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Sabbath School Records
Grace Baptist Church
East Smithfield PA
Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond

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Sabbath School Record

East Smithfield June 5, 1847

Note: I found this small notebook recently in a box of things previously owned by my grandparents. I am pretty sure that this is the Church now known as Grace Baptist Church located on the road from East Smithfield to Ulster in an area known as Riggs. One of the teachers mentioned is Johanna Killey, who was my 5th Great Grandmother. Many of these people are buried in the Thomas Cemetery, Riggs, Pa. I have not changed the spelling even when I know it is incorrect, and some of the spelling of the names change from page to page.

The first part of this book is a record of the people that borrowed books from the Sabbath School Library. I am typing the names of the people who borrowed the books, but not the names of books.
 Pat SMITH Raymond

Page 1 - "1 List"

Chloe Nichols, Electa Adams, Amelia Adams, Lucinda Wood, Jane Sweet, Betsey Scott, Emily Hill, Elizabeth Burlingame, James Hamilton, Almira Munn, Harry Durfey, Eliza French, Freeman Hill, Sophrona Adams, Warren Brown, Right Clark, Ellen Killey, Lamira Burlingame

Page 2 - "1 List"

Chloe Killey, Emma Adams, Mary Grist, Uriah Adams, Samuel Chapman, Sophrona Brown, Alfred Wood, Soloman Forrest, Augusta Brown, Alanson Symore, Elizabeth Fairman, Oliver Hill, Isaac Brown, Delight Thomas, Sylvester Hill, Adaline Adams, Waterman Brown, Spencer Forrest, Lucinda Brown, Omar Brown, Francis French, Maria French

Page 3 - "1 List"

Elisha Forrest, Shelton French, Henriette Forrest, John Killey, Esther Califf, Harriet Forrist, Marsha Forrist, Byron Killey, Bennet French, James Wood, Ichabod Brown, Lucinda Miller, Experience Brown, Abagail (sp?) Forrist, Abzada Michel, Asyde (sp?) Forrist, A . Burlingame, Morris Roe, Edwin French, Stephen Symore, Catherine Johnson

Page 4 - "1 List"

Lucious Adams, Elviraann Sweet, Jerusha Forrist, Ellen Adams, Thomas Owens, Clarisa Clark, Ethalinda Burlingame, H. Scott, Clinton Ames, Emily Ames, Ruey Hill

Page 5 - "2 List"

Electa Adams, Lucinda Wood, Amelia Adams, Jane Sweet, Betsey Scott, Emily Hill, Elizabeth Burlingame, James Hamilton, Harry Durfey, Eliza French, Freeman Hill, Sophrona Adams, Warren Brown, Ellen Killey, Lamira Burlingame, Emma Adams, Mary Grist, Uriah Adams, Dane (sp?) Chapman, Sophrona Brown, Soloman Forrist

Page 6 - "2 List"

Augusta Brown, Alanson Symore, Elizabeth Fairman, Oliver Hill, Isaac Brown, Abby Thomas, Sylvester Hill, Adaline Adams, Waterman Brown, Spencer Forrist, Lucinda Brown, Oscar Brown, Francis French, Elisha Forrist, Shelton French, Henrietta Forrist, John Killey, Harriet Forrist, Byron Killey, Marsha Forrist, Bennet French, James Wood

Page 7 - "2 List"

Ichabod Brown, Lucinda Miller, Experience Brown, Abagail Forrist, Alsada (sp?) Mitchel, Azuba Forrist, Morris Roe, Stephen Symore, Edwin French, Lucious Adams, Elizaann Sweet, Elen Adams, Jerusha Forrist, Thom Owens, Clarisa Clark, Ethelinda Burlingame, Ruey Hill, Hannah Scott, Clinton Ames, Emily Ames, M. Bur

Page 8 - "2 List"

Cloey Killey, Newt Clark, Jason Clark, Phebe Califf, Amy Burlingham

Page 9 - List of Schoollars and Books for 1848

Frances French, Spencer Forest, Esther Califf, Emily Hill, Betsy Scott, Hannah Scott, Sarah Grist, Ellen Killey, Lucinda Wood, Sophrona Brown, Jane White, Mary Wood, Elmira Burlingame, Lucinda Brown, Louisa Durfey, Louisa Simer, Freeman Hill, Abg. Thomas, Clinton Ames, Luciny Adams, James Cory, Alanson Simer

Page 10 - List of Schoolars and Books for 1848

Aborn (sp?) Cary, Harriet Burlingame, Delight Thomas, Harriet Brown, Oliver Hill, Elizabeth Burlingame, Clinton Ames, Amelia Adams, Chester Burlingame, Elizabeth Fairman, Lemuel Clark, Emma Adams, Sophia Clark, J. Clark, Thomas Owens

