    
Fitzwater Dustin Morgan Apr.19.1988 Dec.22.1988    
Tillinghast   1926      
Tillinghast Edna A. 1930 1986    
Covert Henry T. 1908 1985    
Tubbs Jennie C. 1915 1981    
White Marsha J. Aug.17.1954 Jul.2.2003    
Mosher Melissa L.   Aug.29.1981   Baby
June 2007 - Joyce,
Wormer Cemetery (Hillside), Chatham Twsp, Tioga Co, Pa
Comment additions I believe-
Headstone for S. Southworth (husband of Friendship King Southworth) is Squire Southworth. (my 3rd great-Grandfather)
Friendship King Southworth's headstone was never cut with her death date which was 9 Feb 1919. (my 3rd great-Grandmother)
Terry Pritchard

Published on Tri-Counties  18 MAY 2006
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