Page 11-List of Sunday Schoollars and Books for 1848

Frances French, Spencer Forrist, Esther Calif, Emily Hill, Betsey Scott, Hannah Scott, Sarah Grist, Ellen Killey, Lucinda Wood, Sophrona Brown, Jane White, Mary Wood, Elmira Burlingame, Lucinda Brown, Louisa Durfey, Abbey Thomas, Freeman Hill, Lucius Adams, James Cory, Alanson Simer, Louisa Simer, Aborn Cary

Page 12-Continued from above

Harriet Burlingame, Delight Thomas, Harriet Brown, Oliver Hill, Elizabeth Burlingame, Clinton Ames, Amelia Adams, Elizabeth Fairmon, Lemuel Clark, Emy Adams, Juton Clark, Cordelia Brown, Caroline Mitchell

Page 13

Frances French, Shelton French, Warren Brown, Sheldon Baker, Clinton Ames, Smith King, Charles Forest, E. M. Durfy, B. E. Durfy, Julian Fairmon, Bingly (sp?) Forest, Sarah Smith, Louisa Durfy, Emily Baker, Lovina Ames, Delight Thomas, Clarinda Burlingame, Harriet Thomas, Abby Thomas, H. Scott, B. Scott, Polly Durfey

Page 14 - Teacher List of Book (Nothing else on page)


The first Sunday School in this vicinity was organized at the school house near Dr. Hills in 1847 by the exertions of Eld. T. Miller, but was discontinued in 1848. In the Summer of 1853 it was re-organized through the instrumentality of Mr. Joseph Jones, an Agent for the A.S.S.U. and an addition procured to the Library. Mr. S. C. King was chosen Superintendent, and Dr. Hill librarian; in 1854 Mr. L. B. Scott was chosen Supt. and Dr. Hill re-chosen Librarian. No statistics of the school for 1853-54 have been preserved. The only death during those two years was Maria Ward, a teacher, who died in Sept. 1853. Librarian

Page 16

Statistics of the Christian Sunday-School for 1855, Organized May 6th

Superintendent Levi B. Scott, Librarian Cyrus Hulbert

Class 1st

Joanna M. Killey, Teacher

Polly M. Durfey, Ida E. Durfey, Harriet Wood, Harriet A. Thomas, Susan G. Mattoon, Phidelia French, Alice A. Brown, Ida Forrest, Hannah Sweet, Minerva French, Lodesha Kipp (?sp)

Page 17

Class 2nd - Louisa Durfey Teacher

S. M. Brown, E. M. Killey, C.R. Killey, P. S. Ames, E. S. Burlingame, Prosaline (sp?) Adams, Delight M. Thomas, Polly M. Mattoon, Edith Miller, Ellen Johnson, Sarah E. Williams

Class 3d Cyrus Hulbert, Teacher

G. C. Ames, B. M. Brown, Charles Brown, I. P. Mattoon, Jarvis H. Killey, Smith G. King

Page 18 - Teachers List of Books for their School

L. B. Scott, Lynis Hurlburt, Miss L. Califf

Class 4th A. L. Tracy, Teacher

Harlon Ames, Silvanus French, John M. Harris, John Place, Willard A. Simar, Elton M. Durfey, Loron W. Forrest

Class 5th Selden Tracy, Teacher

Aurelius Adams, William Camp, E. B. Durfey, Freeman E. French, Henry H. Brague, William W. Sweet, Bingley Forrest, James C. Wood, I. S. Howe, Allen H. Wood, Bernaldo Nichols, Lafayette Johnson

Page 19

Class 6th Amelia Adams, Teacher

Eliza M. Burlingame, Orindaell (sp?) Burlingame, Ruth Place, E. A. Mattoon, Mary Thomas, Sarah Primo, L. R. Ames

Class 7th Helen B. Adams, Teacher

Fanny C. Forrest, Mary Harris, Elmina E. Durfey, Isabelle Forrest

Class 8th Mary (?Harry) Durfey, Teacher

E. K. Baker, Jeremiah Schouten, Jason French, Stoail Camp, James Camp

Page 20

Statistics of the Christian Sunday School for 1856

Organized May 4th - By making choice for Superintendent Levi B. Scott - and also for Librarian S. A. Califf

Class 1st - Joanna C. Killy, Teacher

Page 21

Mariah Holcomb, Susan Matoon, Emiline Fosburgh, Hannah Sweet, Ida Forrest, Ida Durfey

Class 2nd - Louisa Durfey Teacher

Rosalia C. Killey, Polly C. Matoon, Marian E. Killy, Medora S. Brown, Sarah E. Williams, Ellen S. Johnson, Ada Burlingame, F. H. Baker

Class 3rd Cyrus Hurlbut Teacher

Morris Brague, E. K. Baker, C. P. Hemmenway, James Camp, C. L. Thomas

Page 22

Class 4th L. ?. Tracy Teacher

J. H. Harris, Aurelius J. Adams, John Place, William W. Sweet, Loron F. Forrist, Lafayette Johnson, E. M. Durfy, H. L. Ames, B. Nicholas, Henry Brague, Bennet C. Fosburgh

Class 5th L. A. Califf, Teacher

E. B. Durfey, T. E. French, A. H. Wood, J. C. Wood

Class 6th Amelia Adams Teacher

May Harris, Fang Forrest, Emina Durfey, E. G. Ames, Betsy Miller, Isabod Forrest, M. A. King, E. Nichols

Page 23

Class 7th Amelia A. Matoon, Teacher

A. E. Matoon, C. M. Burlingame, M. E. Durfey, E. H. Burlingame, Sarah Hemenway, M. C. Thomas, R. A. Place

Class 8th Sophrona Brown, Teacher

Lovina P. Ames, Edith Miller, Delight M. Thomas, Ethelinda Burlingame, Hellen Adams, Sarah L. Burlingame

Page 24

Class 9th Jane C. McQuene, Teacher

Lodeska Ripp (Kipp?), Fidelia French, Harriet A. Wood, Polly Durfey, M. Fosburgh, Allice A. Brown, Rosalia Adams, Ida Durfey, Harriet A. Thomas

Class 10th L. B. Scott, Teacher of the Bible Class

Charles Brown, Mariet Brown, S. S. Tracy, C. D. Nichols, Clinton Ames, S. Fosburgh

Page 25

Record of Christian Sabath School for 1857 in Smithfield

Organised May 3rd - By appointing Cyrus Hurlbert Superintendant and Cyrel Fairman Librarian, who was removed - 1 Sunday in June S. A. Forrest appointed to fill the vacancy of librarian

Rules to be followed by ????

Books not marked as returned at the close of the school will be set down in their respectful order at the end of each schoolday (????). as they stand in the class book those marked returned will remain as they are in the Class Book.

Page 26

Class 1st Spencer O. Forrest, Teacher

E. P. Durfey, James Wood, Harlon Ames, Allen Wood, Bingly Forrest, Grinan (sp?) French, Renit Fosburg

Class No. 2 Frances French, Teacher

John Place, A???? Adams, ??? Forrest, Loron Forrest, Wm. Sweet, John Harris

Page 27

Records of Christian Sabath School for 1857 in Smithfield

Class No 3 Harry Durfey, Teacher

Wm. W. Newton, Egbert Baker, Emerson Mitchel, Lee Thomas

Class No 4 Orren Harris, Teacher

Lafyet Johnson, Charles Forrest, George Elsbro, Bradly Ames, Emerson Mitchel, Norison Burlingame

Page 28

Class No 5 Amelia Adams, Teacher

Orvilla Burlingame, Mary Harris, Delphine Mitchell, Emogene Ames, ??? Forrest, S??? Miller, Emogene Smith, (This class has not been regularly attended to and the class book missed that ?????(Unreadable)

Class No. 6 Emmaline Tracy, Teacher

Rosalia Adams, Edith Miller, Ethalinda Burlingame, Delight Thomas

Class No 7 Lemina (sp?) Ward, Teacher

???? Wood, Emaline Fosburgh, Ala?? Brown, ???? Thomas, Ebenezer French (?name)

Page 29

Record of Christian Sabath School 1857 in Smithfield

Class No 8 Amelia Forrest, Teacher

Orinda M. Burlingame, Eliza M. Burlingame, ?. ?. Matoon, S. Rosalpha Ames, Ruth Place, Mary Thomas, Ida Forrest, Ann Holcome, A. Betsy Miller

Class No 9 Jerusha E. Tracy, Teacher

Lovinia P. Ames, Doty M. Fosburgh, Poly Matoon, Sarah C. Burlingame, Delight Thomas, Susan Matoon

Page 30

Class No 10 Loisa Durfey, Teacher

Sodraky Kip (?sp), Ada Burlingame, Medora Brown, Poly Durfey, Mariam Kelley, Sarah E. Williams, Fidelia E. French, Rosalia Adams, Ermina M. Burlingame, Frances Baker, Rosalia P. ???

Closed Sept. 13 - To open in May 1858

Record by S. O. Forrest, S. Librarian for 1857

No of Books in library - 163, Hym Books 6, Spelling Books 7, Question Books 4.

Page 31

Record of Christian Sabath School for 1858 Organisied May 2nd by appointing L. B. Scott Superintendint and Cyrus Hulbert assistant and Harry Durfey Librarian

Class No 2

Selden Tracy, Teacher - Elton Durfey, James Woods, John Place, E.B. Durfey, Ira Forrest, Benjamin Fosburg, Fernaldo Nichols

Page 32

Class No 3

Clinton Ames, Teacher - W. Newton, A. H. Wood, Manson Elisbree, Lee Thomas, E. C. Baker, B. Burlingame

Class No 4

S. C. Forrest, Teacher - James Durfey, Howard Baker, Charles Forrest

Class No. 5

Taught by diferent ones - Mina Durfey, M. J. Harris, E. E. Ames, P. E. Killy, Fanny Forrist, Laura Miller, Levona Forrest, Isaball Forrist

Page 33

Class No 6

S. E. Brown, Teacher - Emeline Fosburg, A. A. Brown, H. A. Thomas

Class No 7

May E. Tracy, Teacher - Harriet Wood, Susan Mattoon, Ida Durfey

Class No 8

E. L. Tracy, Teacher - A. B. Miller, I. A. Forrist, M. A. Thomas, Ruth Place, Orinda Burlingame, A. Mattoon, E. M. French, Laura Ames, Lucy French, R. Fosburg, Hellen Templeton, Elisa Burlingame

Page 34

Class No 9

J. E. Tracy, Teacher - Rosalia Killy, P. ?. Matton, L. P. Ames, J. Mattoon, Maria Fosburg, Sarah Burlingame

Class No 10

Louisa Durfey, Teacher - P. M. Durfey, E. L. Miller, Delight M. Thomas

Page 35

Record of Christian Sabath School for 1859

Organisied May 1, 1859 by appointing L. B. Scott Superintindant and Cyrus Hubert Assistant and Harry Durfey Librarian

Page 36 - Blank

Page 37

Sabath School for 1860 Christian Sabath school organised by electing for Superintendant Cyrus Hurlbert and Harry Durfy to assist superintendant and V. O. Forrest Librarian - Daniel Jones (?not sure of surname) assistant in place of Harry Durfy, assistant resigned (The writing in this section is hard to read)

Page 38

Organised May 13th - Classes in order

Class No. 1

Louisa Durfy, Teacher - D. D. Baker, E. ?. Ross, Elisabeth Kelley, A. M. Forrest, Phobe Burlingame, Emma Burlingame, Netty In????

Class No 2

Victor Tracy Teacher - Isabell Forrest, Susan Fosburg, Emegene Ames, S. Miller, S. Forrest

Page 39

Class No 3

Saphrona Brown, Teacher - Emma Fosburgh, Ala?? Brown, S. Miller, Orin Burlingame, S. Burlingame

Class No 4

Harry Durfey, Teacher - M. S. Brown, Marian Ross, Polly M. Durfey, Lavina P. Ames, Hariet Wood, Ellen S. Miller, Elmira Ward (?), Elmira Ames, Delight Thomas, ??? Thomas, ?? Miller, Leonardo Wood, M. Fossburgh, S. E. Brown

Page 40

Class No 5

Daniel Forrest, Teacher - Harlon J. Ames, ???? Adams, William ?????, ???? Durfey, J. W. Forrest

Class No 6

Charles Brown, Teacher - Howard E. Baker, Franklin P. Elsbree, Luke French, Jason French, ???? Burlingame, William Mitchell

Page 41

Class No 7

Harry Durfey, Teacher - William Newton, Manson Elsbree, Lee Thomas, Egbert Baker

Class No 8

Hannah Scott Teacher - Susan Fosburg, Elvisa Holcome, Annetta Holcome, Mary Thomas

School opened with 25 scholors and closes with 46 scholors on class books - Books in library 135

Note: In the back of the notebook are lists of the books that they had, and books purchased. On the last two pages there is a list of Teachers and some other writing that is mostly in pencil and hard to read. I am transcribing only what I can read.

Lyman C. King was elected Superintendent, Deacon Califf was elected Chaplin, David Hill was elected Librarian - Teachers - Ladies Teachers - Mrs. Susan Durfy, Mrs. Emily Baker, Miss Sarah Smith, Laura Califf, Jonanah Killey, Miss Ward - Cyrus Hurlbert, Stephen S. Califf, Levi B. Scott, Mr. Marvin (the men are in another column.

Mr. Hill, Mr. Brown, L. B. Scott, A. Killey, O. Scott, Frances French, John Miller, Edwin French, Mrs. Ames, Mrs. F. French, Bell Forest, Mary Alvord, E. Miller, ?. Alvord

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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